Hulk!... Stretch!!!

Trust me when I say this thing is going to be bigger than what you expect no matter what size comparisons or reviews you read. Once you have it in your hands, you might just be speechless. That said, this is the ultimate plug here on EdenFantasys for size King's and Queen's alike. The challenge and end result of this plug is a great experience I found after plenty preparation. This toy is most certainly worth it if you are looking for maximum prostate stimulation.
Great for size King's and Queen's, Max prostate stimulation.
Too big for most, uncomfortable for long periods of use, requires LOTS of warm-up.
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Hulk!... Stretch!!! Seriously they should make this plug in a green color and it will truly be the "Hulk" of butt plugs here on EdenFantasys. There is no joking or hiding the fact, this plug is simply HUGE!

The Super Big Man is a new addition from Doc Johnson that will allow the most advanced users out there to challenge its dominance over other plugs. It seems more suited for male anal play in maximum stimulation of the prostate however can easily be used by females for anal or vaginal use. I must warn anyone considering using this toy to really make sure you are up for the challenge. I myself have been using Super Big End by Doc Johnson as my extreme challenge plug. Transitioning from that to the Super Big Man has been a huge challenge; this is a good example of the overall size and challenge involved with this plug. If you can't already take something the size of the Super Big End then I doubt you will be able to use this new plug safely.

Thankfully there are two safety features with this plug that make it safe for anal use, that being it is a body safe material, but most importantly it has a firm flared based that takes effort to bend even using your hand. The worry in using this plug is the stretching involved; it is essentially as wide and round as a generic Great Value water bottle from Wal-Mart. You need to be completely relaxed and prepared for this with a lot of lubricant, patience, but most importantly is warm-up using other toys. The curved and slightly flared tip aids with insertion and really provides prostate stimulation accompanied with the three rounded bumps. I would imagine no kind of thrusting would be safe or comfortable; I have not attempted it myself.

One thing to remember is if you start feeling pain, you should stop immediately and apply more lube, relax a bit and try again, this is one toy you don't want to force in. The reward of being able to insert this plug inside of you?... Mostly the turn-on or the mental factor that you have something so big inside of you and stretching you. This is a huge turn-on for many people who are more prone to enjoy large toys. You can most certainly use this plug for temperature play, running hot or cold water over it will do the job. If you are considering partner play and/or sharing the toy between users, I would recommend the use of condoms to prevent the spread of bacteria.
  • Who / How / What
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    Who might this product be best for? How is it best used? What are the best circumstances or situations for using this product?
    • Advanced users only
    • Solo
    • Temperature play
  • Where
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    Where / what types of places can this product be used?
    • Anywhere
    • Campus/roommate living
    • Tub/shower/pool
  • Features
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    What kind of features does this product offer?
    • Anal safe base
    • Flared tip
    • Not travel friendly
  • Body / part areas
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    What areas on the body can this product be used / what areas does it stimulate best?
    • Anal
    • G-spot
    • P-spot

Material / Texture

This huge plug by Doc Johnson is made of their usual premium grade platinum silicone assuring a body safe material. With this high quality material you can feel comfortable in knowing that there are no harsh body harming chemicals, no latex, no phthalates and non-porous while being hypo-allergenic. With that being said, I have noticed a slight difference in the appearance and feel of the silicone in this plug. Understandably silicone toys can be made in various was based on different compositions and the amount of material used in construction, creating different formulas, various textures and density.

My collection of toys includes roughly 9 from Doc Johnson, 8 of 9 have almost the exact same appearance and feel to them, some examples are---The Original (pink), The Big End (purple) and finally The Super (blue). Each one of these toys has a near identical feel and appearance to them, a silver-pearl-like appearance and smooth-like feel that speak 'high quality silicone'.

The 9TH and most recent addition "The Super Big Man" seems to be very different than what I am accustomed to with Doc Johnson toys. I received the black color of this plug and it is different in a few notable ways in its appearance and feel. The first thing I noticed is that there is not an attractive appearance like with other toys from the same company. It is a semi-gloss black with no other shades or colors swirled in. It reminds me of black spray paint actually, rather dull and boring. Many years ago when I first started ordering toys from EdenFantasys I was inexperienced and chose the Classic Butt Plug Royal. At the time I did not realize how unsafe rubber material is, but this is a good example of how this new Super Big Man from Doc Johnson appears. The slight difference is that this one does not have as much of a glossy and reflective surface like the rubber 'Royal' plug. Don't let the rubber comparison scare you and all my other comments, this new plug is indeed silicone, I just wanted to point out how different it is from other toys from Doc Johnson. Another thing I'd like to note is that this particular plug is very firm and dense; there is little give to it, making it rigid and not very flexible at all.

