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I've never game review

A fun party game with simple rules, I've never... can be endlessly customized and is sure to get players laughing as they learn all about one another.
immediate out-of-the-box play
a bit less "sexy" than I'd hoped, required drinking a bit excessive to stay fun.
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useful review
I love games; as a testament to this, my games cabinet overflows with games of all sorts. Since I'm also a total sucker for anything that might lead to either increased intimacy or sex, I love the idea of the adult board game most of all. Unfortunately, most adult board games|Adult Board Games for Playful Couples I’ve tried have fallen far short of the mark. Still, I was excited to give this one a shot.

I've Never... is based on the old drinking game of the same name. The bar version requires each player to come up with things they've never done (generally risqué) and each other player to take a drink if they have. It's a fun game, requiring absolutely no equipment, but it depends heavily on evenly matched players and continued imagination. Further, if you're the experimental sort, (and I am) you can be reduced to a puddle of drunk very quickly.

What the packaged version of the game offers that the no-tools-required pub game doesn't is immediate play, with a pre-balanced deck. Think of it as a referee in a box.

It seems obvious that this game is best suited to a large group of players so I knew that I should wait to play it until I had a room full of friends (or a room full of lovers, if I wanted to play the XXX version), but after checking my mail obsessively for three days, I just couldn't wait to get into it. Kids and roommate out of the house for the evening, my partner and I hunkered down in the living room with a selection of drinks.

We got drunk fast. Too fast. We learned that with only two players, the game moves really quickly. By the end, we found ourselves imagining and then assigning alternate consequences to another shot. This, while unplanned and unmentioned in the rules, offers endless opportunities for this game to delve into the realm of the "adult".

Interspersed with squares requiring everyone to take a shot or draw an "I've never" card are the squares requiring players to do things like spin in a circle 5 times (sounds like a great way to get sick) or turn a cartwheel (who has space for an adult to turn a cartwheel?) While at the beginning of the game, there was some self-consciousness, by the end, we were laughing too hard to care about feeling silly.

I’ve Never Game|I've never game... is nicely produced and packaged and comes with ten blank cards, on which you can write you own "I've never" statements. When you get bored of even these, expansion packs are also available.

Like many adult games|Adult games that allow for more than two players, this game was a bit tamer than I'd hoped, but it does offer a good building block for taking it further. The game play was simple and quite fun, and with a few tweaks to personalize, my partner and I had a great time playing it.
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  • Essin' Em
    Is there any that adding your own cards and changing the rules could make it less tame?
  • Absolutely (actually my first draft of this review went into that a little, but ran far too long.  :))

    I have a follow up review planned for when we get to play it with more players, but the XXX rules that come with the box involve a "strip" element, and substituting favors or dares for instances when another shot was a bit too much worked out really well for us.

    The blank cards don't only include the ability to fill in your own "I've never" statement but the rewards and consequences as well.  These can certainly be made, with a little imagination into something more racy.

    Definitely keep your  eyes peeled for a follow up review, soon!
  • Dame Demi
    I know I'm looking forward to it!  This one sounds like it might actually be fun! 
  • Puddle of drunk... ha. Sounds like this game definitely needs a little tweaking, and could be fun! Then you could maybe refer to a puddle of clothes. 
  • Pria Synthes
    Demi - It was, but beware!  I can hold my booze with the best of them, and even I was pretty woozy by the end.  
  • Pria Synthes
    CW - I will continue to play test, and let you know what works out in terms of tweaks.

    I think there's a certain amount of personal preference that's going to go into any customizations, but  more minds on the issue, the more options, yes?

    As for the puddle of clothes, I feel this is an excellent idea, and will get on it post haste.   
  • Beautiful Dreamer
    I just ordered this for my brother's back to college party. I can't wait!
  • Nashville
    It's unfortunate it wasn't more responsible when it came to drinking.
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Very good review! Big smile
  • BadgersRose
    Good review.
  • Chris15461
    Thanks for the review
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