You Owe Me Your Love

"The Love I Owe You" game isn't very detailed, but it is something that most couples could use on a regular basis. Most vouchers end up seeming like too much work, but this Evolved set just gives you the reason to do the things you'd want to do anyway.
Cute design, a bit basic, romantic-looking
Instructions listed on every card, a bit basic
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The "The Love I Owe You" 52 Love Vouchers are a set of cards sold by Evolved Novelties. They are printed on cardboard, and this set is supposed to be used as little "love coupons" that can be redeemed for certain sexual favors. There are 52 different cards in the deck which are all printed on the colored cardboard. The cards are the size of any standard sized poker card set. A card advertising one of Evolved's vibrators is also included with the set but can just be thrown away.

The cards all come in a standard-sized playing card box. The box just shows the name of the game including "Give your Sweetheart An Erotic Favor for Every Week of the Year" which isn't exactly discreet. However ,the box doesn't show any people on it, so this can easily just be hidden away if you decide to play it on a regular basis.

This game can work for as many players as desired. The instructions were even written to allow multiple players. This game is not a "sit down and play" game, but instead, is meant to be something you play long-term. One player draws a card at some point (possibly weekly?) then that person has an IOU for the favor listed on the card. According to the rules, they can redeem that favor at any point. After the favor is redeemed, the opposite player is now in control of the said card and can redeem it from the player who originally drew it. That's all that the rules say about the cards. In case you happen to forget the rules, Evolved, for some odd reason (and a reason I dislike) chose to include the instructions in tiny print at the base of each card. I feel like it detracts from the aesthetic beauty of the cards to have it there.

I'm a bit split on the activities that can be performed. On one hand, all of the activities are relatively "normal". There's nothing all that difficult included on the cards, and it looks like all of the activities included were written to be vague on purpose since then you can do what works best for the two of you. I consider the relatively "normal" activities as a downside. However, on the opposite side, the relatively normal stuff also makes it so these can be done on a regular basis without feeling too put out. The activities are things that you wouldn't do on a regular sexual basis, so while they aren't too adventurous, they won't feel too hard to do either. (That whole "this sounds like way too much work" excuse won't come into play with these cards.)

Examples of activities include: "Write down your most sexual fantasy and let your lover read it out loud.", "Take pictures of each other naked.", "Flatter your lover with five sexy compliments", "Share a sensual bubble bath", "Choose your favorite foreplay activity and indulge for ten minutes", "Write the alphabet with your tongue on your lover's body", and lots of other items. As you can see, they aren't amazingly adventurous, but it's probably stuff you don't do on a regular basis. A lot of the cards don't take anything aside from you and your partner, but some do require household items like a shower or camera. A couple include a mention of sex toys such as a vibrator.

The design of the cards is actually really cute. They are designed with a pink/purple theme which seems to be some of Evolved's more popular colors. The backside of the card shows the design of the box as well as the website address of the company. The front side shows the "voucher" itself (which is always just one short sentence). It's written in cursive, but it's still really easy to read. Evolved also chose to include the instructions in tiny print on the base of every card. I feel like that really detracted away from the attractiveness of the cards, and I'm disappointed in Evolved for doing that.

The cards are of medium quality. They aren't nicely sheened like some playing cards are, and the cardboard isn't amazingly thick, but they will hold up. They're definitely more high-quality than pieces of paper. If you choose to tote these around until you "redeem" them, the edges will quickly become frayed though.
I'm actually kinda fond of this set. Normally when something like the "improve your sex life by doing dares" thing is involved, the companies go all-out with huge set-ups and tons of instructions. I feel like this basic approach makes me much more likely to stick to it as a treat for every week of the year. We already tried out a few cards, but I'm seriously considering this as a permanent edition to our sex life - maybe on a weekly basis or maybe just on a "It's a Holiday; draw a card" basis. None of the cards made me feel put out or uncomfortable, and it's stuff we'd probably already be doing except don't normally make the time for it. The "Love I Owe You" set is actually a neat little card game, and I'm glad I own it. It isn't too advanced, but it's like a little love pick-me-up.
Follow-up commentary
The Love I Owe You game is still fun. We do it on occasion when I remember that I still own it. The cards have held up like an average deck of cards, so they are starting to look a bit well-loved, but we still haven't managed to go through all 52 cards yet, so there's still some fun left in this deck!
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