Grrl toyz silicone strap-on dong - dildo by Topco Sales - review by Carrie Ann

The Big Purple Package

This is a decent silicone dildo for a very reasonable price, making it excellent for those who want to improve the material quality of their toys without spending a lot of money. Definitely nicer than comparable jelly toys and a good improvement over most other materials, as well. The realistic head but non veined shaft make it semi realistic and the tapering from thinner at the head, thicker at the base make it usable by just about anyone.
Reasonably priced, silicone, multi purpose, works well in a harness, anal safe
A few flaws in the silicone, the taper may not work well for everyone
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The Grrlz Toyz silicone strap-on dong is a multi-purpose dildo that, while a bit large for total beginners, should work for nearly anyone else. Because of its flared base it's perfect for use in a harness, completely anal safe and can even be suctioned to smooth surfaces for some hands free fun.

It is a little on the large side with a bulbous ridged head but the shaft tapers from smallest at the head to thickest at the base so, with a bit of patience and dependent upon the depth of penetration, it really is an any use sort of dildo.

Material / Texture

This dildo is made of silicone but I have to admit it is not the greatest, most high quality silicone I have ever seen. The texture is matte and very velvety, with a nice drag and friction against the skin, but it also has quite a few imperfections in it. It passed the flame test, so it *is* 100% silicone but it really feels and looks more like a silicone blend to me. The head has some minor lumps at the tip that almost look like melted areas - only raised. The shaft also has a few little lumps, though they're just lumpy areas, not melted looking.

There's nothing really wrong with the silicone, it's simply value silicone, rather than premium, and I'd say the molds are more mass produced rather than small batches.

The dildo is firm with absolutely no flop but a little bit of bendability so you can more easily angle it to reach your favorite spots.

Design / Shape / Size

The Grrlz Toyz strap-on dildo is designed with a phallic head and a totally smooth, vein free shaft - so it is what I would call semi-realistic and not at all discreet. The head is tapered but has a fairly thick ridge under it so it may catch on the pubic bone of sensitive users.

The shaft itself also tapers, from what I would say is around 1 1/4 inches at the head to a full, girthy 1 5/8 inches at the base of the shaft. For me, this taper is odd. It does make it easier to insert and makes continued insertion gradual - stretching you slowly instead of attacking you right away with its full girth - but for thrusting, it just feels weird. It's like going from full to empty every time you thrust outward, a renewed stretch every time you thrust inward. A lot of folks really dig this shape, particularly for anal use, but it's just not for me.

It does make it easy for nearly any level of user to play with, since you can insert only the amount you're comfortable with. If you manage to insert the entire 5 1/4 inch insertable length, however, you've inserted a pretty girthy toy!


For me, the Grrl Toyz dildo isn't a great performer. I just don't like the tapering sensation of the shaft. However, it is very easy to work your way up to its full girth and it works quite well in a harness. The base is soft and squishy, far less firm than the shaft of the toy, so it feels comfortable against the body and not like a big block of rubber.

The base also acts as a suction cup, sticking easily to slick areas like shower walls, smooth tables and bath tubs. It's not the best suction ever, but it does provide some decent hands free wanking.

It's a short, stout little guy and I tend to like it best for insertion without thrusting, for enjoying the full feeling while stimulating my clitoris but not actually moving the shaft - this way, the fullest part stays where I want it to.

Care and Maintenance

Like all silicone, this one is non porous and easy to clean. Wash it with soap and water for a basic clean, use a mild bleach solution for more deep cleaning. It can also be boiled or put in the dishwasher - top rack, no soap!

You can share this one between partners or orifices without worry if you sanitize it between uses but may want to use a condom for anal use anyhow, just because it does pick up and hold smells a bit. The silicone itself has no scent but it will pick up butt odor if used in the butt!

Store with other silicone or by itself and try to keep it out of the sun and lint since it picks up every bit of stray hair, dust or alien goo that is floating around your house.

Use only water or oil based lubes, please, since silicone toys can have a bad reaction to silicone lube. At the very least, do a patch test. Premium silicone can often handle silicone lube but I suspect this isn't the greatest grade of silicone and would not handle it well.
Follow-up commentary
I actually just threw this away the other day. (Which in and of itself is awkward. How do you throw away sex toys, anyhow? I boiled it before I did so that if someone found it in the landfill they weren't all "ew, body fluids, gross!" though they can't possibly know it's clean and will think that anyhow. Gah. Conundrum. I suppose no worse than tossed out condoms...)

I was never super fond of the toy, it has a weird tapered shape that didn't work well for me and the silicone had some weird bubbles and mars in it and I seriously just didn't enjoy it much so... in the trash it went.

Do check out the other reviews, though, because many folks have seriously loved this dildo and it's a nice, affordable, body safe option. It just didn't suit me.
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