Grrl toyz silicone strap-on dong - dildo by Topco Sales - review by Tuesday

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Lightening, but no thunder.

The Lilac is a well constructed, silicone, harness compatible dildo with a wonderful texture, a great suction cup and a gentle curve that makes it suitable for G-spot or p-spot stimulation. This would be a good choice for those looking for a quality toy of a modest size.
Platinum cured silicone, velvety smooth feel, gentle curve, strong suction cup.
Doesn't provide intense sensations.
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The Grrl Toyz Lilac is a smaller toy that is curved and firm enough for G-spot or p-spot use but also works well for thrusting. It's a harness compatible toy made from the highest quality silicone.

I thought that given its smaller size and the fact that its curved that it could work well as an aid to learning to deep throat, but its actually too firm for that purpose. Note that its a good idea to cover toys that will be shared with others or used in more than one orifice with a condom.

Material / Texture

This toy is made from 100% platinum cured medical grade silicone. It has no scent or taste. Its fairly firm, but still a little soft and pliable. It's soft enough that when you squeeze it, it lengthens somewhat.

It has a very enjoyable velvety feel when you run your hand over it. There are no veins on it - great for those who don't like texture. The head is nicely raised to make reaching G-spots easier.

Design / Shape / Size

The Lilac tapers from 4 5/8 inches in circumference at the head to almost 5 1/2 inches at the base. My Lilac has less magenta and more pink than the product picture.

It has a powerful suction cup. While it won't support my entire weight when stuck to the shower wall, I can hold it and lean away on one foot with no hint of the suction weakening.

The package insert states that it fits any universal harness.

The base is flared so it would work well for anal play. I don't do anal, but because of its smaller size and gentle curve, I think it would work well as a p-spot toy.

It is also waterproof, phthalates-free and latex free. It can be frozen or microwaved to add temperature sensation to your play.

Editor's Note: Microwaving any sex toy for temperature play can be dangerous and is not recommended. While silicone can withstand high heat, you risk serious burns by heating it up in a microwave where you cannot regulate temperature. Instead, placing the toy in a bowl of warm will produce a predictable and safe temperature.


I'm not sure exactly why this toy didn't do it for me. Even when I am successful with it, the sensations aren't as intense as with other toys. It's nicely designed. It's easy to hold, even when covered in lube. It has a wonderful smooth feel against your hand. It's not THAT small, even though I tend to prefer toys that are a little larger than this one. Ella is much smaller and her size presents no problem. Yet all I can point to as the cause of its lackluster performance is its size.

A man this size would be fine, but Lilac doesn't have that advantage of a male body attached to it, nor the realistic feel. And yet, I still think its well designed and would work well for those who prefer toys this size.

Perhaps its size will make it less intimidating for those new to sex toys.

It's not long (about 5 inches) so you can thrust vigorously or use it with a partner without worrying about bumping against your cervix.

Lilac has one property that I've not observed in other toys. When you close and open your hand around her, you'll notice the incredible static electricity that this toy generates. Do this with the lights off and you'll see green sparks fly out of it. I experimented with this in the dark for quite a while after I noticed this. It's great fun having a lightening storm in your hand. Its power to make my fine hair fly toward the ceiling is greater than what balloons can achieve.

Care and Maintenance

It's made of durable, nonporous, hygienic silicone so only water-based lubricants should be used with it. It can be sterilized, if needed, by boiling or in the top rack of the dishwasher. I don't share toys so I find that washing with soap and water then drying is sufficient for this toy. The instructions state to wash with liquid soap, dry with a cotton towel and allow to air dry thoroughly.


It comes packaged in an easy to open clamshell package with a glossy insert describing the toy, its properties and other toys in the same product line.

Instructions on how to care for it are included, along with a URL for additional information.

Personal comments

I debated for quite a while about how to rate Lilac. I would give it 3 stars for myself, but I think my toy size preferences aren't the same as others and its perhaps unfair to penalize Lilac for this. The fact that she gives such a fun electric light show tips the scales and sways me to give her 4 stars.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Tuesday
    I just noticed the Editor's note about microwaving. I had no idea! I didn't try microwaving it, but the product literature states it can be microwaved, which is why I mentioned it as a possibility.

    After watching videos in the 'Is it a good idea to microwave this' series on youtube, I don't think I would ever consider putting non-food items in a microwave anyway.
  • Kayla
    Microwaving a sex toy...that's a new one. That I would not, in a million years, try. Smile Great review.
  • Britni TheVadgeWig
    This is a beautiful toy. It looks smooth, too. Now I want it!
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Very nice review! Big smile
  • Heather Shadrick
    Nice review. I have been trying to get a strap-on for awhile to review. Its something new I would definately like to try with my girlfriend.
  • deceased
    Awesome review. Like the part about green sparks. Could just see this one on Spike TV's series 1,ooo ways to die. Someone electricuted with static electricity from a little lilac dildo.
  • Tuesday
    Misha, LOL! What a hilarious image.
  • Sammi
    This is really pretty! Good that the suction base works well Smile
    Nice review!
  • ......
    Very nice review, thanks!
  • Naughty Student
    I am interested in this one for its suction cup base and its curve. Do you think it would be good for g-spoting if I suction it to the bottom of the shower or on my bed head board? What do ou recommend?
  • Tuesday
    For some reason this one didn't excite me as much as other G-spot dildos. Maybe it was just smaller than what I usually like, I'm not sure.

    Maybe if you like smaller dildos - actually this one isn't even that small - this could be a good choice if you want a G-spot dildo with a suction cup. I think it was just the size that made it less than ideal for me.
  • Naughty Student
    Ok, thanks for your help!
  • Blooddragon
    Great review!
  • darkkitty
    Nice review
  • zeebot
    Great review, thanks! I'm probably not going to get this one, since I prefer my toys on the larger side of average.
  • Ivy Wilde
    Love the detail about the static electricity the toy generates. "It's great fun having a lightening storm in your hand." What a great line!
  • XzombehxbearzX
    thanks for review
    i love this toy, unfortunatly in packing process i lost it!
  • lemony
    Excellent review, very helpful!
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