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A most innovative rabbit

What a clever idea this toy is. Take a glass G-spot toy and add a clitoral nub with a hole for a small bullet. The G-spot part works wonderfully. The clitoral part might provide a small amount of clitoral stimulation too if your G-spot and clitoris happen to be just the right distance apart.
G-spot end feels terrific, clever design, detachable bullet
must fit you exactly to work as intended, not adjustable
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This toy is a clever combination of a G-spot toy, which works wonderfully by itself, with a clitoral nub and bullet. For those with shallow G-spots, the clitoral nub may be too far away during use. While the G-spot portion of this toy was too long to allow the clitoral nub to touch me, I estimate that those with G-spots of an average depth will like this toy.

Material / Texture

Most of Icicles 16 is made from pyrex glass. The bullet and the controller for the bullet are made from plastic and metal with a bit of glass since there's a light bulb inside the bullet.

The main, glass part of Icicles 16 is beautiful and fairly nicely made. There are thin swirls of pink wrapping around the shaft, but this appears to be mostly for decorative purposes. You can feel them, but the sensations from the head are more noticeable.

Design / Shape / Size

The glass head is 4 1/4 inches in circumference. The G-spot end is about 4 inches away from the center of the clitoral nub. The clitoral nub is a donut shaped piece that leans toward the G-spot end. It has two pink horns that extend out and point toward the G-spot end. At the end of the handle is another, larger donut-shaped part which serves to give you something to grip during use.

If you hold it so the clitoral part is toward you and the handle donut is perpendicular to you, you'll notice that the clitoral nub points off slightly to the right, while the G-spot head leans a bit to the left. Maybe I've watched too many episodes of Monk, but this bothers me every time I notice it. In use however, you probably won't notice the asymmetry.

The bullet is quite small - only an inch and a half long. It fits into the center of the clitoral donut snuggly. I'm not sure how they made it so it fits so well with no wobbling at all, but it does. Its easy to put it in place. The bullet can also be used separately.

Functions / Performance / Controls

One skinny elongated button on the controller allows you to turn the vibrations on and off and also to move through the different vibration settings. Press the bottom part of the rectangle to turn it on at the lowest steady vibration setting. Press the top portion of the button to move through the patterns.

The patterns are:

1) low steady
2) medium steady
3) higher steady
4) fast pulses
5) short short short short long
6) steps up to higher vibrations, then steps back down
7) steps up to higher and higher vibrations with 2 pulses at each level
8) six long pulses followed by 35 short pulses
9) 1 very long pulse, 30 short pulses
10) 28 fast pulses, 1 long pulse

Turn it off with one press of the lower part of the button. The bullet becomes quite warm after 5 or so minutes of use. Its warmest at the end where the light bulb is. It could be the bulb rather than the motor that generates the warmth.

The back of the controller, which is iridescent pink and see-through, slides off to allow you to insert three AAA batteries. There are no instructions indicating which direction to insert the batteries, but a little trial and error is all that is needed.

The bullet is incredibly LOUD. It will sound to others in your house like you are using power tools. You will probably not be able to turn the music on loud enough to drown out the noise of this toy.

Care and Maintenance

The glass portion of this toy is quite easy care, like all glass products. While you can wash the glass part in soap and water, then towel dry, you'll want to keep the bullet and controller away from water.

Any lube is safe to use with this toy.


The G-spot part of this toy earns 5 stars. It looks so unassuming and ordinary, but it feels incredible.

My G-spot isn't terribly far inside me, so as I use it the clitoral part doesn't touch me. When I insert it far enough for the clitoral part to make contact, the horns touch above my clitoris unless I angle the toy down. This is probably how users with deeper G-spots would use it anyway. I imagine that if the clitoral part does make contact with you when the G-spot end is in the right place that you would want to use a rocking rather than thrusting motion.

From what I can tell the vibrations you'll feel from the bullet in the clitoral part when its against your clitoris are mild. Having a glass donut wrapped around the bullet seems to dampen the vibrations a bit. Those women whose G-spot and clitoris are the right distance apart for this toy will enjoy mild (but so entertaining!) vibrations.

Whether it fits you or not you cannot say this toy isn't fun.

The bullet can be used separately. In doing so, it becomes warm in a matter of minutes. This caused me to constantly wonder whether I had wet myself. I kept checking myself. I hadn't. Its just the unusual warmth that gave that sensation.

Even though this toy doesn't actually fit me, I have had consistently excellent experiences with the G-spot end.

I considered lowering my rating for this toy due to the 3 star vibrations of the bullet and that it doesn't align perfectly (Monk, get out of my head!) but I'm giving it 5 stars because the G-spot end is a complete win and it earns points for being so incredibly novel.
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