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Wheels of Versatility

In short, I think this game is an amazingly creative use of a spinning wheel and probably one of the more creative uses of a spin-wheel in adult games. Whether you want a drinking game or a sex game, the Wheels of Desire game can stand-in for you.
Great use of spinning wheel, Eight different games, Blank game slate, Female-focused
The suggestions are not the most creative, Takes batteries
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The Wheels of Desire spinner is a new game by Evolved that includes an electronic spinner and gives you eight games in one! One of the games requires you to make your own suggestions and another does require a vibrator, but the rest of the games are things that don't require any extra items. The spinner is made from plastic, and the cardboard circles are made from a thin cardboard. The circles are attached to the spinner via two plastic pegs, and the spinner requires two AA batteries.

The Wheels of Desire is a basic game with a simple premise that is surprisingly fun. Using the button that is provided on the game board, you push the button, and the middle portion "spins" around. Once the spinner stops, it will stop on one of the actions that are shown on the outer-ring of the board. That's the action you're supposed to perform! The game spinner does require two AA batteries which are inserted easily through the base of the spinner. The batteries have a tight fit, but they fit okay.

The Wheels of Desire comes with eight different "games". There are four rings, and each ring has two different sides which makes eight total games. Each one of the rings has the selected options on the outer ring of the ring with the inner ring giving you the name of the ring. The descriptions of the rings are on the back of the packaging, but there names pretty much tell what they are. There are twelve options on each one of the games. There are:
A Mild Game of Romance
Romantic Gestures
Spin the Wheel (a version of spin the bottle for groups)
To Drink or Not to Drink (A drinking version)
Jugs of Fun
Crazy Cunninglingus
The Wheel of Vibrations (all require a vibrator)
Make it How you Like It (a blank one you can fill in)

Each one of the games is okay, and I was definitely surprised to see that there were only female-focused games. Usually games will have male-focused activities instead of female-focused ones. But this one has breast-focused, vagina-focused, and vibrator-focused rings but no male-focused ones. It also has a drinking game and a party game (great for swinger groups!) as well as a Mild-romance and romantic-gestures game.

I will admit that the drinking game was a bit of a let-down. We had a group of friends over, and we really couldn't tempt them to play it. The drinking game is probably the weaker "game" out of this set as almost all of the activities are just "Everyone Drinks", "Person to your Left Drinks", "Girls Drink", "Guys Drink" and things of that nature. It's not bad, but there weren't any interesting or fun actions to do with the drinking; just taking drinks every round.

Some of the suggestions from the other games include:
Nibble Their Ear (Spin the Wheel)
Ask Them Something Personal (Spin the Wheel)
Lick Nipple (Mild Game of Romance)
Suck on Fingers (Mild Game of Romance)
Late Night Walk (Romantic Gestures)
Breakfast in Bed (Romantic Gestures)
Sex While We Use a Vibe (The Wheel of Vibrations)
Masturbate with a Toy for Me (The Wheel of Vibrations)
Use Ice (Crazy Cunnilingus)
Spit on It (Crazy Cunnilingus)
Boob Sex (Jugs of Fun)
Love Slap My Boobs (Jugs of Fun) (What does this mean???)

My favorite, though, is the blank wheel, and I hope, in the future, that Evolved will offer blank wheels on their own. Why? Well, are you a kinkster? Write in activities like "bondage", "spanking", etc, and the wheel can pick out your activities for the night! Like spanking in particular? Write in implement names like "cane", "paddle", etc. Love your sex toys? Write in "butt plug", "vibrator", "g-spot", "dildo", etc, and you have an easy way for you to "force" yourself to have fun with one of your options! I've already come up with a ton of fetish-specific ideas for the blank wheel, and I wish I had more than one!
Something to note about storage: each one of the little cardboard circles is made from thin cardboard. If the cardboard gets too bent, it doesn't spin properly with the spinner, but all four cardboard spinners do not fit too well onto the Evolved spinner. Keeping the circles somewhere else where they will stay flat is needed. I suggest slipping them between pages of books to keep them flat and stored well. Of course, you can keep your favorite wheel right on the Wheels of Desire board when not in use.

Overall, while I wish the suggestions from the wheels were a bit more creative, I do find myself rather fond of this game. It's not your average sex game, and they managed to include some ways to make it a party/drinking game as well. If Evolved chose to offer to little "packs" of new wheels with suggestions that were a bit more creative or built-more upon the spinner (a board game with the spinner as the main movement method?), the Wheels of Desire game would probably be one of my more-favorite sex games.
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    seems kinda fun
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    Sounds kind of fun, but I too, would prefer more wheels for bondage-specific suggestions.
  • Contributor: namelesschaos
    Thanks for the review, from the sounds of it it could use more blank card/varity of suggestions. Still a cool idea.
  • Contributor: alayamae
    Thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: Airen Wolf
    Hmmmm I can think of tons of fetish fun items for the blank card as well....
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    Great review!
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    love this game
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    Loved your video! It was super helpful! Think this is a fun one to add to the collection. Thx!
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