Tristan 2 - butt plug by Vixen Creations, Inc - review by Red

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Double the Tristan is Double the Fun

This is a fantastically shaped large sized plug, that is gentle on the ass, and is a great warm-up for bigger things to come. Note, you can't will your ass to be ready for this plug, you need to warm up adequately.
This is a brilliantly designed, large sized plug, made of silicone.
This is a large toy, and is only for those that are ready to leave the “medium” category for plugs.
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Tristan Taoramino is, perhaps, the reigning queen of anal goodness. Her classic Tristan plug design is offered here in a larger size – for the anal aficionados among us who aspire to greater arenas of fullness and dilation. The Tristan 2 plug is designed to be an advanced butt plug, but there's no reason you couldn't use this plug vaginally as well. It is short and stout, but wide, so it would be a perfect toy to use along the way to a goal like vaginal fisting, or if your male partner's pop can width member is wider than you're accustomed to. Practice, of course, always makes perfect.

Material / Texture

The Tristan 2 is made form beautiful Vixen Creations silicone. Vixen's silicone is always pillowy soft – your fingers will depress the surface ever so slightly with even the gentles of grasps. Despite being soft, this silicone is non-the less smooth and glassy, making the plug seem a little bit like a marshmallow that's been sucked slick.

Design / Shape / Size

This plug is a scale up from the Tristan anal plug, also from Vixen Creations, which diverges from classic anal plugs in its obscenely malformed penis-type design. Instead staying in place by virtue of a small neck between a quick taper and a wide flared base, the Tristan design emphasizes an elongated neck and only a moderately and gently bulging head, coupled with a base that gets grabbed by the butt cheeks and held in place.

This is an incredibly intelligent design for a butt plug – it accepts that in the throes of amazing pleasure muscles often dilate and pulsate, requiring a range of distance for the neck to move, while thinking about using the way the butt muscles (as I mean ass cheek here) clench when contracted as a way of keeping the plug in place.

Smart design is always sexy, right?


This is a large plug, make no mistake about it, but amazingly, it is really much less challenging than other plugs with the same diameter but different shapes/materials. If you can comfortably do a “classic shaped” medium sized plug with a diameter of 1.75” - this plug is well within your reach, for sure. If you're currently good closer to 1.5 inches, this plug does NOT offer a graduated taper, and is not appropriate as a next step upwards (but hey, your fingers can most certainly bridge that gap).

The elongated and wide neck keeps your ass more open while the plug is in place, ensuring that the relation that was done in order to accommodate the plug is kept up (instead of lost around a smaller neck). The coolest thing about the Tristan design is the base. My ass can grab and hold this base, negating any worry I might have, at shooting this plug out in the face of pleasure. Brilliantly, this also makes this plug completely suitable for wearing out and about in the world. It is easy to clench your ass cheeks to keep it firmly in place, and the base nestles snugly in a way that is completely hidden beneath even tight pants.

Care and Maintenance

Being that this plug is silicone, it is non porous, and can be effectively sanitized via boiling, dishwasher, or 10% bleach solution soaking if you wish to share it, or perhaps use it vaginally as well as anally. Otherwise, a good soap and watering will keep this plug happy and ready for action. Silicone is notoriously “hair magnetic” and this plug is no exception. Keep it in its included case, or in some sort of bag to keep it pet-hair and dust free. And of course, don't use silicone lube with this silicone toy.


The Tristan 2 comes in a hard, clear plastic case that is almost a cube, but is just a bit taller. This case is incredibly sturdy – the plastic is so hard, it will not pucker no matter how hard you try. Very nice, and very impressive, as sex toy cases go.
Follow-up commentary
The only real complaint I have about the Tristan2, at this point, is the fact that there is no "Tristan1.5" or (dare I say it) 2.5 or 3...

You see, the Tristan plug is very small, and the Tristan2 is big. It's a big jump for me to take, and frankly, the Tristan buttplug design is my all time favorite and so I selfishly want more sizes.

Why is it my all time favorite? Basically, as covered in my review, it's shape/design is such that it stays put and yet feels totally fabulous. It's near perfection, and its delicious that the Tristan2 is so decidedly big, because it is really nice to have a plug this diameter that feels so danged good during insertion, sex, and everyday wear.
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  • ScottA
    I like the sucked marshmallow analogy.

    The potential for discreet wear seems to depend a bit on body type - if I were to put the Tristan II in and wear it with tight dress pants it would definitely show on me. Jeans would probably be doable, as would baggy pants with tight underwear.
  • V.T.T
    Awesome review. Thanks!
    I want this plug...badly! Ohhh so badly!
  • mllebeauty
    I agree...big want! Thanks for the review.
  • MagicVibe
    nice review!
  • Sexy Seth
    Sounds like a good toy. Gotta have. Nice review, thanks
  • starklover
    Thank you
  • permitdrab
    Helpful review that helps me determine the goals this plug would assist me in accomplishing.
  • godweensatan
    good review
  • xjonxthexgreenx
    thanks for the review
  • Toy Fiend
    Fab review!
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