Platinum silicone super - realistic dildo by Doc Johnson - review by Luscious Lily

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A real superstar!

One of Doc Johnson's bestselling designs reborn in silicone, the Super 6" is an old reliable that will last a lifetime. With delicious ridges and girth to spare, it's here to fulfill your urge to be filled, whether vaginally or anally, hand-held or in a harness. A classic design in one of the safest sex toy materials, this dildo is a pleasure to use or to drive.
Platinum silicone, great design, harness compatible, easy to clean.
May be too large for some users, balls may not fit all harnesses.
Rating by reviewer:
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A classic toy reinvented in high quality silicone, the Platinum Silicone Super 6" is a very fine toy. (It will referred to as the Super for the rest of the review) It's a simple design, a basic phallic dildo with balls. The heavily veined shaft and rigid silicone mean that this thick dildo delivers lovely rippling sensations, and the pronounced head caresses the G-spot. It works well as a hand-held dildo, it stands up on its own (but no suction cup), and is a very stable strap-on if the balls fit in your harness. It's too stiff for hard packing, but otherwise it's a jack of all trades. A delight for vaginal or anal play, a toy that was a hit in rubber has been made absolutely amazing in silicone.

Material / Texture

The Super is made of a very rigid platinum silicone. Like all good silicone, it has no odor or flavor. Unlike most silicones, however, this stuff isn't much of a lint magnet. Where softer silicones manage to grab every bit of fluff within a light year, this very rigid silicone isn't as bad. If it touches a fuzzy surface, it's going to pick some up, but if you just towel it dry after washing it isn't going to end up with a fur coat.

Unfortunately, this silicone doesn't transmit vibrations very well. Even with my Ideal massager pressed against the base on full blast, not much made it up the shaft. The decision not to put a hole in the base for a bullet was a sound one - it wouldn't have done much good, regardless of the bullet's power. Unless you fancy jackhammers.

The texture is basically smooth. Though heavily veined, the overall design is smooth, letting the design glide once its all lubed up. The ridges, combined with the girth, make this a toy for those who know they like girth.

Design / Shape / Size

The design of the Super would best be described as hyper-realistic. It takes the basic features of a living penis, and exaggerates them for your playing pleasure, though it doesn't end up looking like something that came from a real human body. Head? Check, and oversized. Balls? Check, and perfectly smooth. Veins? Check, check, and check to the many thick veins crisscrossing the top and sides of this dildo, and the very large one running down the underside.

Overall, it's a design that works well. The ridges and veins are thick enough to stimulate, but not so big as to irritate or make the Super hard to clean. The balls make the base quite large, which can be either an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on the size of your hands. I have rather small hands, and had a hard time keeping my grip on such a large base, but there aren't many options on how to hold it: if you want any leverage, you grab the base and maneuver your hand around it any way you can.

One thing to keep in mind is that this is a thick toy, measuring in a 1 5/8". The ridges make it feel even larger, and the dense silicone doesn't yield much to pressure. If you like thicker toys, though, this one's a keeper.

The Super is in no way discrete: it's a dildo that looks very much like a penis. With balls. If you leave it on your mantle, even innocent little Aunt Bettie is going to know it's a fake penis. That said, it's travel safe as long as you have room in your suitcase. There are no batteries to remember, no metal to set off the metal detectors, it's soft enough to take the shocks of a suitcase being manhandled, and silicone is resistant to a very wide range of temperatures, including the cold of an unpressurized baggage compartment. Just be aware that if you decide to put it in your carry-on, an over-zealous inspector may end up waving it around in front of everyone. Might want to check the bag with your big silicone penis, just to be safe.


The Super definitely lives up to its name. Those who like thick, dense toys with rippling designs will find this one toe curling. The veined design also has the added benefit of sweeping lube in along with it, instead of leaving it behind upon entry. Though uncommon, it's a great trait, because who wants to have to keep re-applying lube that just ends up being left outside anyway? The ridges, while pleasurable for vaginal use, are an acquired taste for anal play. Some may find it too textured for their sphincters, and they will send others over the moon.

The base is large enough that the Super can stand upright without support, but will not stay there once in use as there is no suction cup. It makes a fun paperweight, though.

In a harness, the Super really shines. The balls may not fit in all harnesses, but they fit snugly in the pouch of the SpareParts Joque where we tested it. It was very, very stable, more-so than any other dildo we've tried. This is probably because of the very large base; when planted firmly against the pubic bone, it provides a surprising amount of control and fluidity of movement with much less effort than less stable dildos. Because it isn't curved, the Super doesn't specifically target the G or P spot, but the head ridge does run over them quite nicely. One thing to keep in mind during positioning is that it easily curves upward, but not downward, due to the heavy ridge running down the underside. Thrusting is a bit easier if the Super is oriented so that it can curve with the body, but pressure to the G or P spot is firmer if the toy can't curve away.

Care and Maintenance

The Super is very easy to care for. For day-to-day cleaning, it can be washed with soap and water, toy cleaners or wipes, or tossed into the dish washer (top rack, no detergent). Like all good silicones, it can be sterilized by boiling for a few minutes or wiping down with bleach. As it does attract a little bit of fuzz, you may wish to rinse it off or wipe it down before use. The Super should be stored not touching other toys. The material is compatible with water and oil based lubricants. Hybrid and Silicone lubes are generally not safe to use with silicone toys, and should be spot-tested on the base before use.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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