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Pure plug small

Butt plug by Njoy

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Small, But Mighty

This small but mighty plug has more uses than just the obvious. You can use it for kegels, or even for G-spot stimulation as well. If you take care of it, it will last you forever, and there aren't many things you can really say that about.
Will last pretty much forever, Holds temperatures really well, Gorgeous design
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The most obvious use for this plug is well, as a butt plug. It excels at that even. It also works quite well as a G-spot stimulator if you have a shallower one, and can even be used for kegel exercising. Its only downside? Well, I'll let you know if I think of any besides the price.

Material / Texture

The Pure Plug Small, like the rest of the Njoy line, is made from cold, hard stainless steel. It's completely smooth, and has absolutely no real texture to it whatsoever. But being smooth is a good thing, since texture can often be a problem when playing in the back door.

Being steel also means that it's fantastic for temperature play as well. Some quick tips for you, don't microwave it! You also should avoid keeping it in the freezer too. The fridge would probably work, although a nice bowl of ice water will work fantastically as well, chilling the metal and keeping it cold. Conversely, putting it in a bowl of warm, not hot, water will warm it up. Metal seems to hold a temperature longer than glass does, so you should be able to get plenty of enjoyment out of your temperature before having to redo it.

Design / Shape / Size

The Pure Plug Small is an impressive little pound of steel. Its slightly tapered head makes for very easy insertion into either the front or back door. The 3 1/4" head circumference means that this bad boy gives you a little bit of a stretch, and then just pops on in to rest. The neck tapers down from the head to the handle, so where the neck and handle meet is only about 3/4" around. It's the 2" long oval handle that will remind you the plug is there, rather than the neck of it, since you won't be very stretched. It only goes in about 3", but for beginners, it's a nice 3 inches.

Because of the design, anybody with a basic knowledge of butt plugs will probably be able to figure out what this is, but you could in theory pass it off as a work of abstract art (like an abstract pacifier maybe). Otherwise, keep it tucked away.


While I wouldn't recommend this as the very first thing to go into a butt, if you know you like a little bit of anal play, you'll probably like this. More advanced users should look at the medium, large, or even the "extra large" 2.0, since even on some novice users, the smallest size here isn't enough to really be noticeable. It does slide in very nicely with the help of some lube, and nestles itself on in between your cheeks. If your back door is more relaxed, there's a possibility that it could slip out. The plus side to that? Remembering to do your kegels. Yes boys, you too.

This plug also works well for longer term wear, since the handle does fit so nicely between the cheeks. Those with a plushier rear end won't even notice it when sitting, while those with less padding might find it to be a tad uncomfortable and prefer standing. Another thing this plug is great for? Actually using it to do your kegels. I thought I had pretty strong muscles down there, but I was no match for the Pure Plug. Another tip for vagina owners, dual penetration is very possible because of the smaller size of this plug.

Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance is super easy. Pick whatever body safe lube you'd like to use, apply it to the plug, and wash the whole thing down with some good soap and water after removal. You can also use a toy cleaner like Climax Bursts, but I'd avoid using just a spray. Anything that goes in your butt deserves a good thorough soaping. In addition, you could also bleach it, boil it, or run it through your dishwasher.

For storage, keep it in the gorgeous box it comes in. If that takes up too much space, I'd recommend a storage pouch. If you eventually work up to a larger size in this line, you could store them all together. Keep an eye out for any scratches though. While unlikely with proper cleaning, a scratch could harbor bacteria in a bad way.


All those wonderful things you hear about njoy's packaging? Totally true. This little black box comes nestled inside a little white cardboard sleeve. Inside the very sturdy black box, you will find your plug, nestled in its very own cutout among a lovely pinkish/fuchsiaish satin-like material. The lid is attached on one end, and a single ribbon on either side will keep the lid from falling past 90 degrees. In the lid, there's a little pamphlet that tells you how to clean your toy and gives you a whole bunch of pictures of the other njoy toys and their designated uses.

Provided you don't pull out the satin bed lining, this would make a wonderful gift, as well as storage.
    • Good for gift giving
    • Good for storage
    • Very informative

Personal comments

It's very shiny, and pretty tiny too, but still totally awesome.

And a quick picture to give you a measurement in the really pretty box.


I'm admittedly on the fence with anal play. I enjoy it sometimes, but other times, not so much. I've never owned anything made out of steel before either. I love this little plug. It's enough to let me know it's there without being all rude and in my face about it. It doesn't play as nicely with something like, a vaginal exerciser in though. I made the mistake one night of wearing it out with my Emigi and it was rather unpleasant. I think the problem with that though was that the head of the plug and the bulk of the Emigi were trying to share the same lateral space, and I'm just not built for stuff like that. Other than that one mishap though, it's been a blast. I enjoy wearing it in the shower, and I've worn it a time or two during sex as well. A note though, if you're being suspended (like in a swing or something), this may fall out during use. In fact, while going at it in our swing, it fell out and almost landed on his foot. Kind of embarrassing, but we moved on.

My husband has been a little chicken about trying it yet, since he's nervous about something that's so unforgiving. But that's cool, that just means I get to play with it more.
Follow-up commentary
My apologies that the pictures are no longer active up there, but this is still one of my favorite anal toys. I still have to be in the right mood for anal play, but this little guy has held up to a lot of play for me over the years, enough to have made the one time investment in the price worth it for me at least. It's still in my Toibox near my bed, and that's where it's likely to stay as long as I can imagine.
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