Icicles No.16 - rabbit vibrator by Pipedream - review by K101

Not the Icicle I hoped for.

If you're looking for a glass dual-action vibrator for simultaneously stimulating the clitoris and vagina, don't get your hopes up. Between the awful, doped up vibrations and the ears being too far apart, this part fails. The pointy ears make thrusting painful and the swirls can be intense. There are quite a few flaws about this, but it does look beautiful!
Ears are painful and too far apart.
Bullet is too wild!
Loud, oh so loud!
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Icicles No. 16 is nothing short of a gorgeous vibrator designed with beauty and uniquity. This was made for the girl who loves dual action stimulation as well as cold, hard glass with texture. You really have a lot going on here with Icicles No.16. I'll break it down.

Icicles No. 16 is the first vibrating glass rabbit. The glass is handblown. It's actually a glass dildo that comes with a multi-speed bullet vibrator.

*WARNING: If you do not like to see photos in reviews, you may want to consider skipping mine!*

Removable bullet`

There is an extended piece of glass that's in the shape of a circle with hot pink ears on top. It looks to me like more of a kitty than a rabbit, but that could just be because I love cats! There's a hole where the bullet is inserted. The ears and bullet are designed to stimulate the clitoris while the rest of the toy is designed for insertion. This is basically a "rabbit-style vibrator," only it's glass.

While you have the bullet buzzing away at your clitoris, the ears are jabbing at either the sides of your clitoris or your labia majora, depending on your anatomy. Not only do you have that kind of stimulation going on, but you also have the spiral of lovely pink wrapping around the shaft. This same ribbon of pink is at the handle too, but I doubt anybody could actually fit the toy in that far! I suppose this is more for decoration or gripping purposes.

You'll also notice a hole at the very end, below the handle. You or a partner can place fingers there to hold onto the toy. Some will find it easier to hold it above the hole or with fingers in the hole. Either way is comfortable.

I'll go ahead and give the usual warning: be careful with glass. Being too rough or thrusting deep can bruise the cervix. Most of us are aware to watch out for this, but it's still important to throw in there. I can say I've never had this bother or bruise my cervix. I actually am the kind of girl that can orgasm through cervical stimulation though so maybe mine isn't as sensitive. Still, everybody's cervix can bruise and if you're looking for the X-orgasm, choose a softer material or use glass with caution!

This glass dual-action toy can be used solo, but it can also make one hell of a unique couple's experience. Whether you and your love enjoy using your toys together or you prefer solo play, this one will work either way.

Glass is great for those of us who like temperature play and this is no exception. I like cold sensations and that pink ribbon on the shaft feels great when cold!

Using the glass alone as a dildo, without the vibrating bullet will be silent so you'll be able to use it without the worry of others hearing. However, I don't recommend using the bullet within the same dorm with someone because it's like sirens going off! It can be heard through closed doors. I'll go into more detail about the sound test in a minute.
    • Clitoris
    • G-spot

Material / Texture

Icicles No. 16 is a glass dildo with a removable bullet vibrator. Glass does not smell or taste and is non-porous. This particular toy is made of pyrex glass, is hypo-allergenic, body safe, and is very durable.

I find it hard to say this would be good for beginners. In fact, I would actually suggest trying the glass rotator if you're just looking into glass. This one just has a lot going with it and can be terribly uncomfortable, but it is a great size. However, the glass rotator was one of my very first glass pieces and it continues to be my favorite even as my glass collection grows.

The head is totally smooth and the shaft has a gorgeous pink ribbon runing down it.

The texture looks subtle, but it's actually very there and I'm able to feel the entire pink spiral during use. I like texture and all of my glass toys have some type, but some are comfortable and some are not. When I compare the glass rotator, which also has a similar spiral on the shaft to this, I find this to be uncomfortable after a few minutes wheras the rotator doesn't bother me. This is more for someone who's experienced a few different styles of glass dildos rather than a first timer.
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid

Design / Shape / Size

At 7" in length (3 3/4 of that being insertable) this is not short, but it's not intimidating either. The 3 3/4" insertable inches mean it's great for those who want something longer than say, the rotator.

I'm not what you'd consider a "size queen". In fact, I prefer toys to be similar to the average penis size and the 1" in diameter, is perfect! Glass is not forgiving so I prefer to stick with what's comfortable. The bulbous head is larger than the shaft and with a slight curve, it's able to graze my G-spot when my partner's operating it. I cannot angle it in a way to hit my G-spot and mine is very easy so do take this into consideration.

The pointy ears are about 1" apart. This is quite a big difference from most of the rabbit-style vibrators out there. Most ears are located closer together. If you place two fingers on either side of your clitoris, leaving one inch space between your fingers, this will give you an idea of how the ears will fit your anatomy. I doubt they will rest right on the sides of most clitorises, but some of you may be lucky! As for me, it doesn't happen. I'll explain my personal fit in my experience section.

