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Someone who is looking for the steel toy experience without breaking the bank can definitely give the Mr. Smooth a try. It can satisfy multiple purposes such as vaginal play, anal play, and working kegels as well as providing a stimulating deep tissue massage. However, since it isn't made of stainless steel the quality and appearance of the toy's finish may vary, as it is stated on the label. It functions well, it is a safe toy, but you might find a few imperfections on the surface of the toy.
Multi purpose toy, retains heat longer than glass, g-spot stimulation.
Lower quality than stainless steel.
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The Mr Smooth is marketed as an anal probe or anal toy in general, but it really shines as a g-spot toy.

This dildo is more likely going to appeal to the variety of people who enjoy more rigid toys. It is also going to appeal to people who enjoy temperature play but there are certain safety precautions in terms of how cold or hot one should go.

As an anal probe, it works quite well at stimulating my female anus. I have no prostate so I can not give you the male perspective and neither can my significant other as he is afraid of hearing the word anus but I digress. It is very safe for probing. It is unlikely to get lost in your anal cavity due to its lack of flexibility, whether you choose to use the bulbed end or the shaft end.

As a plug, it is not the best option if you will be engaged in vigorous or very active sex where many positions are planned for your evening. It works well if inserted and left there while other toys are used on other areas.

This toy can pretty much be used by anyone anywhere as it is noiseless and the packaging is sort of discreet...if you remove the stickers.
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Material / Texture

All right, so this toy is made of "high quality polished steel" so it is NOT stainless steel. And as per other reviewers observation, I too have remarked that this product is nickel free. However, from my online investigation I conclude that there are various types of steel, some which do not have nickel, and there are different grades of steel. I am not 100% certain that a product requires nickel to be stainless steel, but most reviewers seem to agree that it is the case.

So, since it is not stainless steel, its quality is questionable. There are some positive properties related to the material this toy is made of, such as it being non-porous, phthalates free, and being great for temperature play. However, I am not sure how well this toy will sanitize if boiled or cleaned with a 10% bleach solution. The label says that coloring of the toy may vary, so I am worried that attempting to sanitize the toy might actually alter the color.

Steel is usually smooth with a mirror like finish. The Mr. Smooth does have some clean curves and reflects the world around it quite beautifully, however it is plagued with imperfections. These can not be felt in use, and the imperfections found on my Mr. Smooth are indents and do not in any way scratch or catch on my skin. Therefore, I am not worried about micro-cuts and I have felt at ease testing this toy out.

The toy is generally quite smooth and slick, especially if a nice little drop of lube is used for vaginal play, or a decent amount of lube is used for anal probing. Still, it requires less lube than a silicone toy would require as the toy is quite smooth, making insertion very easy.

The material of this toy is rigid and is probably going to be enjoyed by those who have tried glass before or other steel toys. It can appeal to beginners and connoisseurs. The toy is available at a lower price than other steel toys found on EF, but you get what you pay for I presume.

Design / Shape / Size

The design of this toy sort of reminds me of the Goldfrau line of ceramic dildos, however with a slight taper before the ball end. Essentially, one end can be sort of considered as the shaft end where as the other end, which is a ball shape, can be considered as a handle but both sides can be used interchangeably. The tip of the shaft end is quite round and gets large quick, so you must be used to playing with at least two fingers anally in order to insert this toy without any preparation.

The Mr. Smooth is roughly 6 inches long, insertable length basically depends on which end you insert. The ball end is 1 1/8 inches in width, where as the shaft's widest point is slightly larger than 1 inch and 1/8, not quite the 1 inch and 1/4 as it is outlined on the product page.

For vaginal play, this toy can be considered thin and small, but it is quite hefty, surprisingly so in fact. So it does provide great sensations. As an anal toy, it can be considered a beginner's or intermediate's anal probe. It is an upgrade for someone who uses 1 inch toys, but it is sort of a preparatory toy for an intermediate. This is why I consider it appropriate for both categories. However, since it has no give, beginners that are using glass are probably going to have more ease or comfort using this toy anally.

