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Position Open: Intern, Must be Sensual and Feminine

Where other porns let you down with a under-emphasized plot, The Interns delivers. In fact, there's even a mode where you can view the movie, albeit short, sans sex. There are gorgeous ladies and some pretty decent acting that rounds out this film making it a must-see for porn beginners and those women who need a storyline to keep their attention. In order to maintain the enjoyability of the film, I won't reveal much of the plot.
Gorgeous Locations,
Good Acting,
Beautiful Women,
Great Cinematography,
Actual Plot!
Very Little to No Music,
Some of the Scenes Drag On Forever,
Some Repetition
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review

Plot & Content

This porn film is unlike the average, cheap budget sex tape. It has gorgeous film locations, a plot with decent acting, and a more artistic and sensual take on sex. This long film (160 minutes total and 135 minutes of that being all sex scenes) is all-girl action around a gossip-infested high fashion plot as the characters use rumors and back-stabbing to fight their way to the top. To say that this film is made for a female audience is an understatement. But while the plot and artistic details are more likely appreciated by women doesn't mean a man with a fetish for girl-on-girl action won't like this film. I recommend this for women who need plot with their porn or for couples wanting to start sharing porn together.

And while the all the scenes weren't plug-n-chug predictable (meaning you input each predictable factor and have a formula that each one copies), they all did tend to have some of the same features. You'll be seeing plenty of oral sex and manual stimulation but there's a little variety in the dynamics of the pairings (or groupings) and the occasional pleasant surprise.


The cinematography and attention to detail are unlike most adult films I've seen, though that number may not be very high. It's artistic and carefully executed for a more sensual and in-the-moment feel. During close-ups, the camera slowly pans across the bodies like a caress. And there are plenty of extreme close-ups for penetrative intimacy. The lighting was bright but clean, which complimented the artistic and lavish locations. The creative use of soft focus brought a feeling of delirium, femininity, and art.

The lack of music, while somewhat awkward for me personally, was at least realistic in the sex scenes. The camera angles weren’t always the most flattering to the women and the cuts and transitions could have used some work in a few of the scenes but it remained artistic and purposeful. All in all, it was gorgeous and well done.

~Stars & Scenes~

Opening Sequence
The title menu and opening sequence to the film reminded me of a moderate to high budget college and/or love film we could actually sit in the movie theaters to see. The music was not sleazy whatsoever and reminded me of pop’s top 40 hits. Needless to say, I loved it.

Interns 01

Interns 02 Interns 03

1st - Samantha Ryan & Avy Scott
This is my favorite scene, hands down. There was light and realistic moaning, the couch was surprisingly not very loud, and the acting was pretty good. And when you put all of that in a luxurious set with the artistic camera work, it was very erotic and sensual. My favorite parts were the female orgasms (which I choose to believe are 100% real because they're hardly ever showcased in hetero porn) and there were a handful of them! I loved the chemistry between these two and felt this scene wasn't too long or too short. It was just right!

2nd - Michelle Lay, Charlie Laine, & Sara Stone
The acting wasn't as good as the first scene and the attempt at the portrayal of high-end modeling was downright horrible. If you have not even the slightest inclination as to what modeling really is (and even someone who's seen a few "America's Next Top Model" episodes will have a decent idea) then perhaps it won't bother you. But this scene, as well as the sex, was not my favorite of the film. But it is a threesome, giving it a bit more action. But another downside for me was that this scene lasts forever!

3rd - Julia Ann & Samantha Ryan
I love the subtle, sweet music in the background and that it transitioned into a more erotic, up-tempo song. But don't love it too much because it disappears as it leads into yet another music-free sex scene. I loved the premise of this scene as it starts out with one of the stars getting dressed rather than undressed. But damn the squeaky couch! Thankfully that does end, though Samantha did manage to get loud awfully fast to overpower the squeaky leather. But Julia Ann is an amazing performer as her character in this film was very different than that in “Lip Service”. I almost didn’t recognize her! But Samantha looked to be in pain during some of the scene. This scene was shorter than the previous one but lasted just long enough to be enjoyable.
4th - Allie Haze & Zoe Britton
Impressive acting, even if it was short, followed by a steamy scene with more spilled liquids- everywhere! I’m sure if this is real champagne that the stars had a bit of a buzz by the end of it. There was also some toe-sucking in this one, just to shake things up, and definitely had a more dominant character and a more submissive character. This scene is definitely slower and more sensual than the others which was reminiscent of young friends experimenting on sleepovers. It wasn't hot and heavy, but was enjoyable nonetheless.

5th - Zoe Britton & Julia Ann
Though the chemistry in this scene was pretty good, the dynamic was just odd to me. Both of their characters were dominant personality types and yet the scene relatively slow and rather playful. The downside to this average scene was that as the last one, it didn't stand out to me. But there were some pretty sexy positions and camera angles to enjoy.

Ha! You thought that after all I did to keep the plot a secret in this review that I would reveal the ending? The most I'll give you is that there's room for a sequel! So that makes this even more female-friendly to me because who doesn't love a series?

Film Details & Features
-One DVD disc
-Widescreen 16:9
-Photo Gallery
-"Dialog Only" Mode to Watch Plot Without Sex Scenes (only 25 minutes long!)
-Bonus Scene Featuring Ashlynn Brooke & Franziska Facella
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