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New Meaning to "Strip Poker"

These cards are a great way to liven up a party, and they would make a fun gag gift. They don't show any hardcore pornography, so they are great for people like myself who aren't into porn. However, they do show topless ladies, so you might want be mindful of where you store them or play with them. All in all, these are a fun item to have on hand.
Novelty, great for parties, icebreaker, variety of games...
Not discreet, could be unappealing if they get worn out, expensive
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Purpose / Audience

These are your regular old, run of the mill playing cards...with naked ladies on them. These are definitely great for parties, drinking games, gag gifts, and are quite the ice breaker (but I'll get to that later in the review)! Multiple players can use these cards, depending on whatever card games you wish to play. Anyone who is very put off by "smut" of any kind would not enjoy these cards, but for the rest of us, they're great!
    • Anyone
    • Good for parties
    • Ice breaker

Rules / Content

As they are your standard deck of 52 playing cards, they do not come with instructions. No instructions are needed, you make the rules! You can choose your favorite card game to play, and play it with these raunchy cards. One great thing about these is that since they are regular playing cards, there is so much variety in what you can do with them! There are so many card games out there, and you can play all of them with these cards. What you play with them, or what you do with them, is entirely up to you!
    • Can make your own rules
    • Easy to play
    • Quick game


This deck is very travel friendly, you can keep the pack in your pocket. However, the box the deck comes in is not discreet, so you may want to keep that in mind. Here are some images of the box (and these images are featured on cards in the deck as well):




Each card has an image featured on the side with the number/suit on the front, and the Diabolic logo on the back.

They are on glossy paper, and the paper is as thick as your average playing card, and about the same in every way. However, the cards are not laminated, so you might not want to get them wet with anything. As one of the people who played with them told me, "These are cool now, but they're probably going to get worn down with time, and get all used-looking eventually. And I'm just saying, once a drink or two inevitably gets spilled on these...yeah, I won't want to use them. I'm good with using cards with nude women on them, if they look like they've been wet at some point." I had considered that they would likely get something spilled on them, especially if they get used for drinking games, but I had not considered the whole added element of the images on the cards and that signs of wear could make them a little bit unappealing to people! I have to admit, I got a laugh out of that and agreed with him. If I didn't know any better and someone took out some cards with naked ladies on them, and they looked as though they had seen better days, I'd be hesitant about touching them too. Though, spills aside, I don't see these wearing out on their own from regular card games all that quickly.
    • Travel friendly

Personal comments

I had been considering getting a deck of pinup cards, but I never really came across any that I liked. I I had checked out the decks available on Eden, but decided against all of them as I am not a fan of full-on pornography, and the models on the cards were not exactly pinups. They all look more like your typical pornstars, rather than pinup girls. The models have the general look of what I typically expect of a porn star, and I am not into porn. Their look isn't something that I find appealing or go for ever. Although they look like porn stars (and a few people who have browsed the deck identified a few porn stars they recognized), I don't believe any of the images on the cards actually show any sort of sex acts. There are a few cards that feature more than one model, but they are all female, and they are not engaging in any sort of sexual act. I don't even think these cards actually show much other than toplessness, no full-frontal nudity. Some of the models are in bikinis or other outfits, and aren't even showing nipples or anything that would be deemed "pornographic".

Also, there isn't much variation, for me, in the way the style of the cards. There are one, maybe two cards, that have an even remotely fetish look about them, which really separates them from the style of the rest of the cards.

Personal preferences aside, these definitely are a novelty. Because they are a novelty, they cost $9.99. I don't really know how much your average deck of cards costs, but I'm pretty sure you can get them for under five dollars, or find a deck at a dollar store. However, you won't get the novelty or get to see any nudity on a deck of dollar store playing cards, so I guess you get what you pay for! Though, I don't think I would have gotten them for myself as the style of the images and the models isn't quite my taste. I got them for free though, so I have no complaints.


I actually received these in a free gift pack this week, and decided that they would be great for the party I was having over the weekend. People started showing up and a few of them wanted to do something rather than converse, and I suggested cards. I got out my cards and even if they weren't everyone's cup of tea, everyone had something to say about them, and everyone checked them out. Before they even started playing cards they started laughing and browsing the images on each of the cards. A few people had stopped on a card or two and said "Oh look, it's...", and were able to identify a few of the girls as popular porn stars. As I had said, I am not really into porn at all, so I wasn't able to confirm any of it, though I wasn't surprised and it didn't affect my opinion of the cards.

However, there are a few images on the cards that struck most everyone as odd. One in particular, which everyone who saw it stopped on and made a comment. Half of the comments made were, "HAAAAANNNNNNDDDS!" and "that looks creepy". Here's the card, and it features an image of a woman with 6 different hands reaching into the picture grabbing at her. The hands all look to be "masculine" hands, so even if they are not all men's hands, everyone who sees it thinks it is creepy or unusual that this woman is getting grabbed at by a bunch of men:

They became a centerpiece of the party, these cards definitely have a high novelty factor. Throughout the evening, as more people showed up they all ended up looking at the cards, having the cards shown to them, or gathered around the table they were playing with them. A few people who came in later, in the middle of a drinking game, hadn't been there for the initial shock/awe/chuckles of the cards, so they were wondering where they came from. One of my friends walked over to the table where half of the action of the whole party was and saw one of the player's hands, looked at me and mouthed "Are those your cards?" I cackled and said, "Of course they are! What else did you expect?" He got a good laugh out of them. Everyone ended up making jokes or comments about the images. A few people thought that some of the positions and faces of the models were odd. Here are some of the cards where the poses were commented on:
Follow-up commentary
These are still a decent deck of cards. I don't really play cards, so these don't really come out unless there is a party or people over and someone wants to playing some sort of card game. These still have a high novelty factor. Nobody seems to expect the images on the cards, so it tends to come as a surprise; they're a total icebreaker. These are great to have if you play cards regularly or just want some neat little thing to show off to your friends.
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