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Go Wild With Thrusting Abandon!

The Brass Knuckles butt plug is a gorgeous and wild anal plug, with unique color and styling. The handle allows for easy gripping during thrusting. The toy could be a bit firmer, but overall does its job. This plug can also be used vaginally for adventuresome thrusters, with it’s generous width. Fans of large anal toys will enjoy the sizing and control.
Made of silicone, good handle for thrusting, fantastic color and pattern.
Toy could be a bit firmer, only comes in one size, may be too large for some.
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The Brass Knuckles Butt Plug from Topco and Burning Angel Toys, is intended for anal play. It has a handle with four holes for you to slip your fingers into, which allow for thrusting play without worrying about hanging onto the plug when it’s slippery from lube. The “brass knuckles” fit most finger sizes, although they are probably easier to fit to a medium to large hand. They are made of silicone like the rest of the toy (and in fact are seamlessly attached to the plug), and have some give to them so you can get a handle on the situation. They are a bit softer than I'd like, but they work well. The knuckle base is large enough to make it safe for anal use.

Anally this plug is best used after warm-up, because it is big. Really big. Your eyes may say "Yes, yes, yes!" when they set sight on this beauty, but your butt may shrink in fear. Be prepared.

The plug is also large enough to use vaginally, and your partner can thrust without fear of losing his grip on the toy.

This toy is easier to use with a partner to get the full effect of the knuckles. They are hard to grasp effectively during solo anal play, although they work fairly well for vaginal use.

Material / Texture

The Brass Knuckles butt plug is made from ultra smooth 100% medical grade silicone, so it’s nonporous, phthalates-free, latex free, and hypoallergenic. It is odorless and tasteless right from the box. The box also touts it as waterproof, but as there’s no motor, no batteries, and no holes in the material except for the knuckle openings, that seems obvious.

This is not a realistic plug, unless you happen to have a pink and black tiger-striped partner. The material is soft, and the entire plug has a lot of give to it, although it is firm enough for entry.

Design / Shape / Size

I absolutely love the design of this plug. The color is fabulous, in a pink and black tiger-striped pattern. The base is quite novel. Instead of the standard flared end most butt plugs have, the base on this toy has a brass knuckle shape with four holes to slip your fingers into. The holes are a bit stretchy, and about 3/4” across. If your fingers are really wide, you may have some difficulties slipping them into this down to your knuckle, but otherwise it should fit fine.

The plug is 8” long overall, with about 5 1/2" insertable. The tip is 3/4" in diameter, which increases to a generous 2” before tapering down to the 1 1/4" neck. The base flares out to about 4”, so there’s no danger of this slipping in farther than intended. A seam runs all the way around the toy, but it can’t be felt.

This is probably a bit large for the novice and casual user, and better for more experienced users.

The Brass Knuckles plug is safe for travel, as it isn’t powered. I would pack it in my checked luggage, however - I'd hate to have security pull this out and wave it around.


The best thing about this toy is its handle. I've never seen a toy with a base design quite like this, and I wish other anal and vaginal toys had something like this. It makes control and thrusting so much easier! You don't have to worry about this toy getting away from you or whomever is using it on you.

The coloring of this toy is also fantastic. I don't care for realistic toys, and the pattern of the pink and black stripes is really wild. This plug could be just a bit stiffer to make insertion and thrust control easier.

Care and Maintenance

This plug is made of silicone, so it is easy to care for. Its surface repels dirt and bacteria. Silicone is non-porous, and can be disinfected by boiling or running it through the dishwasher (top rack only). It can also be cleaned with soap and warm water or toy cleaner.

This toy doesn’t come with a storage bag and doesn’t stand up due to the design of its base. It can be stored in a bag away from toys of other materials.

A condom should be used if this plug is going to be shared, or used both vaginally and anally in the same session. Only water-based lubricants should be used.


The Brass Knuckles butt plug comes in an easy-to-open blister pack, with the toy clearly visible on both sides. Inside is a colorful information sheet with blurbs about the product.

Personal comments

My first thought when I saw this was “Wow – that is awesome!” The color and pattern are unique to anything I’ve seen. This plug really makes a statement! As funny as this will sound, it reminded me of my dorm room my first year in college (which was actually inspired by a frat house bathroom).

I wish the toy was a bit less flexible, but I like the softness of the material and the design of the handle.


My second thought when I held this in my hands was “Wow – this is enormous!”. It really is, with a 2” diameter. I honestly didn’t know how far in this was going to go. My eyes were definitely bigger than my butt.

My husband and I did a lot of warm-up preparation before he tried to insert this. I couldn’t get it anywhere close to all the way in, but the plug, sufficiently lubricated, felt slick and smooth as my husband guided it in and out. He liked the handle a lot – one of his biggest complaints with my toys is that they don’t have anything good to hold onto, and he loses his grip. That’s not a problem with this toy. He thought the holes were a little snug, but he was able to grasp the handle and work the plug in and out effectively.

We decided to try this vaginally as well, so after a trip through the dishwasher we lubed it up again. I liked the girth of this bad boy. The 2” was immensely filling, and even though this toy is only 5 1/2" insertable, it felt pretty good. I was also able to manipulate it myself without too much problem.

My husband really liked the idea for the base, as it helped keep control of the toy. Just a bit less flexibility and it would totally rock.
Follow-up commentary
The base on this toy is probably the best we've used for thrusting control. While I wish the toy itself was smaller since I can't take it all the way in anally, the base makes it easy for my husband to grasp and manipulate this. We've found it to be a great preparation toy for anal sex.

The color is also fantastic - I would love to have more toys in a wild pattern like this!
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  • Dick-n-Jane
    Great review Sammi! It occurs to me that this toy, rather than requiring a warm-up, would be a good thing to warm up with. No? It appears tapered enough to act as a suitable probe.

    The Ass Knuckles are now on my wish list. Thanks!!
  • Sammi

    It's really both ways for me. I typically need a warm up to use it, and then it's a good warm up for later activity Smile.
  • mikebooks
    Great review! This toy looks really good. I am really waiting for this one
  • Sammi
    Thank you!

    I really wish more toys came with a base like, or similar to this. I think you'll like this one if you get it
  • ichwillwaffels
    So much detail! Great review!
  • Sammi
    Thank you!
  • Tart
    Sorry, but this thing is fucking epic. Great review.
  • Sammi
    That's one way to describe it
    Thank you!
  • Midway through
    This looks so cool!
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