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Now I Know Why They Call It a Catwalk

The Interns combines a well-conceived plot, decent acting, beautiful scenery and clothes, and a lot of heavy girl on girl action to make an entertaining movie. It features attractive, natural looking women who seem to enjoy themselves while having sex, but the scenes go on for far too long. The sex is repetitive and would have been more interesting and varied with toys, but the plot does manage to hold one’s attention.
Well developed plot,
Good acting,
Samantha Ryan shines
Sex scenes way too long and repetitive
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The world of fashion has never been so ruthless. Women are willing to throw anyone under the bus, and backstab and manipulate others in order to claw their way up to the top of the fashion world. The Interns is a movie about such women without morals. The story centers around one intern, Samantha Ryan, who is determined to get ahead, no matter what it takes. She works for Haute Couture Magazine, whose editor in chief is an unpleasant, unhappy woman (Julie Ann) who makes working for her no easy task. This New Sensations film, directed by Chloe Sampson and Eddie Powell, explores the inner workings of the magazine, and watch it to find out who ends up on top!

The movie opens in the beautiful home of designer Stephanie Zane (Avy Scott). Samantha has gone there to convince Stephanie to debut her new line in Haute Couture Magazine. Stephanie is hesitant and feels Haute Couture is so yesterday. Samantha knows she must do something to land Stephanie’s line, so…wine conveniently spills all over her clothes. Oops! Of course she must take them off to dry, and this leads to our first of five sex scenes. The women begin with kissing, but quickly move to playing with each other’s breasts, grinding, and oral. The two seem to enjoy pleasuring each other, and easily move from one position to another, including 69, scissoring, and face sitting. There is no fingering in this scene, just lots of kissing and fondling; it is stimulating nonetheless. The scene ends with the two kissing after twenty-six minutes of pleasure.

We learn in the next scene that Samantha landed Stephanie’s line, and Julie Ann is very pleased. She instructs the other interns to arrange a photo shoot for the clothes, demanding only one photographer, Betty, and model, Charlie, do it. Cut to a photo studio, where we find said photographer Betty (Michele Lay) and models Charlie (Charlie Laine) and Sara (Sara Stone) at work. Betty is obviously attracted to Charlie, but the interest is not reciprocated. Betty makes it clear that she picks the best photo for the cover, and that is something Charlie wants. So Charlie plays along and gives Betty what she wants. She makes a move on Sara, and Betty is turned on. The three move off the set to a nearby couch, and what starts as a twosome quickly becomes a threesome. This scene offers a little bit of everything, with a variety of positions and switching of partners. There is fingering, grinding, ass slapping, breast sucking and oral sex. This thirty minute scene seems to go on forever, but again ends with the three kissing tenderly as the scene fades to dark.

The Haute Couture Building, specifically Julie Ann’s office, is the place to be. We find a vulnerable Julie Ann confiding in Samantha that she thinks her husband is cheating on her. She asks Samantha to teach her how to be sexy. Samantha tells her it’s all about confidence, and she will help her find her inner vixen. Sexy, groovy music begins to play, and Julie Ann begins to put on lingerie and fishnet stockings, but they don’t stay on long. The kissing between the two is slow and sensual, but quickly heats up as Julie Ann starts oral on Samantha. They switch positions, including 69, but Julie Ann seems to dominate. They enjoy each other for nineteen minutes, and in the end they both get what they want.

Cut to the ladies restroom of Haute Couture. Ruth (Zoe Britton) and a young Allie (Allie Haze) are gossiping about Samantha and Julie Ann, saying that Samantha is just using her to get ahead, and that she did the same thing with her previous employer and ended up suing him. Julie Ann is in a stall and overhears the whole conversation. The camera fades.

We find Allie alone in her apartment, and the doorbell rings. Ruth enters with a bottle of champagne. Allie is uncomfortable with the lies she and Ruth told about Samantha, but Ruth reminds her why they did it. Ruth gets her mind off Samantha; she opens the champagne and pours it into Allie’s mouth and down her front. What follows is lots of sucking and licking champagne off breasts, down the back, legs, arms, and feet. Ruth is the dominatrix here, telling Allie exactly what to do. Eventually they move to the bed, and the two go at it hot and heavy. The sex is similar to the scenes before, but there is an element of the older dominating the younger that makes it interesting to watch. It is a long scene, totaling thirty-two minutes, and does seem to drag at times. But overall, it’s a good scene to watch and enjoy.
The next morning Julie Ann, who doesn’t know what she overheard in the bathroom was a set up, knocks on Ruth’s apartment door. She enters and wants to make a deal. She wants discretion and support, and in exchange Ruth wants a position higher in the company than Samantha got, her own office, and a permanent invite to any business function Julie Ann attends. Julie Ann gets up to leave, but Ruth stops her and asks for one more thing: to know what makes Samantha scream behind closed doors. Ruth makes a move and again takes control, kissing Julie Ann slowly while undressing her. There is lots of foreplay, with licking, sucking, and fingering, and then oral sex. Most of this twenty-seven minute scene is Ruth on Julie Ann, but they do switch it up and seem to have a good time. Julie Ann leaves after Ruth gets ALL that she asked for.
The movie ends with Samantha calling home. Candles are lit, and medicine bottles litter the bedside table; we learn her girlfriend is sick in bed. Her lover wants a romantic night in, and Samantha jokes that it is her way of saying the power is turned off. We now understand why Samantha will do whatever it takes to get ahead. I wonder what tomorrow (and an obvious opportunity for a sequel) will bring?

All in all, this New Sensations film delivers exactly what it set out to: a ladies only story of blackmail, love, and domination. The lead actress, Samantha Ryan, is very attractive and the rest of the cast features both young and seasoned women, all of whom seem very much into their work. The music, scenery, and wardrobe are all well done. In my opinion, the one drawback is the length of the movie: way too long. Although each sex scene offers something different in terms of female relationships, the sex is repetitive and needlessly long. But if you like a good story, and don’t mind watching long sex scenes between two or three mostly attractive women, then this movie is for you.
Follow-up commentary
This is a quality movie, however I am admittedly not a huge fan of girl on girl so I have not watched it again. The storyline was good enough that I'm looking forward to the sequel.
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