Gumdrop anal plug sex toy review

Great beginner plug, especially for those who are "afraid" of anal play!

If you're an experienced user, you may not find this plug as satisfying as others. You'd probably be best served to look at other, larger plugs with a wider diameter and longer base.
Ease of use, great size for a beginner, perfect diameter for a beginner
2nd ridge could have been slightly larger to hold it in place better.
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useful review
This is a great plug for a beginner|Gumdrop anal plug or a couple wanting to experiment with anal play. My girlfriend hasn't exactly been comfortable with anal activity in the past, but she actually had a lot of fun with this little plug the very first time. So much so that she wanted to leave it in during sex! This plug might actually serve as a better substitute than actual anal intercourse for those that find anal sex difficult with their partner, or better yet, as a form of double penetration as it did for us, without being "too much".

After applying a generous amount of desensitizing lube|Anal eaze - Desensitizing lube by Pipedream, the bulb on the tip of plug slides in very easily. From there, after slowly inserting the plug further, the first ridge holds the plug in place very nicely. Then, after further inserting the plug to the second ridge and all the way to the base, wait for the groans of excitement!! There is not much room between the second ridge and the base of the plug so it does move around somewhat but it wasn't that big of an issue.

At times during sex, it did have a tendency to want to "pop" out, but only slightly over the second ridge. This would be our ONLY complaint, but it really isn't even fair to call it a complaint because my girlfriend absolute loved this little guy. Frankly, I was a little surprised that she liked it so much! We've tried several different anal encounters by several different methods and this one, by far, was enjoyed the best, by both of us! I think we may even graduate up a notch on the totem pole of anal plugs|Anal Toys.

Also, the plug has a nice rigidity to it while being somewhat flexible at the same time. Get a good desensitizing lube|Adam & Eve anal lube - Desensitizing Lubricant to go along with it and you'll be good to go.
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  • Contributor: Essin' Em
    We HIGHLY recommend against using anal (or for that matter, oral) desensitizing lube.  If it doesn't feel good without it, you shouldn't numb yourself.  Rather, add more regular lube, make sure you're actually ready for it and relaxed, and if needed, try a smaller toy.

    Also, don't forget that if you're sharing an anal toy that isn't sterilizable, you should always use a condom :) 
  • Contributor: Dame Demi
    Very pretty color, and a good price for a beginning plug.  Just would prefer something without that tendency to want to "pop out."
  • Contributor: Cock Wrangler
    Get more good lube- try Maximus or Probe- and get rid of the desensitizing cream. There are any number of health risks that accompany use of such creams.

    The popping-out issue is not uncommon- look for plugs with wider girth in the middle that still taper down a fair amount towards the base. 
  • Contributor: garoovin
    As I stated, my girlfriend is becoming braver by the minute :) so we might lose the desensitizing lube shortly.  Thanks for the input! 
  • Contributor: The Experimenter
    As I stated, my girlfriend is becoming braver by the minute :) so we might lose the desensitizing lube shortly.  Thanks for the input!
  • Contributor: Nashville
    Desensitizing lube has been discontinued on EdenFantasys. If it hurts that's a good thing, it's letting her know something isn't right.
  • Contributor: Research
    The lack of a narrow neck at the base, as well as the circular shape of the base cause it to want to pop out. It's not the best plug for wearing around.
  • Contributor: maebey
    thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: BadgersRose
    Good 1st review.
  • Contributor: Blooddragon
    Great review!
  • Contributor: briluminary
    good review!
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    Great review, thanks...
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    Thanks for the review!
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    Thanks for the review.
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    Thanks for the review.
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    Great review, thank you!
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