Unisex douche - anal kit by Pipedream - review by AmethystQueen

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It Works, But OUCH!

This anal/douche system is pretty good for a beginner. I only wish the anal nozzle tip was a bit fatter so that it wouldn't poke or stick you anywhere while inserting. Once inside though, the width is minimal and won't cause any discomfort.
Good enough to start with, holds a good amount of water, works fine for minimal use
Cheap construction, suction cup doesn't work, very thin anal nozzle
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Unisex Douche

This enema/douche kit is probably best for beginners in solo enema play, or those who want to clean out every once in a while.

The kit can be used by yourself with some minor irritations, such as having to reach behind you to turn the switch and let the water flow. I wish that there was an easier way to get the water to flow.

This kit can also be used with a partner administering the enema. In that case, the enema seems a bit easier to use, as one person is solely focused on handling the kit while the one receiving the enema can just try to relax.

The packaging says this enema kit can be used by both sexes, so you should be covered there as well. There's only one place for the anal nozzle to go!

For women who would like to use this kit as a vaginal douche, there's a vaginal attachment so you don't have to double up on the anal attachment (Ew!).

The bag and handle can fold up, and the bag can fold around the handle for easy storage. The hose can coil up easily around itself and become smaller to fit into a small space. The anal or vaginal attachment can stay on and just hang out in the middle of the coiled hose when storing everything. It's awkward to hold everything together, and it's difficult to make sure the bag and handle stay folded while the hose stays coiled up to put it in a bag. Once it is as compacted as it can get, it's easy to pack away somewhere.
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Material / Texture

Edge of plastic bag

Not meaning to beat a dead horse, but I just have to show you how the edging looks on this plastic enema bag. It looks like it was cut in a very rigid way or with little to no care for clean, sharp edges. That bothers me a bit as well. It just shows me that this kit is the bare essentials with absolutely NO extras. Be warned, everyone!

This bag is plastic, but it doesn't look like it's going to last very long. It reminds me of really cheap hospital-grade equipment. For those into the medical fetishes, this may greatly appeal to you. For those that just want a quality enema kit that they can use again and again, this is probably not the one for you.

Everything is plastic and I suspect that's why the hose attachment unscrews very easily. The anal and vaginal nozzles used to insert the hose into your body are plastic, which makes it feel hard and maybe a bit scratchy.

The bag is the part that emanates the strongest smell of plastic. Even after washing, it still smells like that. It's just the cheap type of plastic that's used, so I doubt you're ever going to be able to get around that. Again, for those in the medical fetishes, this may be a huge turn-on and work to enhance the whole enema experience. For everyone else, it just may be stinky.
    • Cheap material
    • Strong odor
    • Rigid

Design / Shape / Size

Enema Kit Measurement

The plastic bag that holds the liquid is shaped like a rectangle with a gathered bottom.

The system for keeping track of how much liquid you're using is a bit flawed. There are only numbers on the side of the plastic bag that are raised from the plastic. It is a bit hard to see as everything is the same color. The blue color of the bag is a bit dark, so if you have eye troubles seeing how much you're using may be a pain.

Another thing is that the unit of measurement is missing from the numbers. For those not used to using enemas, it may take a little investigation to determine exactly how much you can fill this up or how much you have used already. The numbers roughly coincide with 2 cup intervals (when I measured it was slightly over the number marked on the bag). Altogether, 8 cups fits snugly (up to the brim) in this enema bag. This is serious design flaw in my opinion. It's very important to me to know exactly how much fluid I'm using or has been used already. There's no way to tell that, especially if you don't just dump the whole thing inside of you. I had to stop a few times during my first ever enema and I had no clue how much I had taken already and how much was left. I just knew that the water was at the 2, then at the 1/2 then at the 1 and finally gone. Those numbers have no correlation with reality, so it boggles my mind why they're there.

Enema Kit Bracket

The enema kit isn't made of the best materials as it doesn't look very durable, but perhaps, on second inspection, it's not that bad.

This bracket that holds the water bag looks like it'll break easily from the weight, but it is actually quite sturdy. The plastic is thick enough to hold the weight of the liquid in the bag when filled all the way to the top. The bracket goes all around the top of the bag, so there's plenty of support for the weight of the liquid.
Enema Hose Attachment

As if it needed it, there is one more design flaw that could get on your nerves. The hose attachment screws onto the bottom of the bag, but it doesn't seem to lock into place at all. The attachment can easily slip and start unscrewing, especially if you keep the kit all coiled up and compact. You're going to have to make sure the bottom of the screw does not come unscrewed while filling. You definitely DON'T want all the liquid in the bag to come pouring down on you or your partner.
    • Beginner
    • Cheap but effective


Enema Kit Hanging From Shower Head

This enema kit does work very well. If you can get over the little things that hold this product back (like the anal attachment, suction cup, and cheap craftsmanship), it will definitely clean you out.

Once the nozzle is inserted, you just have to turn the wide handle (I do appreciate the wide wings on the handle) to allow the water to flow into you. Doing all this by yourself is a bit cumbersome. Once the nozzle is inside, you may not want to feel all the fiddling around you'll have to do to turn the dial/handle. This could be much easier with a partner, but you'll still probably feel a bit of the jiggling around, which won't feel comfortable. Then again, if you're trying to get into the whole enema/medical fetish scene, this might be a good intro for you.

