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No Little Squirt Here

Tantus Squirt is the perfect blend of form meets function. It's also unisex, so don't let the Pearlescent sheen shy you away from an experience that will have you clutching the headboards.
Big, beautiful, absolutely bold, and a brilliant design that works in actuality.
Can be a little big for some. (lube up!)
Rating by reviewer:
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Squirt is another Tantus genius of a dildo. When I think of the word "squirt", I think of a little thing. Tantus' Squirt is a big serious dildo. It was aimed at the female population, but it can be used by males for pegging and prostate stimulation, but it is not for first timers.

Squirt is designed to do some major G spot stimulation. Squirt does not have to be inserted all the way for G spot stimulation either. You can insert half way, angle the tip at your G spot and rock it back and forth. Pressure stimulates the G spot. If you inset it all the way, the second wave in the dildo will hit the G spot.

The G spot was hypothesized by a German gynecologist, Dr. Ernst Graphenberg who wrote a paper on this speculated part of the female anatomy in 1950. Beverly Whipple, John Perry and Alice Ladas published a best seller in 1982 titled The G Spot And Other Discoveries About Human Sexuality. It was a monster bestseller, translated into at least 19 languages and read world wide. Still, doctors, gynecologists and urologists are skeptical of the G spots existence. It is thought to be homologous with the urethral sponge, a bundle of erectile tissue and extra nerve ending's near the Skene's gland.

The G spot is located, theoretically, one to three inches inside the vagina's anterior wall. Some women "ejaculate" with stimulation, most do not. Biopsies done in this area of the anatomy have been inconclusive, so each woman will have to decide for themselves. Indeed, there are several types of female orgasm, even Freud believed in a blend of orgasms despite his hierarchy - which was his own personal schhtick.

Any ways, you will have a great time deciding for yourself with the Tantus Squirt. The Squirt is ultra premium silicone. It's pure and safe. The surface of the dildo is shiny and very smooth and a gorgeous pearlescent white. This makes for a smooth, easy insertion. It's seven inches long standing on its base. It's harness compatible, and because of the base it is anal safe. It's also harness friendly, minus a half inch for the base. The base makes it anal friendly as well, but it's one and seven eighth's inches in diameter. Very filling. My Squirt had a hollowed out compartment and a silver bullet which just kicked the whole experience up a notch higher,

Since it is pure silicone, use only water based lubes. Wash it with antibacterial soap, toy cleaner, its dishwasher top rack friendly and can be boiled. Pure silicone can take the heat of up to 600 degrees before it starts looking like toasted cheese.
Personally, I LOVE Tantus toys, especially their G spotters. I talked our local Honolulu shop into carrying their better products. Once you try a quality product, you'll keep buying quality. So they cost more, but you will never have to throw them away, and you are never going to develop an allergy to the silicone because it's inert to the body.

I did not love this dildo in a harness, it was awkward with my partner. I did use it hand held. It's like the "no ka oe " (number one, in Hawaiian,"the best") on my product rotation usage. My partner likes it hand held in her as well, it's more effective than a couple fingers.
Follow-up commentary
I prefer this as a hand held device. It works better than my fingers for massaging my girl friend's G spot. Its beaucoup bigger and smoother. It's too large for me anally. I've corrupted this one into a version of Tantu's G spot by carving a hole for a bullet. I like bullets with pull strings.... For carving I use a quality scalpel, a little thicker than most Xacto knives.
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  • Britni TheVadgeWig
    It's beautiful. I'll have to add this to my list of things that I want!
  • Sammi
    I definitely wish this was a different color.
    Nice review!
  • deceased
    Pearlescent cobalt would be nice. Or green. Not enough green or orange sex toys.
  • LiftedUp
    Nice review. Looks like Tantus does it again. Have they ever made a bad toy?! All of the Tantus products we have are great, and it seems any of them we don't have get great reviews as well! The only problem is, it makes me want to try them all!
  • imp
    Ooo I like girthy toys, especially ones that find that elusive g-spot! Thanks, this one's going on my wishlist Smile
  • spicywife
    I've been interested in this toy but I think it might be too big for us. I don't mind the color but a nice green would be lovely Smile
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    I've always liked the look of this. It reminds me of another toy they used to make and the colour is perfect. How girthy is this one? I have to admit, I imagine it really small in the pictures.

    Also, your G-spot info was interesting but I don't think entirely appropriate for this review.
  • deceased
    I mentioned it was 1 7/8 ths inches in diameter and seven inches long. That's why it's no squirt. I carved out a hole for a bullet, then I found out Squirt has a twin that vibrates called G spot, which looks pretty much the same in dimensions.

    I try to do a little education with reviews. I find what people think is trivial, interesting. Most people have not a clue about the G spot contraversy.
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