The super big man - prostate massager by Doc Johnson - review by ScottA

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Big, bumpy but easy to slide in

A highly stimulating large plug for advanced players. The Super Big Man is an afforable 100% silicone plug that's a cinch to take care of and slides into place very easily for its size. Downsides are minor and deal mainly with the base.
Silicone, surface and design make insertion easy for the size. Very stimulating.
Base can be difficult to clean and uncomfortable sometimes.
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extremely useful review
Doc Johnson has a number of toy families, with the same basic style repeated in three different sizes. The Super Big Man is the largest member of the “Man” line of plugs, joined by the full-sized 1-3/4” max-diameter “Little Man” and the aptly named 2-1/4” max-diameter Big Man.

The Super Big Man is downright gigantic, with a 2-1/2” diameter bulge riding on top of a 1-1/8” diameter neck. While a mere 1/4” boost in diameter may not sound like much, it is a noticeable increase. While not towering over the Big Man, the Super Big Man is an obvious jump in size.

While larger than either of its two siblings, the Super Big Man retains the essential design features of the family. A crooked tip, curvy body, and bulge located high up to rest against the prostate or G-spot are the features of the “front”, while the back has the three bumps that provide both stimulation and resting areas during insertion. The differences in stimulation are noticeable between the front and back, allowing you to have two different experiences depending on which side you have forward.

My first big surprise with the Super Big Man was not the size, though this is one big hunk of silicone (I have plenty of experience with large anal toys). My surprise was the ease with which I was able to get it in place. I was expecting between a half and one hour of play before I would be able to get the plug in, but I was able to slide it in within 7 minutes. Sure, I warmed up with toys beforehand, but I had never had a large plug go in this easily. The Super Big Man combines a long, tapered body (about 4” of length between the tip and the widest bulge when the plug is straightened out) with a smooth surface that is nice and slick when lubed. Even now I'm amazed at how easily I can pop it into place.

Once in place, the size of the Super Big Man makes it incredibly stimulating. Indeed, it's so big that it can easily become overstimulating. It's important to be careful when using a plug this large to ensure that you are comfortable and safe. While I wouldn't worry about this plug popping out unexpectedly during use, I still would hesitate to wear it anywhere that I couldn't readily remove it if it became too much. One other thing to keep in mind is that large plugs such as this one can make it difficult to urinate when they are inserted.

One of the few problems I found with the Super Big Man anally is connected to removing the plug. While the long body makes it easy to gradually insert the plug, removal requires that your anus open up very rapidly. It's important that you take your time removing the plug, especially if you've had it inserted for a while. Gradually letting your anus relax to allow the plug to exit is important otherwise you can injure yourself.

The other problem I found is the base. It's usually comfortable, but the circular base can press into the buttocks uncomfortably in certain situations, and it's difficult to figure out which part of the plug is to the front. I solved the second problem by cutting a flat side onto the base at the “front”, but an oblong base would make this plug much more comfortable for mid to long-term wear.

Since DJ makes this plug out of 100% silicone it's bodysafe and cleanup is a breeze. You can use many types of lubricant, including all water and oil based lubes (silicone lubes may or may not work, so be careful). Because of the size of the plug make sure that you use plenty of whatever lube you like. Cleanup afterwards is a breeze. I wash mine with soap and water and toss it in my toybox, but you can toss it in the dishwasher and/or sanitize it with boiling water or bleach. When cleaning be sure to pay close attention to the lettering in the base - it's deep and likes to pick crud up.

Don't stop at using this plug anally – if you or your partner are interested in trying vaginal use with a clean plug go ahead, as the curves can be equally pleasurable on the G-spot.
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