Thick & Heavy

Quite a decent tool for those who are into size and firmness. The price is right, the ass filled up and the sphincter is getting a decent massage. So what are you waiting for?
Price tag, size
Too firm, texture quality is low, too heavy, handle/base could be improved, smell
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
"Mmmmm... mmmm... Bootylicious... Don't hesitate to take this thin tool for a test ride because you'll be screaming out those high notes you never imagined you could hit."

That's what you read on the product description and if you are into size you don't really hesitate to spend $ 9.99 to give it a go. So did I and the Thick tool has found its way into my toy chest.

When I took it out of the box the first thing I noticed was a slight chemical smell not too disturbing but still there. The weight of the Thick tool is quite substantive (it can have its use in a fight too). The grip/base is quite handy but lacks some ergonomic touch to be fully comfortable during solo play. The surface/texture quality wasn't too brilliant having small bubbles here and there but generally satisfactory.

The diameter of the Doc Johnson's Thick tool is "just" 1 1/2 inches so it's by far not a beginners toy. Opposed to my favorite UR3 Ultra Skin Cock the material of the Thick tool is very rigid. The shaft is thickly veined which should be adding additional sensations to the sphincter.

All cleaned up I have decided to give that toy a test-ride. To be honest I have underestimated this toy's size. Due to its firmness I needed a substantive warming up session before I could finally insert it. Getting the tools head beyond the anus took quite some time and a bit of Vaseline. Once inserted I have found out that the "gap" behind the head isn't an easy obstacle and again it took me some time to work my ass towards the veined shaft.

Having the Thick tool in my ass gave an incredibly full feeling. Unfortunately it doesn't give your muscles the room they need to play. A slight feeling of discomfort is present at the very beginning. The veins are too firm so I didn't enjoy fast/hard thrusting. But slow and long strokes have certainly caused some moaning Smile I think it's a good "in between" toy to be used between serious pounding with more suitable toys. And with its 6" of insertable length it's a bit too long to be used as a butt plug. Not to forget I haven't noticed anything special about it hitting the prostate for me it was more of a sphincter plaything.

I would probably be still using once in a while it but unfortunately the Thick tool has found its premature ending by getting in contact with one of my UR3 toys and melting.
Follow-up commentary
The Thick Tool didn't make it. Despite having a good girth, and a comfortable handle, the toy is useless for my preferences in anal. The material is too hard, the veins to rigid, and the gap between the head and the shaft is simply unpleasant for penetration. I had it lying under the drivers seat of my car to bang passengers on the head for fun, but eventually it got lost. Probably the aliens have stolen it now and are controlling yet another sex slave with it...
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  • Contributor: ToyingCouple
    Too bad about the melting... that's why toy storage is soooo important. Too many of us learn the lesson the hard way.
  • Contributor: Victoria
    Holy melting buttplug, batman! That is one thick head...I can see how it would be a bit much for thrusting! Did the base nestle well?
  • Contributor: Airlia
    It's great that the toy's so stiff, I find it hard to insert wobbly ones.

    Just curious - if you didn't notice anything special with the prostate, and it's too long, why the 4 stars?

  • Contributor: Chou Wang
    Thanks for the comments! Now to the questions:

    1. The base didn't nestle well as I never made it that far. It's too stiff to follow my anatomy.

    2. As for the rating, well I'd give it 3.5 mostly because of the price. There are only a few decent toys in the lower price segment. Apart from that I'm not only into prostate play the girth and the sensations coming from it are quite stimulating too.
  • Contributor: Adriana Ravenlust
    This is shaped so strangely. I wonder why they thought changing up would be an improvement.
  • Contributor: fluteboy
    ..this is the greatest continuos wear plug. feels great with my prince alpert piercing. i am a pierced rubber cock anal slut slave to a interdimensional alien whom i have given my man pussy to 24/7 and who also controls my man clit piercings. this thick tool is just the fit for all around wear and while doing chores. i was trained by mr. marcus with 2 hr. sessions in relaxtion, the longest was a 9 hr. session but should have undocked for a relube at 4hrs.. with my next set of tooling came the classic but plug and black thunder who is used during the new moon insertions and the john holmes, who i call goliath, for full moon sessions. thick tool and mr. marcus take up all other available moments in time. mr. thick tool is the continuos wear, day or sleep plug that has been aasigned to me to wear as the minimum plug that must be inserted in my man pussy at all times. i am scheduled for a frenulum piercing new moon with a milk sac piercing the following new moon. thick tool is my 24/7 plug unless their is another larger insertion requested. thankyou doc johnson
  • Contributor: fluteboy man pussy has so shaped and conformed it self around this plug as to be virtually unknown in its 24/7 usage....the comfort zone is unbelievable in spite of its never undocking other than for clearing your man pussy of waste.
    this is a great plug for draining the venom from your milk sac in a slow continuos manner leaving you subserviant and obedient for larger insertions dictated by your slavedom....once your man clit is pierced, your never the
    same, your insertion sessions and piercings of your cock, that you give up along with your man pussy become more frequent, more and more insertion devices, dildoes are fitted into your man pussy. when your the slave of a interdimensional being you will see the triangle in the sky... the mothership, as large aS A SHOPPING MALL JUST FLOATING IN THE SKY....when your controlled you give your your man pussy and cock will be instructed on how to do all of these things in order to make it beyond theterminus date, 2012....if your obdient to all of your piercings and insertions you will make it...moab, ut. is the pivot point on earth or directly opposite a good slave and give any slave milk from your milk sac that you can, only while inserted.its about servitude and obidience...its not about your pleasure.
  • Contributor: Chou Wang
    flute you are incredible. I wish I could have anal stimulation 24/7 for the sake of all aliens. Winking
  • Contributor: adirondacker
    Fluteboy, I am impressed Smile
  • Contributor: sexyk515
    Great job
  • Contributor: Kdlips
    Thanks for the review.
  • Contributor: herMaster
    Thanks for the review.
  • Contributor: Terri69
    Great review, thanks!
  • Contributor: Phosphorous Tick
    o-o it melted? Holy shit!
  • Contributor: KRD
  • Contributor: Kirill1171
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