The widest part of the bulbous head measures a tiny bit more than 4" around. That's about an inch bigger around than the shaft. I cannot measure how the pink spiral protrudes, but the rings of the spiral have less than an inch of space between them. The spiral makes 4 pink rings around the shaft.

Functions / Performance / Controls

I loved the idea and design of this and was drawn to it most because it's glass and has the clitoral stimulating function while being textured as well. The other reason I desperately wanted this was because the gorgeous color and look of it! How terrible of me to judge looks like that, huh?

The design is indeed genuis and gives us ladies more options instead of the regular silicone, TPR or jelly. Unfortunately, the ears and vibrations were a total fail. The ears are spaced so far apart that they hit right on my labia majora, which is nowhere near close enough to stimulate my clitoris. The ears are glass and when pipedream created this, I don't think they came to the realization that hard glass and pointy ears are painful. The pointy ears jab my bones and hurt! This means I have to limit my thrusting to prevent it. While I had no trouble bruising my cervix, I did run into a bruised cooter bone! Those flaws make this hard to enjoy.

The clitoral design was a fail, fine, but that on top of the bullet on cocaine resulted in my disappointment. I assumed that at least the bullet would stimulate my clitoris, but no siree! I'll give more information in my experience section. For now, let's talk vibrations.

The vibrations are crazy! Like I said, bullet on cocaine! The pink bullet lights up and if you turn the lights out, it's disco time! Whichever speed you choose, the bullet will flash to the beat. The controller is pink as well with an irridescent coating.

The bullet is smaller than most bullet vibrators and it fits through the hole in between the ears on the dildo. It's removable, thank God! It's intense on even the low settings and unlike any vibration I've ever encountered. It makes me jump and squirm and not in pleasure! It's the most uncomfortable sensation and so intense and buzzy that it makes me itch!

Cycle through the 10 settings by clicking the ON button located on the controller. To begin changing speeds, you use the MODE button. This is good incase of emergency when you need to quickly turn it off. You can do so by simply hitting the ON/OFF button. 10 speeds of vibrations sound promising, but they're torture!

The settings include a range of steady and crazy pulsating vibrations. The bullet gets louder when inserted into the glass hole. It's the loudest toy I've ever had!

My partner and I tested the sound, me in the bedroom turning it from speed 1-10 while he went to different rooms in the house. With me in the room running it, he's able to hear it on some of the settings if he's directly outside my door and sometimes throughout the house. To test all of this, took half the evening! This thing sounds like putting forks in a garbage disposal! Some settings sound like it's actually screaming and others sound like sirens.

The vibrations are intense and the strength resembles that of my rechargeable infrared massager! It's actually louder and far more high pitched than my massager. It's so high pitched that it sounds like screams. I made a video of the different vibrations and sounds when I first bought this. The video was rough so I didn't bother figuring out how to add it into my review, but if you're interested in hearing the noise, let me know.

If insterted in the glass, all settings can be heard through closed doors, blankets and TV's.

The 10 different speeds include:
1. Steady vibration. Bullet is constantly lit up. This setting cannot be heard through a TV and closed door.

2. Stronger steady vibration. Bullet is constantly lit up. This setting requires a closed door, covers and a loud TV. If it's not inserted in the glass, it probably won't be heard through TV and a door.

3. Strong steady vibration. Bullet is constantly lit up and this can be heard through a closed door, covers and a TV. Describing the sound, it's like "EERRRRRRRRRRRR!"

4. Pulsing. The bullet flashes and squirms. This is quieter than the steady vibrations and can't be heard through a blanket, TV and closed door.

5. Pulse. This one is something like this: "er er err errrr. er er err errrr" It can't be heard through covers, closed door and a TV. Bullet flashes to match the vibrations.

6. Escalating vibrations. The light is dim and gets brigher as the vibrations get stronger. The sound reminds me of a child's toy. I cannot type out the way it sounds. You can always ask me to see the video if you're really curious though. This can be heard throughout different areas of the house when it reaches screaming level.

7. This one's something like" bzz bzz bzz bzz BZZ BZZ BZZ BZZ. It's short buzzes that get increasingly stronger and louder. It'll eventually begin screaming. The bulles lights up to match the Bzz's. It can be heard through a closed door unless you really blast some music!

8. It begins as "Bzz Bzz Bzz Bzz" then starts having seizures and going wild! I can't even describe the random craziness of the pulse. The rest of them do the same and they can't be heard through a closed door when the Bzzing begins, but only seconds later, they're screaming to the top of their lungs!

9. Another crazy as hell, random pulsing pattern. It too screams wildly while the bullet lights up to match the screams.

10. The highest one. It's about as crazy as the rest of them and it gets increasingly louder as well. These last few settings cause the bullet to literally jump all over my hand or bed! It's wild.

I don't like any of the vibrations. They're all crazy and the screaming is most annoying. It's not pleasurable. If I had another bullet to fit the glass hole, I'd use it. The bullet it comes with is smaller than most bullets (almost 2 inches around) so if you have one that's small enough, I'd suggest trying to use it instead.

