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Handcrafted wooden dildo #317

Probe by Hardwood dildos

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Wood is Where It's At!

This Handcrafted Wooden Dildo #317 provides a good g-spot sensation for those that require a more extreme curve for their pleasure. It's very light-weight, very slick and easy to use, and it includes two different ends to provide a regular dildo sensation or a curved, targeted g-spot sensation.
Great g-spot pleasure, Light-weight, Slick, Requires very little lube, Environmentally-friendly
Handle can get slippery
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The Handcrafted Wooden Dildo #317 is a hand-made wooden toy that is environmentally friendly. It's about eight inches long with about four inches dedicated to each one of the two ends. The diameter is a little over an inch. The pictures are accurate, and the Beige color is a very beautiful wooden color in person.

The packaging works well for the dildo; it doesn't include a lot of information about the toy though. The packaging is just a plain, purple velvet pouch. The pouch seems homemade, and the pouch features a little white ribbon that allows you to draw the opening to a close. The pouch also comes with a small little tag that gives you the name/number/wood of your dildo as well as it comes with a piece of paper that talks about the brochure.

I'm absolutely in love with the shape of this sex toy. I'm one of those women that has a g-spot that is more hidden and harder to get to. For that reason, most g-spot toys do not hit my g-spot, and I'm usually left wanting with most average g-spot toys. Not with this wooden dildo! The shape of this g-spot dildo is pretty intense, and that's a good thing. The no-texture half of the dildo has absolutely no texture or curve, but the opposite side of the dildo turns into a 45 degree angle. Along with this angle, that side includes little bulbs along the shaft for extra intensity and pleasure. Similiar toys that include this curve include: Crystal Wand, Deluxe Crystal Wand, Pure Wand, Bent Graduate, Amethyst, Handcrafted Wooden Dildo #278

As I haven't really heard anything about Hardwood Dildos (the company), I went to do some digging on the company. After all, it's good to know about the toys you're using. Hardwood Dildos is a one-guy operation and it's run by Hans. He believes in minimizing his impact on natural resources, so he doesn't buy any wood. All of his dildos are made from scraps from larger projects, are salvaged from lumberyards, or a locally milled from trimmed or fallen trees. All of the toys are hand-made with a small angle grinder, and are sanded multiple times. For a finish, each wooden dildo gets (at least) five coats of a food-grade varnish called Salad Bowl Finish. According to his website, most of the Cherry wood (which is what my toy is made of) was taken from Oregon and Virginia from trees that fell during storms. I must say that he gets an A+ for being environmentally-friendly!

So how well does it work? I was really hoping for a good result since the curve on this wooden dildo resembles the curve on my other g-spot toys that I love, and my hope was well-placed! While it can be a bit difficult to grip onto (next paragraph), the sensation that it provides is really, really nice. You can easily use the g-spot end or the straight end which gives you some versatility in which sensation to try. The bulb-like texture on the curved end is very, very delicate, so it doesn't feel too intense but it still adds a slight something to your sensation. If you are focused on the g-spot pleasure, you probably won't even notice the bulb design. The toy is very slick and easy to thrust, and no, you won't get any splinters from it. The surface is extremely smooth and soft, and there's no splinters or even anything remotely-painful on the surface of the toy.

I absolutely love that this dildo is made from wood. This dildo is ridiculously slick which is a great thing when I'm not much for tacky, lots-of-drag dildos. It just takes a tiny bit of lubricant to easily insert this toy, and depending on how turned on you are, you may not even need any external lubricant. The toy is extremely light-weight (in fact, when you're holding it, it feels like you're holding a pen), and that makes it even easier to thrust without your wrist getting tired. The only downside that I can find is the fact that one side is completely smooth. I use the curved end when I pick up this toy, so having a completely-smooth handle can be difficult. Because the toy is so slick, you do have to make sure to wipe down the opposite end or you can't get a good grip on the toy to give good thrusts.
As a sidenote, I wish these little Handcrafted Wooden Dildos had real names. Their numbers are cute, but trying to tell the boyfriend that you want to play with "Number three-one-seven" does not work nearly as well as you think it should. However, Hardwood Dildos sells a LOT of wooden dildos, so I see why they don't name each one, and you can always give your own a cute little name.

As another note, while the other reviews mention a wooden scent, I honestly must say that, after ordering two of these Handcrafted Wooden Dildos, I don't have a wooden scent on either of them. They are completely scentless. The pouch has a very, very slight nature-like scent, but it doesn't get on the toy at all.

For cleaning, the manufacturer recommends using mild soap and water to clean your toy. You should also dry it with a clean cloth after each use. You should use condoms if it is being shared between partners, and the manufacturer warns against boiling it or placing it in the dishwasher. It's compatible with all types of lubricant, and it can easily be stored in the storage pouch that comes with the sex toy.

Overall, I REALLY love this dildo. I'm in love with natural and slick materials lately, and this Handcrafted Wooden dildo really fits the bill. It inserts comfortably, has a g-spot curve that works for me, and is just downright beautiful. It seems like it was made with quality in mind, and the light-weight aspect allows you to go longer than if the toy was heavier. I really do like this wooden dildo.
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