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Reality female condoms 3 pack

Female condom by Mayer Laboratories

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Reality female condoms 3 pack review

Unless you feel like going through a couple boxes just trying to get it in (that "virgin feeling" without the blood or most of the pain, just the feeling of complete ineptitude), don't bother with the Reality Female Condoms.
Didn't irritate her, long list of instructions for use, didn't have to be hard to put it in
Requires a lot of lube, hard to use, less sensation, expensive compared to male condoms
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
The female condom|Reality female condoms 3 pack - Female condom. The inverse of the male condom|Trojan pleasure 12 pack condom - Male condom, it's meant to be inserted into the woman (not unlike a tampon) and remain in her while she has intercourse. It was developed as a way to combat STD transmission and pregnancy in poorer countries.

Theoretically, this has several advantages, most notably that the lady's partner doesn't have to be hard to use it (nor does he have to pull out immediately after spurting). According to the directions, she can put one in up to eight hours before sex (although the packaging admits an average time between two and twenty minutes). However, in my and my partner's attempts to use it, it doesn't work, and it isn't satisfying.

Problem 1: Difficult to use. For women who do not like tampons (and therefore have either forgotten how to put one in or never learned), it's a bear to get in, despite the included eight step instructions. If she's small, the inner ring is too big to snug behind her pubic bone and stay in place. Seriously. The instructions claim you will go through three or four of these trying to figure out how to get it in and make it stay in. I believe them. I couldn't get it in her and make it stay, and I'm an engineer.

Problem 2: Requires a gallon of lube. Also not joking about this. As the guy, you've effectively put a polyurethane sheath up your woman, and now you propose sticking your member into this sheath. Better add more lube and be ready to pull out now and then and add more. Even through it comes with extra tubes of lube (nice thought there), I would probably have to fill the pouch in order to not have it ride around in her. Pulling out on two separate occasions brought the entire thing with it (at which point it looked like I was wearing a long baggie), after which I pulled it off and switched to a regular condom.

Upshot: There are (not sanctioned) instructions for sanitization and reuse for people who can't afford to keep buying them on the WHO's web site.

Final Verdict: It's almost less trouble to go out and get a real doll or a plastic/synthetic flesh masturbation toy, and it'd probably feel about the same (minus actually preferring having her there). To her, it was a little better, as it didn't quite ride around enough on long strokes to cause any pulling or irritation (likely due to the polyurethane construction). At this price point, it's better to have a polyurethane male condom|Avanti superthin - Polyurethane Male condom. Your mileage may vary, of course, but stay away if she is small and/or doesn't wear tampons. Even then, better keep a ton of lube around.
Follow-up commentary
As a follow-up note, I did sit and ask my girlfriend while writing this review, and her opinions were included.  Also, as to the note on reuse, there was a study done (found here (pdf)) by the World Health Organization on it, feel free to read it for their conclusions.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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