Diabolic playing cards - adult game by Evolved Novelties - review by Kayla

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Out of the three Evolved Novelties decks (Zero Tolerance and Third Degree playing cards), this deck is probably my least favorite. The girls are dressed nearly as nicely, and it just doesn't have the same attractiveness as the other decks did.
Attractive girls, Pretty good quality cards, Back of cards is pretty
"Fish mouth", Obviously sexual poses, Unoriginal clothing
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The Diabolic Playing Cards is a deck of 54 cards (including jokers) that is just like your average poker deck. However, instead of plain cards, you get cards with half-naked women on them. The cards all come in a playing card box which makes it really easy to slip all of the cards back into the box after you are done. The playing card box is pretty flimsy cardboard, but it doesn't fall apart, so it does a good job of keeping your playing cards safe.

Diabolic seems to be an off-shoot adult movie company from Evolved Novelties. They produce timeless classics such as "Tits to Die For", "Oil Spills 2", and "Ground Shakin Azz". For research, I visited their website, and it was a bit of a giant mess. Regardless, this deck features the pictures of the women who work for Diabolic in their adult movies.

The cards are pretty basic in quality. They aren't high-quality card stock like you'd find in a poker deck, but they aren't crappy and flimsy either. The cards wouldn't hold up well to being regularly bent, but for regular use, they will work just fine. The cards themselves feature a picture of a woman on the front side with the gray, metallic-looking border on the outside that will also give you what card that particular card is.

I really like the backside of the cards. It's actually really attractive. The backside is a black background with the words "Diabolic" in blue. Out of the three decks that Evolved sells, this is easily the most attractive backside. It also has the website address to Diabolic's website.

This deck of cards is filled with the actors from the Diabolic videos. I don't recognize most of the actresses, but that doesn't mean much since I'm not much of a porn person. The girls are all model-looking with the regular porn-star body. Quite a few of the women have fake breasts as well. I do recognize a couple stars: Jenna Haze and Sasha Grey. Aside from them, I don't recognize any of the stars on the cards. The most you'll see in this deck is some bare breasts and a couple of bare butts. The majority of the women, while scantily clothed, are clothed. There is one picture with a peak of pubic hair, but there are no crotch shots. The clothing is not nearly as cute as I would have expected it to be. It's just a lot of fishnet dresses and bikinis.

One thing I'm definitely not impressed with is the positioning of the models. In some of the other clothed decks, the women look sexy without being blatant. In this one, a lot of the girls are posed very blatantly. There's ones with the girls in stilettos, squatting, with their legs wide spread. There's ones with the girls bending over provocatively for the camera. There are just a lot of pictures where the camera is obviously intended to focus on the breasts/butt of the girls. The pictures are all modern-looking with no pictures that look 90s-esque. The lighting is all great, and the girls are well-lit and have had nice make-up and everything applied.

Something that struck me is that, like with the Third Degree deck we own, a lot of the girls have the "fish mouth" problem. It's where their mouths are hanging open in an attempt to look sexy. It ends up looking a bit awkward, and some of the sexiest girls in this deck were the ones who were just smiling.

Out of the other two Evolved Novelties decks I own, this one is probably the worst. The outfits aren't nearly as flattering as in the other decks and neither are the photography angles. My favorite deck is probably the Zero Tolerance deck. The girls look the cutest, the outfits are the prettiest, and the angles are the most flattering to the girls involved.

Is this a bad deck? No. Not at all. Compared to the other Evolved Novelties, it's just not as good. The clothes aren't as original, the positions are obviously sexual (which isn't horribly bad but not as attractive.), and the "fish mouth" thing is awkward. There are a lot of cards that center on the ass, though, so if you are an ass person, you might end up really enjoying this deck.
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  • seaofneptune
    I hate the "fish mouth" thing - I always wondered why that looked sexy to me. The lowered eye-lids and the mouth hanging open always made me feel that the woman was either really tired or on something. Thanks for your great review!
  • Darling Jen
    The "fish mouth" thing always bothered me too! It's sooo trying too hard and reminds me of the "I just smelled something nasty" face a lot of women make in porn sex.
  • KnK
    Fish mouths? Lol. I've never heard them called that before. I've always thought of them as a "put your cock in my mouth," facial expression
  • Love Buzz
    249 reviews, woah! Hope number 250 will be something really special
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  • tinadice
    good review
  • Blooddragon
    Excellent review. These are similar to the others i have seen.
  • mmmmm
    Thanks for the review.
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    Thanks for the info!
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    Thanks for the great review!
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