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Tom putt

Butt plug by Happy Valley

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Meet Tom Who Lives in Happy Valley

For my experience level with anal play, Tom Putt worked out well but he might be big for some. His shape was easy enough to insert and remove, without being uncomfortable. I enjoyed the unique look as well as the color and was impressed with the high quality silicone.
Body safe silicone, easy to clean, can be sterilized, variety of colors, unique shape
May be big for some first timers
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I really wasn't sure what to expected when I requested my first anal toy, a butt plug, to review. Although I was not a newbie to anal play (a few years ago, before I was on birth control, we engaged in anal sex several times a day), I hadn't participated in it for some time. I felt much the part of a newbie so I awaited my package with both anxiousness and anticipation.

Browsing around, Tom Putt seemed to be a safe and quality toy and I liked his looks. From one side, he appeared something like a popsicle with the vertical indentation toward the center so it seemed fitting to choose this plug in purple. Who doesn't look grape popsicles?

Tom arrived quickly and I could tell he wasn't a fussy guy from the beginning. Packaged in a clear plastic bag which was sealed at the top with a bit of paperboard. The paper had some information but, overall, it was no frills. Unfortunately, there was a UPC sticker on the paper which covered some of the information about the product. I managed to scrape off enough of the sticker to read the information which, while short, was useful and not full of fluttery promotional language.

Happy Valley tells us that their Tom Putt but plug is made of "premium quality" silicone which is body friendly, can be cleaned with soap and water or boiled for 10 minutes (I have heard 3 minutes for boiling but I am sure more cannot hurt) but should be kept away from sharp objects or silicone lubricant. The package also says that the "extra wide" base makes it harness compatible and while this is good to know, I do not need to use Tom with a harness.

My initial reaction at Tom was that he seemed well made. The deep purple was very pleasing to look at and, in person, I saw that the insertable part of Tom was more like a narrow pyramid, with each side having the "popsicle" appearance. The plug narrowed enough that I thought it would stay in properly and the rectangular base had rounded edges and there were no sharp edges or seams. I also liked the size and thought Tom might have seemed a little smaller than I thought he would be; with a 4" circumference, Tom is smaller than the average penis but he's not tiny. Ironically enough, my husband thought Tom was larger than he expected! Finally, I was impressed with the material. It was a little squishy but firm enough that Tom isn't floppy.

Before use, I wiped down Tom Putt with a toy wipe but washing with soap and water works fine. I was initially a little nervous as I applied a water based lube, but Tom Putt glided in easily. I was initially hesitant and I found that, if I didn't push Tom in far enough, he wanted to slide back out. After getting over my initial anticipation, Tom slid in all the way and he stayed there. I was worried about Tom slipping all the way in but those worries soon faded; the base is good!

I have read that relaxing the throat helps to relax the anus but, honestly, I didn't struggle with insertion. It was pretty easy. I'm not sure if this is because I have done anal play before or if Tom is just shaped really well but it was definitely a good experience.

I was ready for a different experience using Tom Putt and I certainly got it. Having the plug inserted orgasm was a really unique feeling and I had no trouble with the plug slipping out despite my movements. Tom did shift a little with use so I will probably not use quite so much lube next time. I think, with more practice, I may come to really enjoy using this butt plug - right now I enjoy it but it's not one of my favorite things (yet).

After use, I wiped Tom down with toy wipes again but I noticed that he still retained a bit of the butt smell. I also washed him with soap and water which seemed to help and eventually boiled him. He held up well and the smell is almost undetectable unless you're sniffing really hard and trying to find it (which I was). I feel very confident in Tom Putt because he's made of such a quality material which can be completely sterilized.

I'm not sure I would recommend this to an anal beginner, because of the size. Nevertheless, Tom Putt is a quality butt plug and I look forward to rebuilding my interest in anal activities with his help. Paired with clitoral stimulation, Tom was enjoyable and I cannot wait to use him during sex.
After Tom was in, I didn't know exactly how he would feel. I definitely felt something in my butt and it was neither pleasant not unpleasant. I simply felt.. plugged. The first time, I simply wore Tom around to see how he felt. I wasn't ready for long term use so I took him out pretty quickly but the experience wasn't bad, just unexpected.

I gave Tom another try and, this time, settled down for some play time. I broke out my Laya Spot for a little clitoral stimulation and soon achieved orgasm while on my back. The feeling of my PC muscles contracted as I came was definitely more pronounced and unique with Tom Putt in my ass and I think I felt a little extra naughty wearing him. However, I didn't cum any harder or easier than usual.

Next on my list of stuff to try was Tom with a vibrator inserted. I used a slim vibrator and was amazed at how much tighter my pussy felt having Tom in my ass. I think this would definitely be better during penetrative sex which I didn't have a chance to try. However, I also noticed the plug made using a vibrator a little more difficult in some positions (on all fours) because I didn't have as much freedom in movement. On the other hand, I was able to use the vibrator "hands" free because the plug kept it in place while inserted in my pussy. That was definitely an unexpected plus!

Although this second round didn't lead to orgasm, it was definitely interesting. In the future, I will probably stick to clitoral stimulation or sex as opposed to using Tom Putt with a vibrator inserted.

I probably used a bit too much lube and had to fished around for the base a bit in order to remove Tom but it wasn't a significant hassle.

I found lying on my side to be most comfortable. When on my back, I could feel Tom Putt in a way that wasn't necessarily pleasant.

One thing I found to be a little unpleasant with Tom was how the base felt between my cheeks. I have a very well endowed backside and I could feel the base pressing between my cheeks a little uncomfortably. With repeated us, this definitely became less of an issue, although I could still feel the base. For others who are so fortunately blessed, I would not recommend long term wear and I won't be wearing this for hours on end myself.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Gary
    It really does look like a popsicle, and they would not have to change very much about this toy to market it as one. The Deep Purple Popsicle even has a nice ring to it.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Face to face, it doesn't look quite so fun though. )=
  • Naughty Student
    Lol, I love why you chose it purple made me laugh so hard Tongue out
    Oh and I have the similar one without the ridges and my ass is average and it is uncomfortable for long wear (I had to cut the edges to make it stop from cutting in my skin).
  • Miss KissThis
    My Tom Putt is waiting for me to pick him up from the post office, and now I'm even more excited Smile [I probably won't ever wear it for an extended amount of time. Thanks for the pointing out the issue with the base.]

    Nice review!
  • Dragon
    If you want a toy to play with on your back, try the Jolly Jack. I loved him, and still too. I think he has me spoiled for interest in trying too many other butt toys.
  • Not Here Anymore f/k/a Happy Lady
    Great review!

    I haven't tried a plug yet because of the base issues. While I understand the need for a sizable base, most bases look painful to me.
  • ScottA
    Did you try showering with Tom Putt? I find that taking my used toys into the shower with me (uninserted) for cleaning seems to get the smell off them pretty well. Just soap them up and then let the water run over them while you clean yourself.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Happy Lady - I think a round type base might be more comfortable for my big ass. LOL

    ScottA, I have no tried it but perhaps I will in the future.
  • Cinnamon Chambers
    I am so trying this one! Thanks!
  • Red
    everytime I click onto your profile page, I see the title of this review and it makes me so happy, for some strange reason,..
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    It's because it reminds you of the "Meet Bob" commercials for.. Enzyte? LOL
  • Lelogirl
    good review!
  • Sunrise
    Very nice review, thanks!
  • LavenderSkies
  • eeep
    Thanks for the review.
  • Allstars316
    Great review!
  • philly
    good review!
  • PirateofPenance
    thank you!
  • BlooJay
    Cool! Thx for the review!
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