As Discreet as a Box of Tissues!

This is great for the kid living in a dorm room, or the person still living at home. If you have just a few toys that really need good hiding places, this is the box for you. Don't expect your whole collection to fit!
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Craftsmanship issues, Fits only a few toys
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This toy box is one of a kind! Not only does it look like something completely different, but it is also useful as what it looks like - a tissue box! You can't keep an entire box of tissues inside, but you can keep about 1/4 of the box which is still pretty good. This is great if you want to hide a little something at the office, or at the home while you're living with your parents or nosy roommates who like to snoop around through your stuff when you're gone.

I'm positive someone else has written about how you open this tissue box, or at least partially written about it. All I will say is that there is a compartment underneath the area where the tissues are, and the directions will show you how to open the box. You have to open the box to put the tissues in as well, so you may want to do this when the snoopers aren't around so they don't get a peek at the secret compartment.

The box to this tissue/toy box isn't exactly discreet. It clearly says that this tissue box isn't for tissues, and shows a picture of the compartment on the back. I would open this in private as well to avoid showing your snoopers how to open the box or where the compartment is.

I read in other reviews that people received their tissue boxes with cracks/dents. I also received mine the same way, however I don't want to return it because to me, all that matters is that it hides my secret objects. I do think that this has nothing to do with shipping or packaging, but more so poor craftsmanship of the company. This box scratches very easily, and that is something both my husband and I have noticed over the course of the last two months. I was walking downstairs with this box (because I actually needed the tissues) and upon setting it down, a little chunk of the paint came off. Not so huge that I was ready to demand a refund, but I realized that I need to be more careful with this box and maybe use it only for hiding toys.

The inside of the secret compartment is lined with velvet, and cannot easily be cleaned if you happen to spill some lubricant inside (I did this...) so you want to avoid keeping leaky bottles inside unless they have a bag over them. If you do spill something, avoid water at all costs. If paint is already falling off of this box, imagine what water would cause! Especially since it's made of wood. Try using a we wipe, and then let the compartment sit out to dry for at least two hours.

To give you a decent idea of what can and cannot fit inside this box, I will name a few toys and day to day objects for you:

- O2 Cush Dildo: Will NOT fit. Too thick.

- Je Joue MiMi: Will fit... with room to spare! The charger to the MiMi, however, will not fit easily unless turned on it's side.

- Pink Water (large bottle): Will fit, but you have to place it in carefully with the nozzle turned to its side.

- 10 Snickers Bars: Will fit! Great hiding place for candy in the office!

- Violet Wonder Glass Dildo: Will fit with room to spare

- Cell phone: Will fit with room to spare

- Bottle of Good Head Flavored Lubricant: Will fit with room to spare

How many toys was I able to fit at once? 6 small toys, 4 medium sized, 3 large.
Overall, I had a pretty good experience with this toy. I do think that the manufacturers could do better with the way they make these boxes and pack them, and even how they PAINT them - but it is a great way to hide your toys or knick-knacks, so for that, I am content. It is a little difficult to grab toys on a whim at first due to how the box opens, but after you've gotten used to it, everything becomes very easy.

Like I mentioned, avoid getting this box wet whenever possible, as wetting the wood can cause the paint to chip extremely easily. It's best to leave this box in one spot to avoid further chipping, or chipping/denting in general. If you're going to store lubricants, wrap them in a plastic bag. Don't shove anything inside that you know doesn't really fit. The box is sturdy as far as I can tell, but I would personally avoid putting too much pressure on the drawer and causing it to become loose. Doing that could allow the compartment to open easier or on accident - which could lead to trouble.
Follow-up commentary
Since I've had this two months, I don't see a point in doing a follow up any later. I've experienced the downfalls of this box, and I've experienced the pros. It's great for hiding things, but if you're want this just for the looks, look elsewhere for something of higher quality.
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  • Contributor: The-IT-Guy-And-My-Secretary
    I had the same experience you did with the finish coming off. Its just a lot of money for something that was not finished right.
  • Contributor: The-IT-Guy-And-My-Secretary
    If you want to check it out I did a review on this one too.
  • Contributor: wrmbreze
    thanks for the review
  • Contributor: Ms. N
    Great review! Nice job of telling how many and what sort of toys will fit. Oh, and how many tissues will fit too! I have wondered about that. I may have to order this after the first of the year

  • Contributor: Ms. Spice
    woo! glad this can hold ten snicker bars lol I really want this but it's seems too expensive for the time being. thanks for the awesome review
  • Contributor: ToyGurl
    Glad everyone liked the review!
  • Contributor: Diabolical Kitty
    Nice review. I might get one to hide candy from my kids LOL
  • Contributor: SiNn
    awesome review ty !
  • Contributor: Clandestine
    I love how you demonstrated capacity with various objects... 10 Snickers bars was my favourite.
    Thanks for the review! It was very informative.
  • Contributor: Love Perpetua
    Good review. I love the idea of this, but I wish it were higher quality. For $70 I think the finish should be perfect.
  • Contributor: potstickers
    Great, now I'll be tempted to eat Snickers in bed.
  • Contributor: LostBoy988
    Thanks a bunch for the great review
  • Contributor: Ivy Wilde
    Thanks for the review. Sounds like a shoddily made toybox. Definitely won't buy.
  • Contributor: indiglo
    Wow, I really expected this to be MUCH better made. I sure don't think I'd have much use for this, since it doesn't hold many toys and since it is so poorly made. Sounds kind of disappointing.
  • Contributor: SaraU29
    Thanks, i'm interested!
  • Contributor: Mihoshi4301
    Thanks for the review. I like the examples of what will fit inside of it.
  • Contributor: destinationtwilight
    thank you
  • Contributor: Allstars316
    Thank you for the review!
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