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Tom putt

Butt plug by Happy Valley

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Stays Putt and is (almost) perfect for play

This is a great next step for the burgeoning anal user. It provides a more filling experience than smaller plugs, without questionable the bells and whistles. It's not too small, or too large and has a multitude of uses.
Contours are painful
Can slip out if over-lubed
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extremely useful review


Tom Putt has some failings and successes. It fails as a hat, despite its shape doesn’t work as an umbrella and is only average as a plastic sword, once attached to a rod. As a butt plug however, it’s definitely one of the better ones I’ve tried.

This falls squarely within the intermediate range of butt plugs, which should prove stimulating regardless of gender. Unlike smaller, thinner plugs, this requires more lube for insertion and fills up more of the colon. Be warned however, as it may slide out if overly lubed. Those who have not stretched their anus with thinner plugs or other methods may find Putt too thick for easy use.

Putt has two specific uses as a plug, general fullness and thrusting. Putt succeeds in regards to fullness, it fills the colon and stays put, even while walking. When sitting, Putt extends deep within the colon and simple manipulation of the leg and anal sphincter muscles will stimulate the p-spot. It must be reiterated that while Putt generally stays, well, put, if over lubed, it tends to slip out.

As for thrusting, it depends upon the amount of lubrication used and the desired use of Putt. Copious amounts of lube allow for thrusting, which is generally enjoyable, but it will slip out if not held inside the colon. Conversely, if too little lube is used the toy will remain inside, but cannot thrust without causing pain and possible tearing. When using without a harness, the choice must be made between thrusting and fullness.

Since this is a harness compatible plug, it has a longer life of enjoyment than other plugs. If this becomes boring as a standalone plug, all it takes is a harness and willing partner to breathe into it new life.

Material / Texture

This is a silicone toy and carries with it the rights and privileges of silicone, but also all of the responsibility. It’s a safe material that ranks a solid ten on Eden’s materials scale, is gentle, except for the ridges to be discussed next paragraph and is firm. As the toy is nonporous, it can be shared after cleaning, although a condom is still recommended.

This is to be used only with water based lubricants and NEVER silicone lubricants, or the toy will dissolve. An interesting study showed that warning men to wash their hands caused 2% more to NOT wash your hands, so if any readers wish to use silicone lube, that’s your choice. Your poor, dangerous, $26.99 choice.

The ridges along the sides are intended to provide stimulation and to grip, but they do so far too fiercely. Were this a permanent factor during usage, it would be difficult to recommend this product, but the grips only harm the colon during insertion and during sudden shifts. Unfortunately, it makes thrusting difficult.

Other than the ridges, Putt is smooth, firm, heavy and without texture or smell. There are no ridges, bumps, or additional textures intended to provide stimulation, the stimulation comes from the size and shape of the plug, not the texture.

It is not a realistic material, nor does it intend to be. This is clearly designed to be a plug and not an artificial penis, or other body part.

Design / Shape / Size

At 4 inches tall with 4 inch circumference and 1 ¼ inch diameter, it is an excellent intermediate plug. Thinner plugs fail to fill out the colon and are more likely to slip out, whereas larger plugs are simply intimidating. Not to mention painful for the ill prepared. Putt finds a delightful middle between the two extremes.

It doesn’t reach into the outer contours of the colon, nor does it require the anus to be stretched to extremes for insertion. Instead it fills most, but all of the width of the colon and reaches a few inches in, providing a pleasant feeling of fullness. Some modest stretching from a smaller plug will be helpful and recommended, but with enough time and lube it’s not required.

Traveling with this plug is somewhat mixed. At its miniscule size, concealing Putt is a cakewalk, as it fits into a pocket, backpack, purse, or a sock. If discovered however, it would take a politician’s mind to convince someone that this isn’t a plug. It’s easy to carry, but woe is the one who doesn’t keep it covered at all times.


The base is flared and large enough to ensure it stays Putt (sorry) and according to the product page, it allows for harness use. I have never utilized in this way and as such, cannot comment beyond that it is possible.

Its best feature is the sense of fullness it provides to the wearer. For beginning and intermediate anal players, Putt will fill the colon, from wall to wall, while reaching several inches in. Further, unless it has been over lubed, it should stay Putt while walking and sitting.

A few tests showed that it cannot handle rapid jostling or sudden movements. As such, unless it’s in an exceptionally narrow anus, or stabilized by a harness, it would not handle use during sex, or extended household wear. It’s best for light walking and sitting.

Care and Maintenance

Silicone, as mentioned contains many perks, but at a cost. As a nonporous material, it can be cleaned quickly by boiling, washing with soap and water, or merely wiping with a disinfecting toy wipe. When using a wipe, it can be cleaned within less than a minute, clearly demonstrating the advantages of silicone, quickly easy cleaning. The problems arise during storage.

If silicone touches other silicone, as mentioned, it melts. For those who own other silicone toys, this necessitates the use of individual baggies for each silicone toy, to prevent accident mishaps. As a toy collection grows, so too must the precautions, otherwise a few mistakes could result in the destruction of an entire collection.

Aside from baggies, this should fit in any toy chest, lock box, bag, or other form of storage. To reiterate, it's best to keep covered when not in use, for both safety and concealment.


The packaging for the toy was a plastic bag with a cardboard connector at the top. Ever purchase a used accessory from Gamestop? That’s the type of packaging this came in.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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