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If Only It Didn't Flop

The Slender's shape is very promising for G or P spot stimulation. I can get some light pressure on my G-spot with this, but the material isn't quite firm enough and the curve not quite great enough for me to get a full on G-spot orgasm. The real issue with The Slender is the floppiness of it. When I get it in the right spot to feel great, it flops inside of me and I have to re-rotate it around to get it where I want it. If it didn't do this, it would be wonderful.
Pretty color, Can get some pressure on G-spot, Nice bulb shaped head, Slim size
Too floppy, Sticky silicone attracts hair like crazy
Rating by reviewer:
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Doc Johnson's The Slender has a name that says it all. It's a smaller sized dildo perfect for those who have a preference for slimmer toys. It has a slight curve and a bulb shaped head, making it good for hitting the G or P spot. The flared base means it can be used vaginally or anally. It is also harness compatible. Note that while it can be used in a harness, it's length may make it less than ideal for this particular use.

The Slender can be used alone or with a partner. It can stand by itself or paired up with an external toy. Female bodied users who decide to use it anally can also pair it with an insertable vaginal toy. It's uses are truly unlimited.

Material / Texture

The Slender is made of silicone. Silicone rates a 10 on the safety scale and is one of the safest materials you can get. It is non-porous and phthalates free. It can be boiled to fully sanitize it.

While the packaging claims the silicone has a "life-like feel," I beg to differ. When I think of life-like silicone I think of dual density silicone like Tantus' O2 or Vixen's VixSkin. This is not like that. Actually, the silicone of The Slender isn't like most silicone I've encountered. It feels kind of rubbery to the touch. It's got a high gloss finish that makes it super shiny. It has a lot of drag and if I wrap my hand around it my hand sticks to it for a quick second when I release it. This bit of stick seems to attract hair like mad. When I first took it out of the package it got black hair on it within a few minutes. Mind you, no one in my house has black hair. It somehow found hair from a dog we had months back. It's that hair magnetic. The material is smooth with no added texture.

The silicone is semi firm. It can be squished in a small amount before it pushes back against you. Due to the small size of the dildo, it can be bent in half despite the firmer nature of the silicone. The bad part of this is that it means it gravitates toward the floppy side of things. If you shake the toy it goes all over the place. What this means in use is that if you push it up against a certain spot it will move away from that spot due to the flexibility in the shaft.

Design / Shape / Size

The Slender is 6.25" in total length of which 5.5" is insertable. The head is 1.25" in diameter and 4 1/8" in circumference. The shaft is 1" in diameter and 3" in circumference. The base is 2.5" across.

If held to the tip of my middle finger The Slender doesn't quite make it to the base of my palm.

As the name implies, this is a smaller sized toy. It's best for those that are either new to penetration or just have a general preference for slender dildos. The head does get bigger than the shaft, but the shaft is quite slim. Even though the head is bigger, it still isn't "big." I tend to think of myself as an equal opportunity size user, meaning I'm happy to use dildos large and small. The size of The Slender works well for me on days that I'm in the mood for something on the smaller side. If I'm in one of my size queen moods, I'm left wanting for more.

The design of The Slender is pretty basic. It has a bulb shaped head that comes to a rounded point. The head gets bigger as it comes to the center and then comes back inward as it nears the shaft. The shaft is then straight the rest of the way down leading to the base.

The bulb shaped head is designed to help stimulate the G or P spot. The shaft also has a slight curve to help facilitate this. More on how this works in the Performance section.

While The Slender isn't realistic in appearance, it is phallic shaped. If someone were to run across it I'm quite sure they would figure out what it's for. If you're looking to avoid people knowing about it, I would recommend stashing it away. The small size makes this easy to do. It also means you could travel with it.


My disclaimer for any G-spot toy is that my G-spot is very particular. I need a lot of curve and usually a firmer material to get a G-spot orgasm. I can sometimes hit my G-spot with toys that don't meet these requirements, but I won't be able to actually orgasm. The Slender falls into that category. I can get some light pressure on my G-spot with it, but I can't get enough pressure from it to actually get an orgasm. There's another issue with The Slender. When I do get it in the right spot and start to get a decent amount of pressure, the flop of the shaft kicks in and wobbles it around inside of me causing it to move away from my G-spot. This is incredibly frustrating for me because then I have to rotate it around to get it back on my G-spot. As a G-spot toy, this just doesn't work for me.

On the other hand, I like curved and bulb headed toys for plain vaginal stimulation. For pure vaginal stimulation, G-spot aside, I do like The Slender. The bulb is noticeable in use and doesn't cause an uncomfortable popping sensations. I can get a decent vaginal orgasm from it. Nothing mind blowing, but enough to want to continue using it. The only downside is once again the floppy factor. I'll get it at the angle it feels best and it will flop over to some other angle. Ugh!

I did not test this in a harness, but from previous harness experience with similar length dildos my guess is that this would be too short to use effectively. Generally if you have a shorter length dildo it's hard to thrust because if you thrust a small amount you end up popping out of your receiving partner. You're welcome to try, but if you're looking for a harness dildo my recommendation would be to look for something longer.

The base is not a suction cup. If wet it will produce a light suction to a hard surface. Do not trust this in terms of using it to suction onto something and ride on the dildo. It's not that hard of a suction.

Care and Maintenance

The Slender is very easy to care for. Since it's smooth there's no worry about spots that might collect fluids. It can be cleaned with soap and water or toy cleaner. It can also be boiled or placed in the dishwasher. It is one that should be cleaned both before and after use due to the silicone collecting hair and dust like mad. Proper storage will help reduce this, but I've washed it and by the time I got to the bed there was hair on it once again.

Water based lubes should be used with The Slender. Silicone lubes could damage the silicone material.

Storage of this is pretty simple due to the size. A pouch will work fine, but if you don't have one a plastic bag will also do. The packaging it comes in can be used for storage on the bulky side.


The Slender comes packaged in a clear hanging pop open container. There is a paper insert that has the details on it. This means that the toy is clearly visible through the packaging, making it not at all discreet. The front says "Platinum Premium Silicone The Slender Doc Johnson" on it. The back has a paragraph about the material and then some bullet points about the toy itself. One of those was the "life-like feel" one that I think is a bit silly. It gives contact information for Doc Johnson.

One side note is that the letters "SIL" are on the back. I saw it mentioned that this meant Doc Johnson was including their Sil-A-Gel material in these toys. I know Ryuson flame tested the material in her review, so I'm not really sure what's going on in terms of the inclusion of Sil-A-Gel. It's possible that it's included in the core where the flame test can't reach, but I can't confirm that 100%. What I can say is that I'm very sensitive to these types of materials and experienced no burning sensation from The Slender.

Personal comments

If you're looking for a slim dildo for vaginal or anal use, The Slender is a good option. If you need firm materials with no flop, then this probably won't work for you. If the flop factor won't bother you, then I would definitely recommend it.


I like The Slender, but I'm not in love with it. For plain vaginal use it's good, but I was hoping to get more G-spot stimulation from it than I did. If it was less floppy I would like it a lot more. I feel like I'll get right where I want it and be thisclose to orgasm and then it moves and I'm ready to throw it at the wall. A little rotating gets it back to the sweet spot, but I really wish that I didn't have to keep adjusting it.

My real rating on this would be 3.5 stars. It's a little bit better than average because I can get a decent orgasm from it, but not quite good enough to warrant the full four stars. Since that's not an option I'll go ahead and round up on it.
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