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A Big, Big Love

When I first got this guy home I stared it at dolefully, thinking perhaps I had wasted a significant chunk of money on something I'd never get any use out of. It is absolutely HUGE! However, the Tantus Squirt has become one of my favorite toys to use on occasions where I am in the mood for something more extreme. I recommend this dildo highly to anyone that enjoys larger toys and firm G/P spot stimulation.
Shapely design, silky smooth texture makes insertion easier, easy to clean, body-safe, non-porous.
Flimsy base, shaft could have been more flexible, very large, curve can make insertion difficult.
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It's been said before about the Tantus Squirt, but boy, is it deceptively innocent in that photograph! I'd wanted the Squirt ever since I first laid eyes on it here on Eden Fantasys, but never until I actually received it in the mail and pulled it from the box did I realize just how big it was. It's 1 7/8" width and 7" length somehow does not translate into pictures, but this dildo IS large.

Marketed toward FAAB/female-bodied individuals, the Tantus Squirt is the identical twin feminine version of Tantus' now discontinued Captain. The color is quite literally the only difference between this cock and its masculine counter-part the Captain, so MAAB/male-bodied folks can surely enjoy this toy for prostate stim as well. The toy is made from a stiff silicone --100% silicone, too-- which means it's completely hypoallergenic and body-safe. It is also non-porous, so a condom is not necessary when sharing. After use, simply wash the toy with antibacterial soap and warm water or even put it in the top rack of your dishwasher (no soap, please!) to clean it. To sterilize it completely, you may boil it for 3-4 minutes. Make sure that the water is at a rolling boil when sterilizing in this way; this way the toy will be kept in motion and will not come to rest on the (extra) hot bottom of the pot. You may also choose to sterilize it with a 10% bleach solution.

The Squirt is harness-compatible, featuring a fairly broad base making it safe for anal use. It is stamped with the Tantus logo, which has proven to be very helpful in partner play; it functions as a sort of sexual compass. The emblem is located directly below the curve, so that when using it on another person any accidentally slippage and turning will be apparent.

Unfortunately, this is the case fairly often as the base is rather flimsy compared to the shaft. In a harness the Squirt can get unwieldy, especially if it is strapped in too loosely. The shaft is significantly heavier (and stiffer) than the base, which may in turn bend a bit. When using it manually, the base tends to fold in my hand, making it difficult to grip. In either scenario this problem may be corrected simply guiding the cock by holding the shaft near the case, but it can be tedious.

Now. As for getting down and dirty with this thing. First off, you WILL want lube. Please remember that a water or oil-based lubricant it best for silicone: silicone lubricants have the tendency to bond to silicone toys. If you are set on using a silicone lube, please perform a spot test first! When inserting (either vaginally or anally) mind the curve! Insertion (especially for smaller folks such as myself) can be very uncomfortable unless this cock is angled downward for the initial 2-3" inches of penetration. Once this far in, the cock can be angled back upward for very, very powerful G/P spot stimulation. As I said, the silicone is very stiff, and coupled with its tremendous size the Squirt will likely put significant pressure on these areas. If you are a fan of more subtle play then this may not be the toy for you.

I recommend storing this toy in a plastic Ziploc bag when not in use to keep it from becoming dirty. Silicone has the keen ability to attract crazy amounts of lint and dust, so if you want to avoid cleaning the toy both before AND after sessions, definitely store it carefully. Please also remember that silicone can compromise weaker materials, so do not store this toy with jelly without first plastic-bagging.
In deference to the size of this thing, I decided not to provoke its wrath by inserting it straight out. I chose to first lube myself up, playing with my clit and then penetrating myself using my fingers. After turning myself on quite a bit in this way, I moved on to another one of my favorite larger dildos to continue to prepare myself for the Squirt. When I was finally ready, I had produced a lot of my own natural lubricant in addition to the water-based lube that I now applied to the toy itself. This made insertion a lot easier, but I still found it necessary to go slowly and carefully due to its size and also its curve. Ultimately, I was able to take the entire thing, but those two factors combined meant thrusting wasn't an option for me. Instead, I rocked and rotated it slightly (inserted only about half-way) in order to stimulate my G-spot, which it did fabulously! The stiffness of this toy is by turns equal parts merciless and blissful; the pressure on my G-spot was wonderful but very rough on my inner labia. In order to avoid discomfort I had to continue to stimulate my clit throughout, just to keep myself aroused and dilated.

I did ultimately orgasm from both G-spot and clitoral stimulation, but was unable to squirt with this. To ejaculate I need to be able to thrust quickly and quite firmly, and then withdraw rapidly. The size of this toy made that impossible for me, but the orgasm was still very good. Due to the sheer amount of time spent with warming up and the necessity of slow, careful play when it is finally in, the orgasm was a long time coming (pun intended) and fabulously protracted. Over all I truly have come to love this dildo, but it's more of a special treat than a go-to toy for myself.
Follow-up commentary
I just used this guy again last night after him being someone neglected due to new and exciting toys. After so many months I still REALLY love this dildo even if it is slightly terrifying in terms of size. I've actually taken to using this as a "punishment" dildo within a BDSM context; my partner gets threatened with it when he misbehaves (although I do think he sometimes misbehaves in the hopes of being disciplined with this thing). As I said in the original review, this really is a BIG toy and is not for everyone. It's definitely not the one I go for when I want a quick session. However, on those special occasions when you need something more extreme to break up the monotony of more reliable standbys, it's incredible.

I also said in the original review that I couldn't squirt with this because I needed to be able to quickly remove anything "blocking" my vagina right before orgasm in order to do so. Due to the size of this thing, a quick withdrawal is not an option. However, I have been able to squirt with this once or twice since, but it takes some very careful and deliberate manipulation. So, so very worth the time it takes though!

All in all I am really glad I didn't jump the gun and give this away to a friend after my first try. I was not immediately in love with the Squirt --it took some warming up. But now? We're totally in love :)
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  • deceased
    You got it!!!Good for you! Fun toy.
  • Owl Identified
    Haha, yeah, with a little (or a lot) or preparation I really enjoy this toy. Not so much for its intended use, but hey, squirting isn't vital to having a good time Winking
  • Sammi
    This looks like a fun toy - and it doesn't look that large in the picture Smile

  • Owl Identified
    Sammi, don't be deceived, it's quite large! But yes, I really do love this toy and I'm really glad I stuck with it and made it work for me.
  • Liz2
    Sounds like a fun toy. I also did not think it was that big but wow! Sounds like all the stimulation came from the pressure (lg size)? I so need thrusting as well...
  • Owl Identified
    Yeah, if you (like myself) are not comfortable thrusting with larger dildos and need to thrust to get off from G-spot stim then this is not a great toy for your purposes. But if you enjoy rocking/rubbing with a dildo than this toy works out nicely Smile
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    I had wondered if this was the same as the captain
  • Luscious Lily
    Adriana - as far as I can tell, it is. They seem to have just poured it in different colors to appeal to different markets ("manly" red and black for the Captain, pearly pastels for the Squirt). I'm not positive, though.

    Great review SL&P-L!
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