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Tristan II is a big plug that works well for long term or short term use. The long neck aids retention, making this a big plug that you can use with confidence. It's made of soft, comfortable silicone and is designed to stimulate in a number of ways.
Soft silicone, stays in well, base picks up your movements, adding to the stimulation.
This plug gets big fast.
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The Tristan II is the second result of the collaboration between Vixen Creations and Tristan Taormino, and the it's a good large-diameter plug that's very different from most other large plugs. While most big plugs provide a large bulge that fills up the rectum, the Tristan series are short and devote a large chunk of their length to a long neck, almost 2” of neck on the Tristan II. The long neck and short body makes for a very different “butt feel” when the Tristan II is inserted, but also make retention easy.

The long neck is a big factor in the unique feel of the Tristan. The neck length on most plugs corresponds closely with the length of the anal canal, providing a tight fit. The Tristan's long neck provides more of a looser fit, so if you're familiar with the classic plug fit you might worry that the Tristan II will pop out for a while. You don't need to – the head is well designed and does its job well, holding the Tristan II in securely until you take it out. In my tests, the Tristan II stayed in through several rounds of “squat and cough”, a feat matched by few other large plugs.

I was initially concerned with the base, which Is fairly large and built like a circle with two bites out of it. I was concerned it would poke and chafe. Once I opened the package and felt Vixen's soft silicone I realized I didn't have to worry about poking, and once I got the Tristan II where it belongs I realized that this base was built big for a reason. The cutouts allow the base to sit comfortably between the cheeks, cradling the lower buttocks. When you move, the base picks up movement from the legs, translating it into twists and wiggles of the Tristan, a highly pleasant and stimulating experience. The size of the base makes it visible under tight clothing, though, so it should be worn with baggy pants if you're going to be out in public while wearing the Tristan II.

The Tristan II is not only for long term wear, it's good for other types of play as well. While the design isn't ideal for thrusting play where it's completely removed and reinserted, the neck allows for about 1/2” of thrusting play with the head inserted, and if you're male you can be happy that the Tristan II is long enough to graze the prostate when fully inserted.

Tristan II is easy to take care of and safe, too. The slightly phallic bump-on-a-stick design is rendered in Vixen's soft swirly 100% silicone, so it can be cleaned and sterilized in many ways, as well as used with many different oil or water based lubes.

There's only one problem with the Tristan II. It's a big plug – 2-1/8” across at the bulge, and the short body means that it gets wide fast. You'll probably want to get another toy that tapers gradually to use as a warm up to the Tristan.

The Tristan II is a great toy for those who are more advanced. It offers a different and pleasant feel in a plug that's secure enough for long-term wear.
I was excited to get my Tristan II in the mail. After opening it, I couldn't help but stop and squish the toy in my hand, as the Vixen silicone is very pleasantly squishy. I lubed up and started to pop it in, but to my disappointment my anus refused to cooperate. While I'm sure I could have been patient and relaxed myself using the Tristan, patience is not always one of my virtues when testing sex toys so - off to the toybox for my Tantus Ringo. A few minutes relaxing around the Ringo and the Tristan popped in without any problems. The long neck felt a bit weird, as the base hung down far enough to not make contact with my cheeks, but I was rapidly reassured that the Tantus II was very much at home inside me and not going anywhere.

Interested to see how the Tristan looked from the back I got up to walk to the mirror. I immediately discovered the virtues of the Tristan's base as my legs fit neatly against it, causing the plug to stir gently in my insides.
After taking the long way to the mirror, I admired the purple base projecting from my stuffed ass. Bending over to take a look caused the base to move up to the middle of my bum, the purple framed by my buttocks. For some reason, the picture in the mirror reminded me of a target, which set off a train of thought: what if the base of the Tristan was in fact a target? An experimental spank tested this, and was followed by many more experimental spanks. When hit, the Tristan was pressed up until it grazed my prostate, while the cutouts in the side of the base allowed the spank to stimulate my buttocks as well. It was fantastic, and I'm sure I (or my partner) could have spanked me to orgasm.

My wife doesn't know about this yet - I'm keeping it a secret for now. But part of me is thinking that I might be a bad boy at some point in the near future. Until then, I can always take Tristan for a walk.
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