Butt plug discontinued
by Njoy

Pure Bliss in Tiny Form

The NJoy Pure Plug in small is a gorgeous, luxury butt plug that provides weighty stimulation during use. It's arousing and discreet and works perfectly for a public plug since the lubricant will last awhile as well.
Comfortable, can be shared, lubricant lasts awhile, weight is pleasurable, handle is discreet
Might be too small for advanced players, can be cold on insertion
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The Njoy Pureplug in small is a tiny little plug made from stainless steel. It's about three inches long with a diameter of a little under an inch. It weighs about a pound - which, for its size, is actually pretty hefty when you think about it. The bulb of the plug probably has the most weight to it while the little handle on the end keeps the plug from being pulled all the way in. There are no visible seams or anything on the Pure Plug and it's completely smooth which makes it easy for insertion.

The packaging that this comes in is typical of Njoy packaging. It comes in a gorgeous black box that's lined with Styrofoam and pink satin to keep the plug in. The strings hold the box open really nicely if you just want to display the plug somewhere. The box stays closed by itself quite nicely. It’s not a cheaply-made box. It's a high-quality box that is designed to keep and protect the plug. Outside of the black box, Njoy puts a white half-box around it to protect the box and make sure that it stays closed during shipping. I choose to keep it on the box, but it's not mandatory. For storage, I think this box makes a gorgeous and great place to keep it, and I know a lot of other reviewers keep the original Njoy box as well.

This Njoy Small Pureplug is downright small. It's actually amazing how small this is. The boyfriend is an anal beginner, so I assumed that we'd need the small plug in order to actually be able to use it. I'm actually surprised to report that the small one is actually a little bit small for him. (Good for his ego though.) Comparing the plug to something everyone can see, I'd say that this is actually smaller than my pointer and middle finger put together. Most anal beginners can usually take at least two fingers at once. This means that this will possibly be too small for some users (anyone who considers themselves mildly experienced), but for the very beginner or someone who is scared of using an anal plug, this is the perfect size.

When it's worn, the boyfriend reports that it's definitely noticeable because of the weight. He says that the weight pleasurably makes the plug push down during use. He says it's not a bad thing - it's a good thing. It makes the plug feel extremely pleasurable. He doesn't know exactly where his p-spot is, but he does report that it feels pleasurable - whether that's his p-spot or not. He says that, in some positions, the very tip of the bulb can press a little too roughly, but for the most part, he says it's pleasurable whether you are standing up or sitting down. He says that it only really got uncomfortable if something was pretty directly onto the handle of the plug - like a wooden chair or firm hardwood floor. You also have to remember that's pretty much a twig when it comes to weight, so he doesn't have that much padding on his butt. Other people may have more padding that will prevent that from happening.

So how does the handle of the plug feel? He says it's downright easy to forget about. Unless he's on those hard places I talked about, it's like it honestly isn't even there. He can feel the plug inside of him, but the handle of the plug is pretty easy to ignore - it's really just like the handle of the Bootie in terms of comfort. The handle doesn't poke clothes out at all either. It's completely discreet, and no one will be able to tell that you're wearing it when you're wearing it. This makes it great for public play.

We had no problem using this for extended play either. He wore it overnight once without a problem - though it certainly needed lubricant in the morning. As long as you take time to lubricate it whenever it starts to feel slightly uncomfortable, this can be worn for a very long time comfortably. It stays in and doesn't slip out at all despite its small size.

What makes me really happy about this is how easy it is to clean. Since it's stainless steel, you can just boil it for a couple minutes to sterilize it and be able to share with someone else. If you just want to clean it for yourself, warm water and antibacterial soap cleans it. All types of lubricant are compatible with stainless steel, and you'll find that, because of the material, the lubricant will last a long time.
The Njoy Pure Plug in small is actually a really amazing plug for beginners that works great as a warm-up for advanced users as well. It can be shared, is comfortable to wear, and lasts a long, long time with proper care. I'd highly recommend this to anyone looking for their first plug or for anyone looks for a warm-up toy.
Follow-up commentary
We still love our small Pure Plug. We used it sometimes when we just don't feel like using our Medium one. It is a tad bit small, but we don't mind it when he wants to use it. There's no scratches, and it cleans up just fine. We don't have any problems with a smell on it or anything.
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