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The Bridge from Intermediate to Advanced Anal

The Hoss is definitely a challenge, but it is worth accepting the challenge if you are an intermediate user of anal toys and have been looking to move up to the next level. With patience, you will conquer the Hoss and will open up a world of anal exploration.
High quality silicone, smooth, perfect for making the leap to advanced
A very big head that may discourage you, don't put it in your carry-on bag.
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The Tantus Hoss is one of the largest dildos you will find on this site. With a diameter of about 2 3/4 inches and a length that reminds you more of a forearm than a penis, it is definitely a challenge. The Hoss can be used for vaginal or anal penetration, but this review will focus on anal use (since this reviewer has an anus but not a vagina). For anyone who finds pleasure in anal sex, there was that first moment of doubt. Will this hurt? Will this fit? The key to good anal sex is understanding your limits and knowing you can test those limits without hurting yourself. If you truly believe it will fit, it will. And so, the Hoss is a great bridge for those who want to move up to more advanced anal adventures. Despite its intimidating first appearance, if you are willing to work at it, you will be able to tame it. The skills you will need to tame this toy are the ones you will use again and again as you move on to new challenges- patience and confidence.
    • Anal

Material / Texture

While it may look like a weapon (at first), the Hoss is very smooth and is made with high grade silicone. It has a beautifully smooth feel. There is some flexibility, but this is a fairly firm toy. It's smoothness makes it deceptively easy to conquer- once you get past the head, which is smooth, but pronounced. You may very well spend many times with this toy just trying to get past that head. Don't give up. Once you get past the head, you will be surprised how easily the shaft slides in. How long did it take me to discover that? Possibly ten or fifteen attempts. The trick is don't give up. The firmness of the toy requires you to really be warmed up before you start. Otherwise, prepare to be sore. My recommendation would be to warm up with several toys of increasing size. Softer materials are easier to take, so you might want to get a soft dildo with a 2 1/2 inch diameter to warm up with. Is this an advanced toy? Yes and no. Yes, in that it is clearly not for beginners. But, at 2 3/4 inches in diameter, believe it or not, the Hoss is on the small end of advanced. This is best for the intermediate user who wants to make the leap.
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

The Hoss has a realistic shape, but it would be very hard to find its size on any mere mortal. Because of its relative firmness, getting the head past the sphincter takes practice. The head is much bigger than the shaft, so unless you want that "pop" once you get the head in, I would advise holding onto the shaft just below the head. That way, once you clear the head, your hand will stop the Hoss and you will reduce that popping sensation. Stick with it and once you succeed in clearing the head, you will laugh about how you once trembled when you saw the Hoss. Is is discreet? Of course not! Suitable for travel? Only in your checked luggage. Trust me, you will be flagged for search if you try to carry it on (although TSA has seen everything, so they won't cause a scene, they just need to know it's what they think it is).


If you are an intermediate anal toy user and you have been struggling to find toys that satisfy you, the Hoss could be for you. It is an impressive leap from the average sized dildo. It also gives you the feel that keeps us going back for more- the feeling of slowly releasing the pressure against the sphincter as you open up on a large dildo is an almost yoga-like pleasure. The Hoss has a large and stable base, so it is best to place it on the floor and then squat onto it. It is too big for any harness that I have ever seen.
    • Not very discreet

Care and Maintenance

Soap and water will get the Hoss clean. It is really a beautiful toy and is well made. It is not porous. It is best to store it standing up, which can present a space challenge. You will need a nice sized toy chest for this one. That chest will come in handy because, trust me, once you conquer the Hoss, you will find other big toys. You will want to use lots of lube anytime you try out the Hoss. Pure silicone lubes are not recommended with silicone toys. Water based is best, but you will go through quite a lot of it with a toy of this size. Boy Butter works well. There are also hybrid lubes that work well. Whichever you use, make sure you are generous with it.
    • Easy to clean


There was no real packaging to speak of, just a plastic bag. You can keep the bag to store the toy. There are no instructions, either. You'll have to figure this one out on your own (you can do it!).
    • Good for storage
    • Minimal

Personal comments

As you play with more and bigger anal toys, you really appreciate how important it is to be comfortable. You can't be rushed when you play. Just because a toy went in last week doesn't mean it will go in so easily today. But the key is feeling that you won't be shocked with pain or discomfort. The barriers are really all in our heads. If you stick with the Hoss, you will see that this imposing toy can go into your ass with no damage, no discomfort. Then, it is not so imposing. Always big and demanding, but not so imposing. If you are serious about moving to advanced in anal play, you will remember your experiences with the Hoss as the start of something wonderful.
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    Thanks for the info!
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    Great review!
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    I wouldn't dare try this anally. Too big
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    Great review! I have Hoss. I'm not ready to accept it in yourself.
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    This is a "bridge" to something *more advanced* for you? I am extremely impressed.
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