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A Serious Pound of Pleasure

All female bodies are unique, but having seen the effects of this well-fashioned dildo, I can only hope that it is designed well enough to provide the same pleasure to most if not all women inclined and able to allow it entrance.
A sleek, effective pleasure-giving mass of silicone, when put in play with the right body.
Nothing, except maybe the somewhat bland colors available for females that undersell its effect.
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Tantus - like the short list of other makers of high-end, grade silicone toys - puts a lot of intelligent thought into their designs. It was hard to resist the shape, size and weight of this piece, so I purchased it for my wife. As a gleaming, sleek non-representational dildo, it is no psychological threat to a man worried about size comparisons, but coming in at about 16 oz., it IS a serious thing...or rather thingy.

As a premium silicone product it is among the safest classes of sex toy materials, and is easy to clean and care for, and can even be sterilized by a few minutes in boiling water. Water-based lubes are usually recommended for play, but Metis Black, the president of Tantus writes that their quality of silicone can tolerate silicone lubes, but also recommends testing by rubbing a bit on the base to look for any reaction between the two. Personally, I prefer to stay with water-based lubes to protect the investment.

(It is an oddity that women pay more for the same things as men - whether it's clothes or even razor blades. Tantus also sells the Squirt model as a slightly less expensive male anal dildo called The Captain, in red or black... though it does not appear in Eden's listings.)

The Squirt is marketed as a girthy (almost 2" in diameter) g-spot stimulator. The profound upward curve starting just before the halfway point of the shaft raises the end up in the usual curved finger 'come hither' attitude we usually read about in g-spot designs, yet using the finger metaphor seems ridiculous; a better one might be 'like a Bobby Hull banana blade hockey stick on a cucumber'. (Presented that way, maybe more men will buy the Squirt dildo for women.)

I suspect the diameter, the underbelly of the curve, and the raised tip of the dildo's head all work together as a team to rattle the recipient. And rattle, along with shake and roll, the Squirt appears to do so very well.
When I brought out the Squirt after a fair amount of fun and play, my wife didn't really balk at the size. She was well warmed up, and I manually slid it in slowly, with the upward canting tip underneath and past her g-spot. A small amount of lube seemed necessary, and I would certainly recommend it, given the size. The reaction was almost instantly - and loudly - positive. Using fairly slow strokes rather than rapid thrusting, my wife seemed to be a bundle of tingling sexual energy. Starting on her back, she rolled over and placed a few pillows under her hips, and then finished on her side, clenching her thighs together. She was frighteningly incoherent. Finally, after many minutes like this, she waved off the action, and then explained.

She said whatever was going on was way past g-spot convulsions, and in fact made the g-spot look like a child's plaything. She said deep inside her vagina each pass forward and back felt like it's own orgasm, but far more intense and deeper than that. I believe this dildo properly rubbed and prodded her A-spot or Anterior Fornix Erogenous Zone, as the description that "Direct stimulation of this spot can produce violent orgasmic contractions" seemed to fit the bill. It was far more than I had expected her to experience with this device.

How often this type of pleasure is wrought from the Squirt is something I really look forward to learning. Certainly this is at the top of OUR toy bag for a special treat. However as everybody's anatomy is unique to some degree, the usual caveat of YMMV is absolutely necessary. Certainly a number of women might well find the size of the Squirt uncomfortable. Be realistic, or work up to it. Good safe lube should be nearby, and I believe a diverting amount of prior play helps warm up the engine for this kind of revving. Shake. Rattle. And Roll. Absolutely.

(I hope to follow up the manual play with a M-F harness test, and will post that when able.)
Follow-up commentary
Well, this continues to be the favourite dil of the moment. It seems to have set the standard my wife judges all others against now.

Incidentally, the version we have is the red Captain that Tantus is phasing out (marketed for men). My wife first took to calling this Clifford (after the kids books about The Big Red Dog). However for weeks now this device is only known as Hellboy or Red.

The combination of girth and the way it curves still induces tremendous pleasure for her. As a cautionary tale, I will say that at the finish of a long and pleasant late evening I re-introduced Hell Boy, and it may have been too much at that point. Somehow we both fell asleep while I playfully & slowly teased her with it... and we both woke up a few hours later, with her almost screaming out when she realized it was still inside! The result was a minor though curtailed bladder infection. Of course we remain vigilant and wide awake whenever this puppy is out now!

One thing I didn't note in the original review and I've definitely come to appreciate is the little Tantus stamp at 6 oclock in the base; by feeling for it, it allows me to know that that wicked curve in the Squirt remains properly aligned without having to pulling it out to visually check.

HARNESS: I donned a male friendly harness and gave this a spin doggy style with her... and though the motion required is quite different than using the naturally endowed equipment, by maintaining the same slow thrusts, it really is a wonderful dildo. My wife says she prefers it in my hands, but did rather like the way my cock rubbed across her labia and over her clit was unexpected and nice. As the Squirt is a good pound of silicone, a good solid harness is necessary to keep control, so keep that in mind. A 1 3/4 inch nickel plated ring is what we used to secure the dildo in harness, and it is probably the size I'd recommend, as it is neither loose nor tight on the silicone. Given the weight, a rubber or neoprene ring may stretch a bit too much and make control more difficult.
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  • Snappy
    Wow! I want one of these!
  • ScottA
    The Captain is cheaper because it's been discontinued - Edenfantasys used to carry both and they used to be the same price.
  • PurpleReign
    Ah, thanks for the info ScottA.

    Half the facts = half baked notion, such as I wrote.

    I hate discriminatory pricing...yet appreciate and applaud progressive taxation.

  • Backseat Boohoo
    Very well-written, easy-to-read review. Tantus really does make incredible products.
  • Cinnamon Chambers
    I like Tantus a lot as well. Nice review.
  • ~LaUr3n~
    EXCELLENT REVIEW! I don't often say that.

    Visit mine when you get the chance.
  • TexasFire
    "She was frighteningly incoherent..." Sounds like Squirt was a hit. Definately a wish-list item. Thanks for the well-written review.
  • PurpleReign
    Thanks all...and glad you found it TexasFire after a bit of time; it's always nice when someone reads the less current reviews!.

    (It was...and remains...a hit!)
  • Emma
    Wow this is awesome!
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