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No, I've never screwed a monkey while reciting the pledge of allegiance...

This is a great group or couple game with or without booze. It will produce lots of laughs! I highly recommend getting it for any group occasion.
Drinking game, long lasting, good quality, lots of fun.
Can be confusing.
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Purpose / Audience

These are two claims on the front of this incredibly fun game. "The Best Drinking Game EVER!" "Featured in Playboy and Newsweek"


"I've Never...The Game of Truth-A True Reality Based Game" This drinking game can either be played with you and your partner or with a group of people. Either way you are bound to learn some interesting things, probably VERY interesting things about the people you are playing with while trying not to reveal incriminating information about yourself.

The I've Never... game is great for breaking the ice at a party or getting closer to good friends. Either way, you are in for a long series of funny, wild, and crazy questions that will sure have you laughing and will probably shock you.
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Rules / Content


*Game Board
*Rule sheet
*8 Playing pieces (pawns all in different colors)
*100 I've Never...? question cards
*10 make up your own question cards

All you need is 2-8 players and some booze if you are playing it as the game was intended.

The rules are a bit confusing because they seem backwards, and I honestly think who ever printed these cards got a little confused themselves. But here is how the game rules are explained:

Object of the Game/Rules:

The object of the game is to get all the players to admit to crazy fantasies, secrets, events, whilst getting drunk and having fun. You start off by rolling the dice and moving around the board. You can land on various drinking spaces where you have to do a shot, take a drink, pick someone to drink, finish your drink, or have everyone drink. You can also land on the traditional spaces like go ahead two spaces, or back three. Other spaces include truth or dare, spin in a circle 5 times, or hop on one foot for 30 seconds. These sound dumb and kind of are, but it you have a good sense of humor they can add to the fun.

The most common space you will land on is the 'pick a card space'. This is the main part and best part of the game. Some questions on these cards are innocent, some gross, some sexy, and some embarrassing. This is one example: "I've never made out with a teacher?". The cards are asked as questions. Then the card has choices on it. If true (you have NOT made out with a teacher): move forward 1 space. If false (you HAVE made out with a teacher): take a drink and go back to all drink. So basically you have to decide if the double negative is true which can get quite confusing especially since some of the options don't make sense. For example one card asks "I've never had a three-some?". If it is true that you have had a three some, you take a drink "because you need it." This seems opposite. But either way, you can choose to just go with the flow or to do which ever option makes sense.

This game is a lot more fun with more than 2 people. I played it with 2 and also with 6. Either way is fun of course. Things got a lot crazier with more people though. You get much more intoxicated with less people however. You of course don't need to make it a drinking game and can just ignore those spaces or card commands if you'd like.

There is even a XXX option. The same rules apply as above, but if a player did do the thing on the card, they have to remove a piece of clothing and take a drink.


This game seems cheap at first because of the simple, cheesy graphics that look like they were made on Microsoft paint. However, the quality is really good! The box is really thick and covered cardboard that will surely holdup even if it is stepped on or dropped. The board is made of the same very sturdy material. The paper covering it is somewhat shiny which makes it easier to clean up any spills that make occur. The quality is also good for the cards, dice, and playing pieces. This game will stand the test of time.


I really enjoyed this game. It is a lot of fun and can be played multiple times because of all the different cards. It of course is a different game each time if you play with different people. You won't end up using all of the cards in one game either. I would say that with 6 people, the game lasted about an hour and we used about a third of the cards, if that. It is up to you if you want to continue until everyone crosses the finish or if the game ends when the first person reaches the end. If you play correctly, you will probably end up intoxicated, shocked, embarrassed, or all of the above by the end. It is all very fun! Everyone had a great time and you will too!

If you were curious, here are some more examples of cards:

"I've never been arrested?"
"I've never done a body shot?"
"I've never cheated on a boyfriend or girlfriend?"
"I've never faked the size of my private parts?"
"I've never had sex outdoors?"

If you love this game and find that you are sick of all the existing questions, you can even purchase more. You can do this by visiting www.IveNeverGame.com. They are only $4.99!

This game will last you forever since you can just even make your own cards if you want instead of purchasing more. I highly recommend getting it!
Follow-up commentary
Played this yet again with a group of 6. SO much fun :). We decided to make up some of your own cards and rules. It seems this game has a lot of room for creative change. Make it your own! I still am very glad I own this :).
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  • ~LaUr3n~
    If anyone has any questions...feel free to ask!
  • imp
    Haha oh gawd in this household that could be one helluva interesting night lol. Great review and very cool you can acquire more cards if need be. i'm thinking one could make a few up of their own if they wanted to as well.
  • Maiden
    This sounds like fun! I've been looking for a good party game.

    Great review!
  • ~LaUr3n~
    It is a GREAT party game!
  • Kayla
    It is a great premise, but I've never played it on a board game. We used to just play it verbally. But still a great idea. Great review, Lauren. I know it can be hard to review board games.
  • ~LaUr3n~
    I used to do that in school too.
  • Sammi
    I've only played this on Twitter, but the idea is great Smile
    Good review!
  • ......
    Great review, thanks!
  • sophie2229
    This sounds like a blast! This is a really fun review, makes me wish I didn't have work tomorrow Smile
  • ~LaUr3n~
    On Twitter? Really? lol

    Thanks girls!
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    It's cool that you can purchase more questions
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Yea, i thought so too. You could always make your own as well.
  • SexyStuff
    Thanks for the review!
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Welcome! Thanks for reading!
  • PunkyB
    I got sucked in by reading the title! Great review and thanks for bringing this game to my attention
  • ~LaUr3n~
    LMAO, that was the idea
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