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For a toy with such a dramatic name, you'd expect the Cavalier to be a beast. However its performance is anatomy dependent. While few can argue with its high quality, I can imagine many users feeling disappointed by its relative thin-ness. But if you think it can work for you, and/or you want a toy to introduce you to anal play, I highly recommend it!
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The Cavalier is a relatively thin dildo from Fun Factory that can be used vaginally, although it's probably intended as an an anal toy. It's quite flexible, thin and unexpectedly squishy, so it's a great choice for novice and advanced users. This toy is unique as it looks and feels like (relatively speaking) anal beads while maintaining its integrity as a dildo.

I think your opinion of this toy will vary significantly according to your personal preferences/reason for buying the toy. The main reason that I wanted this toy was because I wanted a smaller vaginal dildo to use in conjunction with my We-vibe (sorry, there's no review for this). I'll elaborate on this in the experience section, but it's safe to say that this didn't work.

Material / Texture

The Cavalier is made out of FF's silicone - which is awesome. For some reason, this toy feels just a little bit squishier than other FF toys. This makes me really happy as I love squishy things. I don't think the squishiness affects its effectiveness because it maintains its shape quite well.

The texture/design is also pretty unique. It almost looks like a stack of peas on a pod. FF has also added a unique textural design, which is visible on the product pictures on EF. It feels really smooth in use, even with the raised surfaces. The pattern adds texture, but it's a very nice, subtle feeling.

Design / Shape / Size

Dimensions for this toy can be found on the product page on EF. I lost my tape measure.... and the product page seems to be accurate.

I think this toy worked as promised. Vaginally, it was meh. There are a lot of toys that are better designed for this area. Although if you prefer smaller toys, this might work for you.

Anally, it was ok too. I think I would have felt more strongly about this toy if I had a partner to use it with me. The positioning was just a tad bit awkward to use by myself. Luckily the toy has the traditional FF suction cup base, which is also relatively easy to grip. An aside - the suction cup base does work when you press it on smooth surfaces. Sometimes I put a little bit of water on the base, which seems to make the hold stronger. Make sure to press all of the air out of the concave area of the base, or the cup won't hold.

I don't think this toy is realistic looking - but you'd probably have trouble passing it off as anything.


Overall, this toy performed as expected. If you think it would work for you, then I highly recommend it. I wasn't overly thrilled with it (as you might be able to see from this not glowing review), but it definitely has its place.

I also thought it would be a good toy to use along with my We-vibe. That didn't work very well, although that could also have something to do with the fact that I'm having some trouble figuring out how to make the Wevibe work for me. I'm thinking that a thin smooth glass toy is the way to go with that one, but I don't really have any! Back to the drawing board with that one....

Care and Maintenance

This is a silicone toy, so it can only be used with water based lubricant. Silicone lubricant should be avoided as it can ruin your toy. I always clean my silicone toys with antibacterial soap. If you are going to be using your toys anally, I would highly recommend sanitizing with a 10% bleach solution or boiling. I now store all of my FF silicone toys together (!!) in one ziploc bag. I have been doing this for months, and there has been no deformation of any kind. I also keep it out of the sun and in a relatively cool place and I haven't had a problem. FF silicone is very high quality, so you don't have to be too concerned about melting (assuming it isn't stored next to/near toys that aren't of the same high quality materials). Always separate your jelly toys/silicone blends/toys that you aren't 100% sure are 100% silicone.

Storing my toys this way saves oodles of space. Seriously, oodles.


The Cavalier comes in traditional FF packaging - a cardboard box that could be used for storage. It's beige and red, and pretty funky looking. I wouldn't necessarily call it discreet because it has a clear face that shows the toy, but it really just looks like fun (which shouldn't be surprising because it is made by a company that calls itself fun factory). Each toy also comes with a sample of FF Toyfluid, which I highly recommend.

Personal comments

Despite my mediocre feelings about this toy, I do think it would be a fantastic toy for anal beginners. Its shape is very manageable. Also, your preferences in that area are likely to evolve over time - more so than your preferences for vaginal dildos (in my opinion). While I don't usually use anal toys, I can say that my personal preferences have changed quite a bit since I began. And I do think this would have been a great first toy for myself.
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