Icicles No. 16 takes 3 AAA batteries. You slide them in via the door in the controller. The door slides completely off. The plastic controller is actually durable unlike most of my other toys have. The bullet is attached to a pink cord and at the end of that cord is a plug similar to one headphones have and this plugs into the controller. You can remove/unplug the cord to clean. The cord is 22" long.
    • Lots of variety in function
    • Multiple settings

Care and Maintenance

before cleaning Icicles No. 16, first make sure you remove the controller and cord and place it away from the water! You can wipe the controller clean with a damp cloth and toy cleaner or toy wipe.

As for the dildo (bullet and controller removed!) you can put it in the dishwasher or boil for a couple of minutes. You can also let it soak in warm water and mild soap. I like to use Dawn dish detergent on my glass decorations as well as glass toys because nothing makes them so shiny and clean! They look brand new after soaking for a few minutes, just like if you were washing dishes. This also ensures the removal of any fluids stuck around the spiral.

Glass is safe to store with other toys, but I like to keep my glass toys in their own pouch or box. However, it won't hurt your toys to store glass with other materials. You can place the glass in a pouch or wrap a plastic bag around it to prevent rubbing and scratching. This does not come with its own pouch!

Another great thing about this is you can use any lubricant you choose! I only need a tiny bit of lubricant with this piece and I find Liquid Silk gives it even more of a smooth slide.

It's a bit more bulky than my other glass toys since it has the clitoral arm and the handle is long. It stores just fine in the box it came in, but that takes up more space. I've been meaning to make a darn container for this. You could just place it in a bag though. This will store in an underwear drawer or toy box. It is not discreet, but lovely enough to leave out and look gorgeous if you don't mind others knowing what its purpose it.


Icicles No. 16 comes packaged in a tasteful black box with a magnetic door that opens to show a window view of the toy. The box is durable enough for storage, but like I said, takes up more space than the toy alone. I've kept it in the box and under my bed or in my closet.

The box has no trashy naked photos and looks somewhat elegant. It's pretty enough to give as a gift, but you may want to give it in private since the box shows photos of the toy. It's so beautiful though, that I've showed it off in my bedroom before.

The box says a bit about the toy and instead of labelling it a vibrator, it's referred to as a "massager." The only information included is on the box and it just mentions the same things I've talked about in this review such as the 10 functions, world's first glass vibrator, etc.
    • Good for storage
    • Very informative
    • Would make a nice gift


I've had Icicles No. 16 for about 5 months now and unfortunately, I rarely use it. In the beginning we would grab it in hopes of a better experience every time and it's never been anything besides frustrating or painful. I had such high hopes and was ecstatic to have bought this so it was a major let down. It's so pretty though that I have to keep giving it more chances.

The first time I turned on the bullet vibrator, my partner and I were flipping out! All that noise and jumping it does just amazes me. I think it would work for a few people though.

Since I also have Icicles No. 7, I had to compare the two as well as with the glass rotator. (Those two are my top favorites.) Icicles No. 7 is shaped like a traditional vibrator only with a beautiful clear ball for a handle and with purple bumps all over the shaft. I actually enjoy the bumps a lot, but they are very pronounced. That's why I was surprised that Icicles No. 16's swirls were so uncomfortable for me. I also love the swirls on the rotator so I'm not sure what it is with 16.

When only inserting the end of No. 16, it is somewhat pleasant and I have enjoyed my partner inserting it and instead of thrusting, moving it upward toward my G-spot. Those seem to be the only ways I can use 16 without discomfort.

I'm able to thrust and be quite rough with the rotator, but it is significantly shorter than No. 16. Twirling No.16 in the motion that the rotator is meant to be used can feel nice. Yes, I've tried very hard to like this!

One thing I have noticed with the Icicles line is that it does not look hand-blown at all. I noticed this because I've had such an interest in hand-blown glass since I was a kid and my mom bought me hand-blown glass jewelry. I admired it and began reading about it because I wanted to try it myself. So, I have quite the collection of hand-blown glass jewelry and decorative glass pieces and they look nothing like Icicles' "hand blown glass." I was comparing the look to a hand-blown glass perfume bottle I recently got as a gift from my partner and I'm almost positive that these dildos aren't hand blown. This may or may not be of any importance, but I thought I'd mention it.

If you look closely (you may even be able to see in my photos) the color on both Icicles (the purple bumpy dildo is No.7) looks almost painted on! It's streaky and in No.7 the purple bumps have little raised air bubbles that are rough to the touch. In all of my hand blown glass items, I've never seen the streaky look in the color or those awful bubbles. It makes them look cheap and kind of tacky. The reason it bugs me is because if it's truly not hand-blown then it seems it's some sort of paint and I'd like to know what kind of paint I'm putting in my cooter! I could very well be wrong about my suspicions, but I thought it was important to put it out there.
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