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I've Never laughed harder while getting drunk.

I've never is an easy to play drinking/stripping game that can easily be adapted to any group. It's sturdy construction assures for a long life. You'll learn more than you ever needed to know about your friends & have a good laugh in the process!
Easy to play, can change rules endlessly so it's always exciting.
Some of the cards are relatively mild, cards do not have the plastic coating.
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extremely useful review
My circle of friends is mostly compromised of college students. I have quite a few friends who don’t drink for one reason or another, so a lot of my get togethers end up being drinking games vs. non-drinkers. I purchased this board game|I've never game with the intentions of mixing up the rules to cater to my particular crowd.

I’ve Never comes in a very sturdy card board box. The lid and the contents inside are all very secure. It quite literally took me almost a minute to wiggle off the top. Once open you’re faced with a game board, cards, a die, and eight game pieces. The cardboard is very well coated in a light plastic. This is particularly handy for when that drink gets inevitably spilled and makes for easy clean up.

The game rules instruct the youngest player to roll the die and move the amount of spaces it says. The spaces contain everything from “all drink”, “pick someone to do a truth or dare”, to my favorite “spin in a circle 5 times”. If you land on a space that says draw an I’ve never card, the player draws from the pile and reads the card out loud. If the statement is true, the player moves forward a space. If the statement is not true for the player, they follow instructions on the card. Most answers that are not true involve drinking and/or giving details to the statement. Anyone caught lying (two other players must call the lie) is punished in whatever way the group wants.

The XXX version involves removing a piece of clothing for every drink. A lie warrants a removal of two pieces of clothing.

Like I mentioned, my group has non-drinkers, so I switched the game up. Before anyone even arrived, I made more cards with some more questions applicable to our group out of an old deck of playing cards. We used various beer caps as game pieces. I altered the rules so that any drink could be substituted for an article of clothing. This was also great for the drinkers who wanted to slow down. We also chose to have the ENTIRE group answer the statement, which lead to a lot of nakedness and drunkenness very quickly.

I was very happy with the way the game went. It is very flexible, so most people would be able to adapt the game to their group of friends. I’ve made many more “I’ve never” cards so that every time we play, new questions are asked. I’ve learned more about my friends than I ever needed to know and had a lot of great laughs while doing it. This is a great addition to a game cabinet and is great addition to a party. A little creativity makes this a constantly changing game.
We’ve changed the rules on this and altered the game play more times than I can count. Some of the various things we’ve tried have worked really well! For a smaller group, we’ll skip the use of the game board and just use the cards until someone is done drinking or is nude. We play this on the pool deck at night quite often, so we’ll use light up shot glasses as game pieces. The stripping always leads to skinny dipping. I also warn people who don’t know anything about the game (and I know are non drinkers) that stripping is involved so they don’t show up in a sundress & nothing else! This has seriously become a hit amongst my friends. Constantly changing rules and game play always makes this exciting!
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  • Oggins
    Glad to hear this is a game you can enjoy as well as add to it, to make it stay interesting! My only problem now is that I need better looking friends! =P
  • Beautiful Dreamer
    Well. Beer goggles anyone? Haha. That's terrible, I know.
  • Cock Wrangler
    Nice review. Glad you could actually get one of these adult games to be interesting on more than one occasion.
  • Beautiful Dreamer
    Creativity & alcohol- almost anything can be interesting. Thanks though!
  • Wow, awesome suggestions for changing the game!
  • Beautiful Dreamer
    Thanks! It definitely makes it entertaining when the same people play it.
  • Naughty Student
    Sounds like such an awesome game!
  • sbon
    Sounds like a fun game!
  • tinadice
    thanks for the review
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