This does have its own little casing, so it is awesome for travel but probably not if you are traveling by plane as the toy will probably be detected or confiscated, or whatever airports do with the gazillion sex toys they find!


This toy rocks for being multipurpose, it can be used both vaginally and anally, but it could also be used as a massage tool.

Vaginally, this toy is not that big, it is about the size of the Ella by LELO. It is quite slick in use and requires little to no lubricant due to its texture. It is always best to start slow and not go too deep with a rigid toy, just to avoid banging up your cervix, as this toy can be quite unforgiving. However, women who masturbate a lot tend to know their body well, so, shaft away I say! When angled just ever so slightly, the balloon shaped curve of the shaft smoothly stimulates the g-spot. The toy can also be angled more dramatically if very direct and intense pressure on the g-spot is required. The Mr. Smooth really IS great for kegels. You can insert one end or the other and work your muscles in various ways, either with gravity or letting the muscles do the work or even pull on the toy as you tighten those muscles around the toy. Whichever your way, this toy can do it.

Anally, the Mr Smooth is beginner to intermediate in terms of its size. I myself am intermediate at anal play and this toy was very easy and comfortable to insert. It gets "wide" quickly. There isn't much of a taper on either end, but the toy is pretty thin so the toy wasn't met with much resistance by my sphincter. Both ends are slightly filling, the shaft end more so than the ball end as it has more weight to it. Compared to a silicone plug or dildo, steel is very frictionless so it is almost too smooth to feel much. Silicone is more grabby and is more obviously felt in use. The Mr. Smooth feels very good anally even though the toy isn't "felt" as much as other anal toys made of silicone. The weight it has sort of counters the lack of texture.

This toy is not intended for long term wear, used out and about, and I don't recommend it for that purpose either. The balled end of the toy can sort of be prominent and the weight of the toy could be overwhelming for others.

As a massager, it just works so well as it retains heat much longer. I like to hold onto the longer end and use the ball end to massage my partner's dorsal lateral muscles. He enjoys the deep massage and I love that I can put it down for a while and it remains warm as I use other tools or my hands.

Care and Maintenance

Since this toy is made of a "safe" material it could be sanitized but after having read a few reviews on the toys color changing over time, I recommend sticking to antibacterial sex toy cleaner and water. My Mr. Smooth's color has remained the same so far.

It can be stored in its box, a home made toy pouch, a cute EdenFantasys toy pouch, or your lucky sock, whatever you prefer.

The Mr. Smooth is compatible with both water-based and silicone based lubes. Oil based lubes perhaps, but I have not tested this out, I am concerned with it changing the appearance of the Mr/ Smooth. But technically speaking, since it is steel, it should be compatible with all lubes.


The packaging this toy comes in just rocks! I mean, the toy looks really classy, on the pictures and inside its little foam insert. The packaging is made to perfectly protect the toy and I store it in its casing, it's been "banged" up enough as it is.

The plastic box is black with matter silver borders. There is a metal clasp to open/close the box and it is not lockable. So for those who need to lock there things, you might find a new way to store this toy. There is a black or gunmetal color foam insert with the cut out of the shape of the toy.

There is a sticker on both the top and bottom of the box, and these are quite easy to remove, if it is preferred. This toy could be offered as a gift as long as the stickers displaying the product are taken off, that way no image displays what is in the box. The pictures are quite beautiful though, so I can see or understand that some individuals might not mind the stickers so much.

There are no instructions included with the toy, just some standard information on the bottom of the box.

The stickers are easily removable and a logo that is very discreet is found directly on tho box in white ink/paint. It looks really nice and simple.

Personal comments

In order to get some great pics of the toy just click on this link in order to see them. There are fairly clear macro's of the imperfections I mentioned above.

I tried adding the pics via photobucket but somehow it hasn't worked.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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