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I believe this toy is worth trying...beginner or experienced. It just takes time to get used to and may not work for all users depending on your build. Overall impression is good, just needs some re-working of the hardness and angle of the probe. It's not the best prostate toy on the market but it works for the most part. Would I suggest it? Probably not. There are better ones out there. For G-Spot, if you like a small probe...yes. My wife is very small and this hit her spot perfectly.
Easy to clean, powerful vibrations. Good for G-Spot.
Very hard material, does not give at all.
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The toy is originally designed for prostate massage...although we discovered another use for it... that being for her G-Spot. I purchased this toy maybe about two years ago. I tried it once and that was it for me... it's sat in our toy bag ever since. First impression, I seriously did not like it. (I have changed my initial impression since then and just recently). I have also only used this solo, but we have been texting back and forth today and my best friend (wife) has plans for me and this toy tonight. I can't wait!

Material / Texture

The toy is made of rubber... a very HARD rubber in fact. This was the first thing I did not like about the toy and still have some reservations of just how hard it feels. Beginners should take caution while inserting this toy for the first time, in my opinion, due to the rigidity of the toy itself. The texture of the toy is very smooth although the toy came with a very noticeable outline of the manufacturing mold throughout the entire centerline of the toy. This had to be removed carefully without damaging the toy or digging into the rubber making it worse. The manufacturer should really make sure this is removed before sending out as a "finished' product. To some users, this could cause irritation to sensitive tissues within the anal cavity.

It also had a horrible, chemical like smell to it after opening. After 2 years it is still there somewhat but not as noticeable.

Design / Shape / Size

Initially, I disliked the design very much and still do somewhat. I feel that the probe end does not employ enough curvature to hit the prostate correctly, at least not in my own body. If the probe end curved more, I think this would be an outstanding toy. Also, to widen the probe end just a little. If just the probe is inserted and then the toy angled away from you, it hits it nicely but then that takes practice and you must hold it there manually.

The bullet is centered and in good position for this toy. you can feel the vibes throughout the entire body of the toy. The finger ring is a great idea and helps you hold onto it even while covered in lube. The scrotum "hook" as I call it was a great idea. It sits perfectly on the perineum and sends vibrations to your prostate from the outside.

9.21.09 Update to Original Review: The circumference of the small ripples on the end probe is 2.5" and the diameter is 3/4". Circumference of the main body (where the bullet is housed) 3.5" and the diameter is right at 1" across. Wanted to add this info for anyone curious about the girth and size. Also, the length of the power cord from control unit to toy is 27"L. Decent length for placing control unit where you want it.


The vibration and control unit is great. From a mild vibe to a pretty strong one (the stronger the better for me personally) With me, I enjoy a mild vibration until I get very aroused and then to hit the "nitrous" button (full strength vibe) at the point of orgasm. The control unit has an up and down arrow for speed control. The vibration speeds are a steady vibe at all speeds. It's easy to manipulate, so if you hit too strong of a vibration, just hit the down arrow and it returns to the previous setting.

Care and Maintenance

Very easy cleaning! I do suggest the use of a condom as the rubber I assume may be porous. I wash with hot water, soap and then finish with a rubbing alcohol bath. the toy is waterproof to which you can boil as well.

Update to Original Review: We wanted to add some info on the control unit. It runs on (2) AA batteries. Take care in the handling of the unit by not letting it dangle by the power cord alone, it does have some weight to it. We made this mistake by letting it fall off the bathroom sink counter. it's still in good working order but the cord has started to separate at the point of entry to the battery pack. The cord is constructed with 2-stranded wired conductors (2C) inserted into a hollow outer jacket. The outer jacket pulled loose, so now we have the 2C exposed at the top of the unit. They are jacketed individually, so no shorts... yet. I see that it's only a matter of time before the remainder pulls out. Looks like I need to perform surgery and fix this problem!


Nice packaging, can be used as storage. No instructions were included with the toy.

Personal comments

I think that by adding some variable vibrations, escalating type would be grand.


Since my 1st experience, I decided to give this toy another go... several times because it has the vibration strength I look for. I wanted to give it another chance. I knew that I could find a better way to use it. I started by using just the probe to massage my prostate. Once my arousal state becomes a much higher state is when I will fully insert the toy... carefully as explained earlier, I just feel some damage could be done due to how rigid this thing is. I have found that if I sit in a comfortable chair, the toy fully inserted to the point that the scrotum massager is pressed firmly against my perineum, and by undulating my hips slightly while squeezing my PC muscles... that is the ticket. The slight undulation makes the probe touch and massage my prostate. Without that, the probe is completely missing it. It produced a nice long orgasm and plenty of ejaculate. I definitely want to try this tactic while receiving oral from my wife, I think that would surely raise my overall review.

We tried this toy with my wife last weekend for her G-Spot. It worked wonderfully! She had one of the strongest G-Spot O's she's ever had. I used another vibe on her clitoris while she controlled this toy. If you have one of these try this together!
Follow-up commentary
Update: We tried this toy yesterday morning together as a "couples' toy as stated in my original review as an added item to our "To Do" list. The experience has surely upgraded my liking to the toy but I still have the same reservations pertaining to my cons and certain aspects of its design. Hopefully, the technique I applied with my wife helps current couple owners of the toy or those of you considering trying this toy together. If I may explain our experience...

My wife performed a seductive foreplay with the toy, by turning the unit on the lowest setting and giving me a nice vibe massage around my genitals as she began a slow oral technique of hers. She graduated to moving the end of the probe to my anus (with lubrication added) as she continued her oral pleasures. This I have never experienced before, so it was quite a new sensation that I really enjoyed. With the combination of receiving oral and the vibrations massaging the outer anus, it really got the sphincter nerves to a new height of sensitivity. It did not take very long until I was ready for toy insertion. She inserted the toy slowly and with my guidance settled the toy fully inside me with the "hook" resting but with a firm pressure on my perineum. She continued oral as I began clitoral stimulation on her with the Lucid Dream #14 as we were in a spooning/69 type position. She was clearly "visibly" aroused by our new venture. I began my slight hip undulation as explained in my review and this created a superior sensation. It was only moments before she climaxed. At this point, my mind was spinning on what to do next. I decided upon having her get on top of me, then bending down to where we could kiss with her laying on my chest.

I crossed my legs tightly as to "hold" the toy in, because it did try to slip out twice. By my crossing my legs, it held the toy in perfectly. I had her remain still as I undulated my hips and penetrated her with slow thrusts. As I did this, the underside of my inner thighs assisted in keeping the toy stationary...BUT...with my slow thrusts and the toy stationary...this caused a thrusting of the toy unto me. (if that makes sense and hopefully I am explaining it to where I can "paint" the picture for you). At this point the vibration level was turned up to the maximum level. I swear that this combination of my thrusting into her and the toy thrusting unto me produced probably the strongest orgasm I have felt in a long time if not the best ever. Upon hitting the maximum strength level on the toy, my orgasm came within seconds. My wife told me that my whole entire body trembled in which she never felt before.

The sensation in my anus/pelvic floor during this orgasm is literally indescribable in words. (Sorry...LOL) I can say that, this sensation has definitely pushed my desire to the highest level in wanting to try one of the couples toys such as the Tango or similar...ooohhhhhh yessss!

If you're a single male, I would try this technique in combination with a toy such as the Fleshlight

We'd love to hear from you if you try this technique and how it worked for you. (We did this again Sunday and we had the same awesome experience!)
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    Made for a man, but strong enough for a woman
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