Prostate massager discontinued
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O Hard to Reach with O

This toy showed some promise, it is a different kind of prostate massager in the successful Nexus line, and it is made from silicone. Although it did bring me to orgasm, it was almost impossible to follow the directions in its use and it was just plain hard to use for prostate stimulation.
Material is silicone and it seems very well made.
The O doesn't stay in as far as it supposed to and it is difficult to use.
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When I first saw the Nexus O on EdenFantasys, I thought it looked pretty cool and immediately added it to my wish list. It looks so unique for a sex toy that I desired to have the chance to try it out. Unlike most of the Nexus prostate massager line, it is made out of hygienically superior silicone, which in addition to being able to sterilize (boil, dishwasher, or 10% bleach solution) means with a little care it will last a lifetime. It’s too bad that the Nexus O ended up being so difficult to use in its intended application that, although it got me off, I was left frustrated by how hard it was to get there.

When I first opened the Nexus O and showed it to my partner, we both decided that it looked like a large teething ring for an infant. Maybe that is because we have a little one that is in that stage of life, but this thing definitely did not look like your average sex toy. The O included a set of instructions on use. Most of the text sounded like it could have come from almost any prostate massager|Prostate massagers, but there were some things specific to the O. Since it is essentially a ring shape with three balls on it, it really cannot just be used like most toys. The silicone material is pretty flexible, so, with some effort, it is possible to flatten it out, but once you take the force off, it returns to its original shape. I guess that’s how it is supposed to massage the prostate|How To Perform a Prostate Massage - DVD. The instructions state to insert the first two balls and then let it rest there while you proceed with whatever penile stimulation you are planning on. You can simultaneously rock the O with one hand to provide prostate massage|Prostate massagers as well. When your orgasm seems imminent, stop the penile stimulation and let the orgasm proceed from the prostate massage.

I found the O to be too hard to manage to be considered a very good toy for any activities. In fact, I feel it is mediocre at best. I think it might work well for some, but if you’re anything like me, there are better toys out there for prostate massage|Sex toys for prostate and G-spot and/or g-spot stimulation.

Before I end, I would be remiss if I didn’t say that you should use a condom over the O if you are going to be sharing it with some one else in the same session, or sterilize it before sharing it with your partner.
My first problem with following the instructions for the Nexus O was even getting it inserted past the second ball. The Nexus O|Nexus O is so ring-shaped that inserting it to that point is difficult. Then, once it is inserted past the second ball, it just doesn’t want to stay there, so it requires some force to keep it in place. I eventually gave up trying to keep the second ball inside and just worked on rocking it and stroking my cock. As I say, I was eventually able to reach orgasm and I did as instructed and stopped penile stimulation and let the orgasm proceed from prostate stimulation|Prostate stimulation fantasy. It was a very good orgasm, but I was frustrated with the amount of work it took to try and follow the directions.

I didn’t want to complete this review without saying that we did try it out on my female partner. It did provide stimulation to her g-spot, but again, the angle is so harsh that it made the stimulation too intense for her. So intense that it was uncomfortable and after trying a few different angles we stopped and went to a different toy.
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