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The Slender is a great dildo option for those who are new to penetration not matter the orifice. It has a nice bulbous head to help create a popping sensation. The flared base makes it anal safe and O ring compatible. Made of silicone this dildo can be shared amongst partners with proper cleanings. The only downfalls are the amount of lint it collects. And you might find it too floppy for G-spotting or P-spotting.
Silicone, flared base, lovely color, bulbous head, beginner friendly.
Floppy and a lint magnet.
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Slender says it all. This is a slender silicone dildo with a flared based. The flared base makes this dildo O ring compatible and safe for anal penetration. The curves shaft helps this dildo stimulate your G-spot or P-spot, but the flexible material has it lacking in the ability to apply firm G-spot or P-spot stimulation. However; the floppy material makes it better for hard thrusting during strap on play or pegging; since this would be more comfortable on the receiving end.

The slender can be manipulated anyway you wish with no precaution measures that should be taken other then sterilization in between partner and orifices. Since silicone is completely non porous it can be thoroughly cleaned, which makes sharing much easier. This dildo can easily be handled by yourself or your partner. The slender size also makes it a great for those who enjoy double penetration.

Material / Texture

The Slender is made of Doc Johnson's Platinum Premium Silicone. I was a bit confused, along with a few others, by the back of my package having a stamp on it saying "SIL". The first thing I thought was this isn't 100% silicone, it's silicone with a Sil-A-gel formula. This isn't the case! SIL actually stands for silicone. And to ease all of your questions I advise you to check out this forum discussion. If you have any more questions for Doc Johnson you should direct it to that part of the forum.

In the above link to the forum, Victoria (The Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Doc Johnson) was asked about Platinum Premium Silicone and how it differed from medical grade silicone. She answered with expressing that Platinum Premium is sometimes referred to as medical grade silicone. Companies can't market their silicone as medical grade silicone unless it was made in a sterile "white room." Platinum Premium Silicone is the same as medical grade silicone, but it doesn't have the FDA's approval, so they have to call it something else.

Silicone is a man made semi organic polymer. It's know for being stable, a water repellent, and a repellent for dirt and bacteria. Rated in on the safety scale 10 out of 10 silicone is completely non porous, latex free, phthalates free, and hypoallergenic. This food grade material can retain heat, so if you can enjoy a nice warming sensation to your toy.

The first thing I noticed about this silicone is the feel. It's pretty well drag free, but what little drag there is can be fixed with lube application. However, it's sticky and collects a lot of lint. The outside coat of this silicone isn't like any silicone I have ever touched before. To me, it feels like rubber. The silicone is really floppy with a great deal of flexibility. It isn't really dense, but dense enough to were I can't squeeze much of it.

This dildo is completely smooth and texture less besides the head. The shaft has a slightly bulbous head to help give a popping sensation during the process of pulling out. This texture is suitable for all levels of users, but those who love size and texture might not have much use for this toy.

Design / Shape / Size

The slender stands 6.5" tall on a flared base. This flared base is 8" in circumference or 2.5" in diameter. Which is a large enough different from the shaft to protect you from this toy slipping inside the anal cavity. The shaft of this dildo has a bulbous head that measures 4.25" in circumference or 1.35" in diameter. But then it thins down to be 3.25" in circumference or 1" in diameter. Slender is insertable up to 5.5". There is also a very slight curve to the shaft.

The size is comparable to the "average" size of a penis, but somewhat thinner side. Above is a comparison shot with my Sedeux Please and my O2 Flurry. It's closer in size to the Sedeux Please then the Flurry.

This size is prefect for those who are new to anal, penetration, or those who don't enjoy a lot of girth. The design isn't realistic, but it tries to mimic it in a subtle way with it's bulbous head. The dildo isn't discreet, so you will want to store it away from those whose eyes you don't want to see it. It's fine for traveling, but put it in a plastic baggy to protect it from lint. It tends to collect a lot of lint.


My personal favorite use for the Slender would be as my new cock. My partner and I do some pegging on occasion. My husband isn't into realistic toys at all and doesn't like dildos with a lot of girth. So, the slender is a great option for him. It's completely O ring compatible. Above you can see it pictured attached to my Pink Candy Minx. The Pink Candy Minx has a 2" O ring that comes with it and that is the O ring I am using. If you look at the photo you can see it does fit inside this O ring, but the dildo isn't the most secure in a 2" O ring. So, it does need a 1.5" O ring, but the 2" will work.

I find that I have to keep a hold of my cock during use, but this doesn't bother me. I don't mind getting my hands dirty. I have to keep a hold of it for guidance mostly because it's floppy and really flexible. But this makes it great for thrusting. He didn't have any complaints about this toy and seemed to really enjoy it. It wasn't able to apply firm pressure on the P-spot, but we are still working on that.

I did use this toy also. I used it vaginally first. It's an alright vaginal dildo. I like more girth to my dildos when I use them vaginally. I do really like the length of the toy it reaches all the way up inside me. I absolutely love when the length does this in combination with thrusting. As far as G-spot stimulation, it didn't really do it for me. It's just too floppy and thin. I couldn't get the right placement for that type of stimulation.

I did use this dildo anally. This is much more of an anal dildo for me. I'm not always a fan of firm materials in my ass, so I usually buy silicone plugs or slender silicone dildos. The slender slides in easily with the help of lube. It provides a full sensation that I like for anal stimulation. The head gives it a nice pop when you pull it out and it's rather enjoyable.

I really enjoy double penetration. But rarely can find toys that work for this because of my anatomy. The only way I can do double penetration with most toys; is to have toy or my partner enter me vaginally and then insert the other anally. I prefer to have my partner vaginally and use a toy for anal. I am able to do this with Slender. It's thin enough to still insert after having my partner insert vaginally. It gives me the nice full sensation that double penetration is all about. The flared base rest nicely on my partner and with every thrust he can manipulate the dildo at the same time.

Care and Maintenance

Silicone is easy to care for. You can wash it with soap and water, but toy wipes and toy cleaner will work too. If you are sharing. you should use a condom, but be sure the lube is compatible with the silicone toy. You can also boil non motorized silicone products, in a large pot, but be sure the toy doesn't touch the pan at all. Should you want to give it a thorough cleaning without boiling; you can wash it in 10% bleach and 90% water solution.

Silicone should be stored separate from soft materials like TPR, Jelly, Rubber, etc because they can damage each other. It's best to store silicone is a plastic bag all by itself. You will want to store this toy discreetly way from anyone you don't want to see it. It doesn't take up much room, but won't likely fit in your purse unless you carry a large bag.

Silicone is only compatible with water based lubes. You can spot test your lube on the bottom of the flared base to ensure it's compatible. Some lubes do claim to be water based lubes, but in fact contain ingredients that are silicone based polymers, which makes it a hybrid lube. So, check your ingredients too. Spot test your condom's lube as well. There is the option to use oil or silicone based lubes as well, but only if you spot test and notice no reaction.


It comes in your basic clam shell packaging. There is some useful information on the paper insert, but it's minimal. The package should be wrapped for gifting because it's not the most presentable. The packaging is alright for short term storage, but I wouldn't keep it long term.

Personal comments

If you are skeptical about this material; pop on by Ryuson's review. She flame tested her dildo. I didn't see a reason to do the same because she already did.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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