So, after the water drains inside you, you simply take out the nozzle and you're all done! The hose and nozzle work really well to pull all the water down from the bag, through the hole, and into the hose.
    • Easy to use
    • Works well

Care and Maintenance

I just washed out the bag with soap and water. It's plastic, so you can't do much to it. Since the bag is only holding the liquid, you may not have to pay much attention to cleaning unless you use something other than water in it.

The anal nozzle seems easy enough to clean, just wash that in soap and water as well. The nozzle attachment comes off, so you can focus only on cleaning that, as does the vaginal attachment.

You may wish for two more arms when trying to store this long, awkward piece of equipment. You'll have to wind up the hose very small unless you have a place to store it fully stretched out.

The bag can easily fold on itself and the bracket folds down as well. so this can form a nice, compact package. You probably won't want to use the same plastic covering it came in as there's no way to close it back up. The plastic doesn't attract lint, so the type of covering or storage case may not be a big issue.

I just simply roll everything up as small as I can (I don't even take the pieces apart) and stash it behind a box or in the bottom of a drawer somewhere. The hardest part is compacting everything, as the plastic wants to bounce right back into its full and outstretched shape.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store
    • Low maintenance



The whole kit comes all wrapped up in a cardboard box. The cardboard is thin, but sturdy enough for repeated use as a storage container (just make sure all the parts are dry before you put it back into the box).

The kit also came contained in a loose fitting plastic bag. You open the bag and take the pieces inside of it out. I'm not sure exactly what was included in the plastic. Point is, you get everything all nicely packaged together.

The front of the package is appealing for an enema product. The coloring makes it seem airy and clean. The people on it makes you think you'll be able to have intimacy like they do after using the enema.

The back of the box includes the instructions for constructing the kit. There are easy steps highlighted by a circle and numbered. The matching text is numbered also, so you know what circle is showing what part of the construction process. I was expecting a piece of paper with the instructions, but this presentation worked very well. It was very easy to follow along and put the parts together.
    • Minimal
    • Not discreet
    • Recyclable

Personal comments

It may seem, from all the detractions in my review, that I hated this thing. I really didn't. For my first enema, my experience wasn't all that bad. Actually getting the enema was quite easy, except for the slight poking due to the sharpness of the nozzle point. The water flowed and stopped as it should, and I cleaned it up without any problems.

I just may not be an enema girl. I REALLY hated the feeling of holding it and expelling. I felt so embarrassed (now I understand why these are used in play as punishments). The strange feeling coming from my tummy and back there was very different from that of regular functions.

I have concluded that I do NOT like to give myself enemas. This might change if my partner gets into it and can actually make it an erotic experience. Maybe I need to add a waterproof vibrator to my clit while I'm getting it, change my thinking, or incorporate it as foreplay into one of our scenes. I'll figure it out. For clean anal play, it is a necessity.

I am glad I got this kit. I will always use it as a backup, but am hoping I can find something more simple to use. Messing around with the hose and folding everything back up is a pain for me. I know, I sound like a brat. Just move right along to the next section of the review!


Anal Nozzle Attachment
My first complaint about the make of this enema kit is the anal nozzle attachment. The end is so thin that it can get poky when trying to insert it into yourself. I had to try a few times to make sure I was inserting it without poking anything. Perhaps it was made so small and thin so as not to scare away beginners from using this. It certainly doesn't look too intrusive and might put someone at ease, but the practicality of it is that you need something a bit stockier for an entirely smooth entrance. Perhaps using lots of lube would help nothing poke too much, but the point is just so small, I highly doubt the extra lube will help. I didn't use lube when I inserted as I was in the tub and figured the nozzle was small enough to not need it. After it was in, there was no problem, but getting it in was a bit more uncomfortable than I expected my first solo enema to be.

Another failure of this product was the suction cup. I don't even have a picture of it because I promptly took it off and it got lost. The suction cup is supposed to stick to the wall and keep the heavy bag stuck in one place on the wall of your shower while you clean yourself. We have a tile wall and perhaps that's the reason why it didn't work (although I doubt it). I made sure the inside of the cup was wet a bit so it would suction properly. I stuck it against the wall, added the water, and watched the whole bag slide quickly down the wall. I tried again with a dry suction cup and added the water. This time the bag slid even quicker down the wall. I had to abandon it and use a makeshift tie that fit around my shower head to hold it up. I actually like my set-up better. Now I can hang the bag higher and let the tube fully extend. It's a good thing the handle has the cut-out the way it does. If not, I'd be up the creek without a paddle!
Follow-up commentary
The unisex douce is still an enema kit I use. I'm finding it's good for introducing a vanilla partner to enema and anal play. The tubing, water bag and nozzle aren't too menacing or heavy duty. It carries with it a light and airy atmosphere when I use it. My hubby doesn't mind using this on me and I am still liking the application.

One thing I'm noticing is the attachment to the water bag gets a little loose and I have to try to tighten the screw to the hose or just try to push it up closer to the water bag. Most times I just leave it and if it drops a little, I just hurry and start the enema so I'll get most of it.

Another thing is, now that I'm not an enema newbie anymore, I'm wanting a more hefty anal applicator than the skinny one provided by this kit. The nozzle in this kit can screw on and off so I may be able to match up another nozzle and screw it on. I'll probably just jump to a whole different kit though, as my tastes have changed.

I still like it, I'm just looking to expand.
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