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This is a good toy for those who are looking for something that will really test the limits of what their body can handle and is certainly not a toy for beginners. It is a body safe material with a realistic shape, and is probably the biggest toy that I have ever seen.
Silicone material, realistic shape, size (for some people)
Will be too big for most people
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Tantus Hoss is a huge toy that will truly test the limits of those willing to take on such a challenge. It is certainly not a toy for everyone, but those adventurers who are looking for a large toy will certainly not be disappointed. It can be used solo, but due to its size, it may be more practical and easier to handle with a partner to help use it.

It can be used (or attempted!) for insertion vaginally or anally by men or women alike. But users would be wise to warm up with a smaller toy, use plenty of lubricant, and to go slowly to avoid any possible injury from this toy.

Material / Texture

Hoss is made out of silicone which is great for several reasons. It has no smell or taste to it like some other materials do. Since it is a non-pourous material it can be completely sterilized and has a rating of 10 on Edenfantasys' material safety scale. This is great if you are someone who like to share their toys with a partner because there is no need to worry about transmitting diseases if the toy has been properly sterilized between users. The silicone is quite firm and doesn't have as much give to it as a lot of other materials do, so that can make the toy seem even bigger. It is a little bit flexible, but it is still pretty firm and doesn't bend a whole lot due to the thickness and firmness of the toy. The silicone does have quite a bit of drag to it and won't feel slick like a plastic toy might and does gather quite a bit of dust and lint.

There is some texture to it with the added veins that are on the toy, but it is not a lot of texture. It can be felt though especially the head which is more prominent than the rest of the toy. They don't feel like a realistic texture due to the size and firmness, but they still feel nice for someone who likes texture. If you know you are someone who dislikes having texture on their toy, it would be best to skip buying this one.

Design / Shape / Size

The Hoss has a very phallic and somewhat realistic shape to it and certainly not a discreet toy. There is a prominent head and some veins for added texture, but it is smooth for the most part.

I knew when I saw it online that Hoss was a big toy, but I really didn't understand just how big it is. It is 12.25" long with 10.5" of the being insertable. It is 2.75" in diameter or 8.5" in circumference. This is very large and will need some working up to by most users, however those who are use to very large toys and fisting may not have as much of a problem working up to the size. The head is the widest part of the insertable portion of the toy and the shaft is a little bit smaller, but still very large.

Here is a picture next to my Hitachi Magic Wand just to give an idea of how big it really is.

With its size and shape, Hoss is not going to be a good toy for travel unless you are packing it in a suitcase. It is not something you can easily hide away in a purse or small bag.


Hoss is not harness compatible due to its large size and weight. It also does not have any sort of suction cup on it, so there's not an easy way to fix it down to one area. I find it hard to hold such a big, bulky toy and try to insert it, so I typically have my partner hold it for me when we try and play with it. It feels pretty heavy and can definitely wear out your arm if you are thrusting with it for very long.

I think it is best used as a toy to use as part of a mental game to bring some fear and intimidation into the bedroom (Only if that's what they want though! Always communicate with your partner.) My partner likes to trick me into thinking he is using Hoss on me, but then might switch to another toy that can actually be inserted inside me, since we have not been successful with inserting Hoss yet. I do believe we will get to the point where I can insert it one day, but we have not been able to so far.

Care and Maintenance

There are several ways to clean silicone. You can boil it to kill off any bacteria if you have a pot large enough to put it in (Make sure the toy doesn't touch the edges of the pot as this could damage the toy!). You can wash it with antibacterial soap and water or with a bleach solution, but it's a little bit tricky to fit the toy in the sink. Silicone should only be used with water based lubricants as silicone lubes can damage the toy.

You will want to find a place to store Hoss because it is a toy that isn't discreet in the least and it really attracts dust and pet hair. Keeping it in a plastic bag will help to protect it from gathering lint and dust. Hoss will take up quite a bit of room so keep this in mind if you are trying to find space in a drawer or someplace else to store your toy.


There wasn't much to the packaging. It came in a plastic bag with a cardboard top. It's not really anything that would be suitable for storage or gift giving, so it is probably just best to recycle it.


We've tried using this a few times, and honestly it intimidates the crap out of me. We haven't been able to successfully insert it yet, but I do believe we will get there one day. Each time we've tried it, I've been left sore (in a good way) for a couple of days afterwards. Whenever my partner grabs it out of the toy chest it makes me feel both a wonderful combination of both fear and excitement. My partner loves getting this reaction from me, so we know we're going to love this toy for quite some time. It might not be something that will work for us every night, but it is fun to pull out when we're feeling a little adventurous and he wants me to be a little scared.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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