Need a Condom? Have a Tissue!

ToiTissue is a solid wood tissue box with a hidden compartment inside, made to hide a small amount of your precious sex toys- I mean valuables. With enough room for a couple handfuls of condoms, a slim vibrator or two, or a mix of all the small things in between, the ToiTissue box won't solve all your storage problems, but its a great bit of novelty storage, keeping your bedroom necessities right in the middle of any room in your house!
Nice, solid, sturdy, and attractive. Fits a decent amount of tissues and toys. Very unique.
Compartment could be a lot bigger, and could use something to keep it from sliding all the way out.
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I can honestly say I had no idea what I was getting when I was assigned ToiTissue. The list said it was a storage container, but, I mean, ToiTissue? I assumed what it really was some kind of feminine wipe for sex play or something, which was cool. But I was really hoping for a the storage idea. I've had my eye on a bunch of the toy boxes ever since I started my collection.

So when the box came in (a nice big box) I was honestly crazy excited, even though I had no idea what it was. The fact that it was heavy made me even more excited.

Inside the nice big heavy box was yet another nice big heavy box, and, to my delight, a picture of a box on it (I let out a mind numbing shriek)... a tissue box... (... "What is it?").

Being that I'm lazy and overzealous, I didn't really take the time to read the box, just opened it up, tossed aside the packing foam, and pulled out a full sized, solid wood tissue box.
And as I was turning it around in my hands, a panel on the side slipped right out, a drawer landing with a thump in my lap. ("EEEeeeee! YaY!")

So, it turns out that the ToiTissue by ToiBocks is a discreet storage container. It's made of thick, sleek wood that wouldn't look out of place in any living, bath, or bedroom. It's actually very attractive, and I love the way it looks. I also love what it is, of course.

You wouldn't normally really think, "oh, let me hide my toys in a tissue box", but the idea behind this product is pretty awesome. Think about it. A nice, heavy, wooden tissue box to sit right in the middle of the living room table. Everyone will think it classy and... well, normal. Only you will know what's really inside, and perhaps you'll get a little shiver every time you think about what toy or item you've got stashed inside. I know it makes me smile every time I look over at it, or see my prudish and stuffy (pun!) flatmate grab one of the tissues.

It's like this fantastic little secret, and maybe even a surprise for your lover or next date.

And if you're not one to keep it out in public, every good or budding sexpert knows that tissues are crazy helpful in the bedroom. So here you go, two sexy birds, one sexy stone

Now, I've given it 5 stars, because I was really excited and I love it, but I'd probably say it is really a 4.5, simply on size. While it does fit a good amount of little necessities, there definitely isn't room for your bigger, more shapely toys. But you can totally fit a good amount of smaller things.

Out of my collection, I fit the following things inside the secret compartment all at once:
5 condoms;
1 small (2 oz) bottle of lube;
1 Super Slim Vibrator;
3 Bullet vibrators;
2 tiny (2 ml) tubes of feminine arousal cream;
1 EVOLved Diamond Vibrator;
2 little sample packs of Lube;
and there was plenty of room for more.

As for downs, I'd probably say there's only one (other than the limited space)- the construction of the drawer compartment.
The company sends two little fuzzies to stick onto the side so, if you wish it, the drawer can be nice and snug in its container. The problem is that there's no real stopper for the drawer. I mean this thing will just slip out any time you tip it over, and I think that is a bit of a fault.
If someone picks it up and out falls the compartment (and I do mean out, there's nothing stopping it on the inside from slipping right out and onto the floor) and all your condoms, bullets, and lubes go flying across the floor, what are you supposed to say? Oops?

So, ToiBocks, get on that. ^-^ I don't want my stuff flying everywhere every time the box tips over.

But yeah, apart from that little problem, I do love this thing. Even that prude flatmate of mine mentioned how nice our new tissue box is. I just nodded and said "Yes, it is." What else could I say? It totally is.
Follow-up commentary
I have had this thing for years now and still adore it! It's such a clever idea and still looks great. It continues to hold tissues - as well as hidden condoms, lube, and my favorite little vibrator - next to the bed at all times. I still consider myself lucky for owning this classy tissue box.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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  • Contributor: Adriana Ravenlust
    Does this fit a whole regular sized tissue box?
  • Contributor: Sin Secret
    It fits about half a box of tissues.
    Not bad for everyday, but doesn't last very long if someone in the house is sick... ^-^'
  • Contributor: Snappy
    I'm not sure that it is hygenic to store tissues on top of used sex toys.
  • Contributor: Not Here Anymore f/k/a Happy Lady
    Good review. This is a pretty cool idea.
  • Contributor: Sin Secret
    @ Snappy: Well, hopefully your toys are clean when you put them away anyway...

    @ Happy Lady: Thanks ^-^ and I agree. It's not like it's the best thing ever, but its such a neat and unique idea... :)
  • Contributor: Adriana Ravenlust
    So you have to take tissues out of their original box to put them in here? Is that a hassle?
  • Contributor: Dame Demi
    Cute, cute, cute and innovative concept! I could build a very, very large fort with the number of these I'd need to store my collection, though! Tissue boxes everywhere!!!
  • Contributor: Sexthusiast
    I think this thing is perfect. I like to keep my hot items close and handy instead of having to dig for my main collection. I can't wait to try this out!
  • Contributor: Jessica Elizabeth
    Lovely review! I've had my eye on this ever since I started reviewing and am glad to have the visuals you provided.

    Excellent review, thanks! Smile
  • Contributor: ToiBocksDawn
    What great comments everyone has made! In love

    First I'd like to mention that ToiTissue is not designed to be a tissue holder. It's designed to look like and function as a tissue holder while it conceals it's true purpose, which is keeping condoms on the nightstand without being so obvious your children end up blowing them up and having a balloon party at the house. So, if you have the flu, you might want to get an extra box of tissues Winking

    Second - to address this issue
    The problem is that there's no real stopper for the drawer. I mean this thing will just slip out any time you tip it over,

    Yes, that's how it was designed. In our focus group testing we were told people did not want to have to struggle to get a condom in the heat of the moment. We added in the felt circles to slow down the momentum of the tray for those who are using it for something else. If you want the tray to 'stick' to the point where you have to tug it open, I recommend going to any craft store and buying some felt circles (not too thick). You can put the felt circles on the sides (in addition to the ones we provide) until it sticks as much as you want it to. Keep in mind, ToiTissue is made of real wood, so depending on humidity, etc. where you live the fit will be tighter or looser on your drawer.

    Hope that answers a few questions !

  • Contributor: JF
    This is amazing!! I love the idea. Nice review! Smile
  • Contributor: Evoluchun
    this is so neat thanks for the review
  • Contributor: UrNaughtyaAngel
    Oh I was considering getting one for my mom but I do not like that it easily can be open if tilted. That's a big bummer.
  • Contributor: thegoldilocksincident
    lol this is brilliant. I want one now.
  • Contributor: Valentinka
    Thanks for a great review!
    The opening issue is a big con here, but I love the idea of this storage box anyway!
  • Contributor: CAKES
    great idea
  • Contributor: Jesse
    Thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: Love Perpetua
    Did you try the felt circles idea? I think that should work for the opening issue you are having, even though that is an intended feature of the tissue box. I'm saving up for this, but I'll likely stick on those felt circles, since I don't want mine to open that easily.

    Thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: MALVINA
    Good review! Thank you!
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