Men's pleasure wand - sex toy by Doc Johnson - review by Jackrabbit

Interesting, but could be better.

If you know exactly how to stimulate your prostate and want a waterproof, vibrating toy, this is the one for you. Otherwise, you'd be better off with something along the lines of the Aneros.
Powerful 4-step vibration.
Relatively quiet.
Very, very rigid.
Can be hard to use without prostate knowledge.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
Let's get this out of the way: I have not mastered my prostate. I purchased this toy with the intent of learning what a prostate massage could do for me, and toys like this don't really come with instructions. And honestly, it should, because this specific toy can be hard to use without any previous knowledge or experience.

First of all, the Men's pleasure wand is rigid. There's really no flexibility in the bottom or the top of the massager's tip. It almost feels like a tough plastic than rubber. Thankfully, this gives it no strong smell out-of-the-box like some other toys. Because the toy is built like this, it's also waterproof (control included, though I haven't had the nerve to totally submerge that part) which is nice when you want to play with it in the shower or tub, though that certainly ups the noise level when it's in water. This is also a great toy to start out with when trying anal, because it's a graduated width increase.

As for the vibration, having the choice of four levels vibration is really, really nice. When just starting out, the first setting is great - I found the fourth setting to be just at the peak of what I was comfortable in feeling, it's not overpowered at all, but still remains strong. It's hardly noisy, except in water, since the bullet will usually be inside of you, your body will dampen most of the noise that this toy emits, even on the strongest setting.

Cleaning this toy is pretty simple, and there's not a whole lot to worry about when taking care of it (like you might have to with a CyberSkin product) so there's not a lot of need for corn starch or other products to keep it soft and smooth.

But it does have its downfalls. One being that yes, it has a ring for your finger to hold in, but you have to.. hold it in. Constantly, unless you sit on it, and it's not a comfortable seat. Your arm must be kept under or behind you at all times if you have strong muscles that clench on it. It can slip out pretty easily. That's where products like the Aneros really wins out, since there are two positions for that toy to be in: in or out. There's really no in-between.

My other beef is more personal, that if you don't really know what you're doing with prostate massages, you might find this toy to be a tad lackluster. Read up on prostate massage (while trying to keep the excitement of MEGA SUPER ORGASMS to a minimum) and really take the time to discover your body before placing all the hype on a toy like this. Not everyone's body is the same! It's easier to find your prostate yourself, then find out how much of this toy should be inside of you to stimulate it. You might not feel it your first time through.

I think that this toy isn't the instant-gratification that other toys could be, but it has its potential. With time, you (and me, perhaps in a follow-up!) can learn to use this toy to cause those massive orgasms you read about. Take your time!
Upon further tinkering with this toy, I realize that this p-spot massager might not even be molded correctly for the majority of men who use it - many report having problems finding/reaching the prostate with this toy as compared to other p-spot massagers. It seems like quite a toss-up!
Follow-up commentary
After a day of going back and trying a few of my toys, I still cannot endorse this one. I've found that many men simply do not get the same pleasure out of this product, that they'd get out of a higher quality toy such as the Aneros; and I'm one of them!

The biggest beef I had with this product (barring its rigidity), was the fact that you have to hold it in! The base isn't tapered thinner so it could be used hands free, so one hand will always be behind you. A lot of the fun of prostate massage is that many toys allow you to do it hands-free, and this isn't one of them.

The vibration is still powerful, but it just doesn't hit the right spots. There are better toys out there for that. I still love the fact that this toy is waterproof, making it fun in the tub or shower, but it just doesn't do its job otherwise.
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  • Not Here Anymore f/k/a Happy Lady
    Since this cannot be sterilized you may want to use a condom on it, which will inhibit the growth of bacteria that even a good cleaning cannot get.

    Thanks for your honest review.
  • Carrie Ann
    Odd that it's so rigid when it looks so much like the softer jelly toys. A shame it's not as useful as it appears it would be. Sad face
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Why is this louder in water?
  • Jackrabbit
    Adriana: That's just how my bathroom's built, I suppose. The tub isn't solid, and is a fiberglass shower/tub combo - so the echo through the tub and the echo through the bathroom ends up with a very loud toy!
  • underHim
    Thanks for the review.
  • Andrey2052
    Thanks for the review!!
  • DiamondKoala
    Thanks for the helpful review, too bad it did not work as well for you.
  • Bi-Pedal Draon
    Thank you so much for the dedicated, detailed, and helpful review.
  • DemonSlayer
    Gracious for the review!
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