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Small Wonder

Njoy's Pure Plug Small is an itty bitty plug that packs a ton of sensational potential into a very tiny package. Only 3.5" in length but a full pound in weight, this anal toy proves that looks can be very deceiving. For beginners with a little backdoor experience that wish to step their game up to something a little more challenging and luxurious, this gorgeous stainless steel plug is bound to please.
Non-porous, beautiful storage, gorgeous design, temperature play, kegel exerciser, stays in
Too small for some, could be a little longer to hit G/P-spot better
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This tiny toy - as the title of my review suggests - really is a tiny little wonder. After falling head over heels for my Pure Wand, I had discovered how very worth the splurge Njoy's toys are. I bought the Pure Plug Small last July with dreams of dipping it in cool water, then sliding the chilled bulb inside me, prickling my hot skin with wave upon wave of refreshed goosebumps.

Seriously, I could wax poetic about this thing for hours. As I am typing the plug is sitting on the desk next to me, the lid of its sturdy jewelry box-style case propped open on its satin ribbon hinges. I swear I can hear it calling to my butt from between the folds of soft, rich magenta that it's nestled in. In the middle of this cold New York January, I feel the urge to slip under my thick covers and enjoying the same goosebumps I did when I tried this baby for the first time last July.

Njoy's Small Pure Plug is something of a beginner's anal toy, you might say. Something of a beginner's toy - not exactly. It is only 3.5" in height, and can only be inserted about 2" if you take it all the way down to the flange. The classic spade-shaped head of this plug is a mere inch in diameter and I swear it looks like it might even fall slightly shy of that inch. All told it's actually smaller than some of the smallest butt plugs of similar shape - such as the Love Pacifier Beginner. And yet? There's a learning curve that makes me hesitant to suggest it to someone that's never put anything in their butt before.

You see, after removing the Pure Plug Small from its posh box you'll notice immediately that for its size it's a rather stocky fella - a pound of solid stainless steel, to be exact. A whole pound is a nothing to scoff at, and this hard unforgiving metal will not budge or yield a millimeter to the contractions of your anus or rectal muscles. It will push right back against them. Stainless steel is not the most user-friendly material when it comes to beginners, so if you are considering getting this as a starter plug because of its small size? I would suggest making sure you feel you are up to the challenge of the metal.

On the other hand, I should note that this plug is one of the easiest to insert because of how slick and glossy its surface is. A small amount of any lubricant - oil, water or silicone based - will help this slide easily in. Unlike silicone which can cause more friction and be a bit more grabby and stubborn, the steel is far more agreeable. In this way the steel might actually be very kind to a beginner's booty. At the time of my purchase I was returning to anal play after a rather serious mishap, so I considered myself a born-again beginner. I was astounded that after using this for the first time I found myself wishing I had opted for the medium instead.

Once inside, this little plug is very unassuming. The neck narrows to about a quarter of an inch in diameter, meaning your anus is allowed to relax while the larger end fills you up where you desire some fullness! This narrow neck also helps the plug stay in, I've found. As your anus adjusts to the small size it's far less likely to relax so much that the larger end just slips right out. In spite of the whole pound of weight, in my experience this has stayed in very nicely, with the 2" wide ring squeezed tightly between my butt cheeks. The ring functions as a nice flange to stop the plug from being pulled in to far and it also makes removal and manipulation (such as rocking and jiggling) while inserted very easy to do.

My favorite thing about this plug is that it's the absolute best for extended and public wear because of how discreet and comfortable it is. Due to its short length and decidedly small bulb, I don't find it provides too much pressure on my G-spot - unless I bend over and allow gravity to pull the bulb downward. But I do love the feeling of having something in my butt, particularly when I'm not supposed to (like during a dinner with friends!) Even naked it's not visible between my cheeks unless I bend over, so I can wear this without underwear in a skirt if I'm feeling brave enough. It doesn't poke out much when sitting, although if I sit down too quickly/forcefully sometimes I can feel it hit the seat.
A tip for vagina owners? Because of the really firm and inflexible nature of the steel, it's really great for doing kegel exercises with when it's in your butt. If you tighten your rectal muscles around this plug, your vaginal muscles will follow suit. And since clenching your muscles around this toy gives me shivers of pleasure each time, I'm way more inclined to actually DO my kegel exercises! I seriously have difficulty motivating myself when it comes to them and the Pure Plug is like a little personal trainer...that lives in my butt. Weird? Whatever, it's true!

I will say that because it's small I do tend to worry when I wear it that it will slip, but I think because I get a little anxious I tense up all of my muscles (including my sphincter muscles) which actually helps it stay in. I've never had a problem with it slipping except once when climbing a bunch of stairs I felt it start to slide. Still, it's never come close to popping out.

Generally speaking, this plug is absolutely gorgeous and I'll likely be picking a medium up soon. The small may be unfulfilling for many, but if you have a little anal experimentation under your belt but are still not comfortable with diameters over an inch I would recommend this highly to you. There really isn't anything out there that's more luxurious, not to mention it feels great and passes every butt plug requirement with flying colors. It stays in, has a nice wide flange, is discreet, good for long term wear and of course - and this is crucial for a plug, in my opinion - it is non-porous! This means it cannot absorb bacteria; microbes can only collect on the surface.

If you wash your plug thoroughly with antibacterial soap and hot water, or boil it in water for 4-5 minutes you'll have a very clean toy that you can share or just keep all to yourself. Be sure to always dry your plug thoroughly after cleaning and to keep it away from harsh cleaners that contain alcohol or bleach as these can corrode your toy over time. Take care of your stainless steel friend and it will last you a lifetime. I call Njoy products "heirloom sex toys" because you could seriously pass them down to your kids if you are diligent in your care.

When you're not using your Pure Plug, keep it in its satiny home so it does not get scratched or bang up and bruise your other toys. Other than that? Enjoy this. Or Njoy it. It's an absolute dream come true for your butt and you won't regret getting yourself one.
Follow-up commentary
My Njoy butt toys are by far among my top most prized toy investments. Not everything that costs you an arm and a leg in the sex toy world is worth the price. These toys? Are without a doubt worth it. This small plug has such amazing weight, I still am surprised from time to time at how hard of a G-spot orgasm I get from using this anally. Really, it rivals the performance of many dedicated G-spot toys I own. My favorite part about using this for G-spot play is that my vagina isn't blocked by a toy, so I'm free to ejaculate to my heart's content. It glides in 1-2-3 easy with a dab of silicone lube, and hangs in there admirably through all kinds of orgasmic spasms. Great for warm up, or as the main event. You can have my Pure Plug when you pry it from my cold dead hands!
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  • Contributor: Alaska Child
    Great review. I have often wondered how this would be for extended wear and sitting. Thanks for including that I will definitely be adding this to my wish list!
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    Great review! I might have to splurge on this one day.
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    Nice review, Sounds like fun
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    fantastic review
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    Oh, I really need this now. Thanks for the scrumptious review!
  • Contributor: Ghost
    I've never tried a plug before and really want to try this one. Thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: Owl Identified
    Thanks everyone! I still love this one and use it more than any other plug (except maybe the medium Pure Plug, after warming up).
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    Thank you for the review!
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    Very thorough review.
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    Great review. We love njoy products
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