When I first opened the toy up and held it in my hands I noticed the plug seems to feel slightly tacky on the surface and has a rather strong drag feel to it. In fact, the drag feel seems to be the strongest in any silicone toy I have ever used, I'd avoid allowing it to rub against any body hair as it can be uncomfortable and even hurt (without any lube that is). As far as odor goes when I first opened it up there was a slight silicone or plastic packaging odor. After a few washes and using the plug I have noticed that my lemon pomegranate pop scented soap leaves an odor on the plug. But thankfully, after using the plug anally I never notice any disconcerting odors lingering.

Finally, with each use of the plug I have been using Maximus water-based lube, I find it relatively easy to work with it and insert. The lube seems to stick well to the plug overall, but due to its size and extreme stretching when you insert it will work much like a squeegee, leaving only a very thin film of lube on the plug. Another thing to consider is your lube of choice, while you can use water, oil and silicone-based lubes, you should always do a test patch on your toy with each bottle of lube. Sometimes companies might change even one ingredient in the lube, which could on rare occasions react with the material and damage the toy.
    • Bumpy
    • Not porous at all
    • Sticky

Design / Shape / Size

Thankfully this plug does not carry the characteristics of Hulk himself in that he can get bigger and stronger. Non-the-less this plug is still huge regardless of how advanced you are. When I first opened it up I seriously thought there was no way I am going to get this thing inside of me. Having my doubts I still wanted to try, and in my use I found some nice features about the design.

Starting with the tip, I find it is one of the more beneficial features of the toy, the tip measures from 1 1/2" in length to 2" and allows for easier insertion. Without the tip, I would find this plug even harder to use, it allows a nice starting point in inserting the whole plug. However after the tip the plug quickly expands, after the first bump is inserted, the max diameter is almost 1 3/4". Pushing on forward and inserting as far as the second bump, you will have a maximum diameter of 2 1/4" to get that far. Finally to get all the way over the 3rd and final bump down to the neck, you will have to be able to handle a max diameter of 2 1/2" being fully inserted inside. That means for anal use, your sphincter will be stretched to 8" of circumference and 2 1/2" at the widest point.

The tip is designed mostly for prostate stimulation; you could rotate the plug 180 degrees so the 3 bumps are facing towards the prostate for less intense stimulation. In my experience, it does not matter how I use this plug as it is so big I feel a constant pressure on the P-spot. Overall I don't mind the design, I do find it easier to use vs. a classic style butt plug with one long continuous flared tip. In a couple of uses I did find that the overall size gave me the feeling that I had to pee. Ultimately I can only use this plug inserted all the way for very short periods of time, long periods of use are not comfortable for me with this kind of size.

On a side note, this is something new I am doing and adding to some of my reviews starting with this one. The product page specifies that the plug weighs around .5 lbs (8oz). But using a small food scale (yes it is accurate) I have mine weighed in at .75 lbs (12oz). So the plug has a fair amount of weight to it and it is noticeable when inserted, but I don't feel this adds any discomfort.

What better what to show you the size of the plug than to provide some pictures of it with some fairly universal items and also my own personal measurements. Also included are general size comparisons.

    • Advanced
    • Not discreet
    • Rigid.


This plug performed pretty much as I would have expected in the sense that it provides an extreme amount of stimulation, fulfillment and hitting the P-spot. Its size is what makes it so great and also so bad at the same time. I found no matter how many times I used the plug; I could not keep it fully inserted for more than a minute at a time. The grand size of this thing stretches the rectum greatly and goes in fairly deeply. While most of the time it felt good in short uses, sometimes it would give me the feeling that I had to pee.

Because it requires a lot of warm-up and preparation to fully insert, it can be tedious at times to work yourself into inserting it. But when the mood strikes and I want something really big, the Super Big Man performs superbly. It is unlike any other toy I have ever used and has been the most challenging yet. The base is really great because it is not easily flexible, making the plug hard to accidentally get sucked all the way in.
    • Girth
    • Prostate stimulation
    • Uncomfortable for long use.

Care and Maintenance

While I did mention that the material seems different than other Doc Johnson silicone toys, cleaning and maintaining this toy is still a cake walk. As usual with this type of premium silicone you can clean it in many ways. Some simple and fast ways are using toy cleaner or wipes, hand soap and hot water or you can even place it in the top rack of your dishwasher (not very discreet though). But to truly fully dis-infect your silicone toys, you could either boil them in water for at least 3 minutes, or place/wipe them with a 10% bleach solution.

Overall silicone is easy to take care of if you follow some simple steps to ensure a long life for them. First, keep them out of direct sunlight; a nice dark cooler area is ideal for storing. I recommend laying them on their side or in a way so they won't become misshapen over time. You can store them in zip lock bags, or other similar means, but I would avoid allowing them to literally touch and be stored against other toys maybe of silicone, jelly, rubber or other similar compounds. Toy melting can occur when these materials are touching for extended periods of time, literally they start to melt and bond together. In some cases this won't happen, when using 2 premium silicone toys from the same company with the same formula, but why take the risk?

As I mentioned earlier, you can generally use any lube with this type of silicone toy, however a test patch is recommended before use. Testing a small dab of lube on the underside of the base and letting it sit for a day will let you know if there will be any issues. Because of the material it is also a lint magnet, so before use I always like to rinse my toy off, don't want all that lint inside of me.
    • Can be disinfected
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


As usual from Doc Johnson this toy comes in the PVC number 3 clear plastic clam-shell packaging that is relatively easy to open and even store the toy in. However because of the type of plastic it is hard to recycle, most recycling facilities won't take this type of plastic. Personally I do not like to use the original packaging for Doc Johnson toys as it is fairly awkward and bulky to store. There is a thin cardboard insert inside the packaging that highlights the basic features of the toy, its use, material properties and also some basic company information that directs you to their website for more detailed care and maintenance.

Because the packaging is clear it easily shows what is inside making it far from discreet. It's also molded around the shape of the toy making it hard to wrap as a gift. Using a gift bag with tissue might be an easier option for gift giving. Personally I would like to see more sex toy manufacturers using the minimum amount of packaging for toys, or at least switching to a number 1 or 2 type of plastic that is easily recyclable.

    • Average information
    • Good for storage
    • Not easily recyclable

Personal comments

Why am I rating this toy 4 stars? Well simply because of how big it is. I really feel its overall size is at times too extreme and can be frustrating to get in. A lot of warm-up and time is required and I don't necessarily always have the patience for that. Also I really feel its appearance is a bit of a lackluster, semi-gloss black spray paint color? I guess when you are accustomed to the lovely colors and styles Doc Johnson usually offers you're kind of let down when you get this one. The other thing would be that I cannot use this toy for long term wear; it's short periods of insertion before having to remove it.


I'd like to share some of my experiences in the hopes that it will help anyone who decides also to use this toy. One of the first things I noticed when attempting to use this toy was the flared tip. After some warm-up and having plenty of lube ready to go, the flared tip was a breeze to insert. I was able to fairly quickly move past the tip and first ridge over to the second, at this stage all but the last ridge was inserted. Now I knew this would be a challenge so I positioned myself over the plug as it was resting on a vinyl floor. On my knees I lowered my body slowly down, allowing the weight of my own body to do a lot of the hard work, also working and relaxing my sphincter for it to be inserted. But, no matter how hard I tried I could just not get over that third and final ridge.

After my first attempt, I did realize that there is a fairly large spike in the girth trying to go over that final ridge. I decided to warm-up the next day for awhile, using various toys and plugs and working my way up to the Super Big End. After inserting that plug I wore it for as long as I can to provide the most warm-up I could get. I think in doing this it prepared me more not only physically but mentally. It was time for a second attempt at the Super Big Man.

Again, just like the first attempt I lowered myself down over the plug, on my knees and using my body to do the hard work. At this point I could very slowly start to work the plug inside in very small increments. I will say you can really feel things start to stretch at this stage, I'll be honest I was afraid of possible tearing or hurting myself. Because of that fear, I decided to stop, and repeat the process a few times rather than trying in one swift motion to insert the whole toy. Each time lowering more and more, feeling the stretching continue and my rectum filling up while the pressure against my prostate was really starting to come into play. During this whole time I was hard and extremely turned on at the thought of something so large about to be inserted inside of me. Then it happened... I went for one final attempt, lowering myself down, relaxing and working my muscles in just a way so finally that last ridge popped inside. There was some pain I will admit and the feeling of that huge plug being fully inserted was almost too much to handle. I knew I had to quickly remove it because I could feel pressure building and some discomfort.

The feeling of the plug on the second attempt was out of this world. Removing it the first time gave a sense of relief, but I knew I couldn't stop there. So I rested for just a moment to take everything into perspective and went at it again. Not taking as long this time I was able to insert the plug completely in with little pain and trouble. I repeated this act a few times, each time the plug was able to stay inserted for longer and longer. After some use though I suddenly started to have a feeling that I needed to pee, I'm assuming the size of this plug was probably pushing on my bladder.

Since receiving the plug and my first two attempts I have used it a few times, progressively each time it is only just slightly easier to use. However requires a lot of warm-up and preparation, even with that there are some days I just don't think my body can take it. I have not been able to leave it inserted for more than a minute and have not attempted much moving around. Sitting down with it was actually not too bad, I was able to relax more in some ways, but it did apply more pressure on the P-spot while sitting. I hope my experiences can help those of you who will use this toy to enjoy it and be able to insert it all the way.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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