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Strap-on dildo by Whipspider rubberworks

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Mantoy - Strong Enough For a Woman, But Made For A Man

Incredibly firm, thick, muscular and handsome dildo. Unisex. Premium latex, in a color and shape a man would appreciate. Comes with its own etched tribal tattoos.
Big and thick, handsome and muscular. Nothing wimpy about it.
Could use a touch more of a curve for P-spotting or G-spotting.
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Mantoy is a behemoth dildo made lovingly by a small company, Whipspider Rubberworks in beautiful Bangor Maine. (Bangor is a laid back, crafts oriented New England city)

What separates Mantoy from the boys is its visual and tactile appeal. It doesn't come in baby blue, pink or lavender, it comes in one color, a manly smoky swirl of gray and black. It even has neo-tribal tattoos. Its big, thick and hunky, like a dildo that is bursting with testosterone and has seen time in the gym.

Mantoy may be a bit turd shaped to some, but upon inspection, each angle has a different bump and bulge like some great muscular hunk of pure, premium silicone. It's tall - seven inches, and stands erectly on a thick, hard base which diminishes it harness-able length by an inch. The base is not only meant to hold the hefty dildo squarely against the pubic bone, but it is ergonomically shaped for hand held use during masturbation, or can be used as an anal toy. It also measures six inches in circumference or 2 inches in diameter, which is important to know when choosing what harness you will use.

This is a very firm dildo. Its silicone soft, but its not really bendable. Its not a good G spotter as well. Its built for girth. It may have bumps and bulges and a bit of texture, but the curve is minimal.

Mantoy has a slightly tacky surface, its not matte, and therefore attracts dust. It arrives in a plastic baggie with info on Whipspider, and I would suggest storing it in a plastic zip lock bag.

Being ultra premium silicone you can boil it for 3 minutes, use anti bac soap, soak in ten percent bleach solution, and its top rack dishwasher safe.

You need an extra large condom for sharing. You will also need water soluble lube. For a large toy, especially used anally, try Probe Thick and Rich (stringy, but thick and stays on well, not runny) Maximus, or Silky.

This dildo has a pretty uniform circumference, an abstract non phallic appearance ( a plus to many men) and a discrete but demanding presence on a shelf. Like a monolithic sculpture, not a dildo, if you are taking it on vacation with you.
This product was a bit to thick for my partner to really enjoy. Its one of those products you take your time with and then, in my opinion, feels just perfect. I had tried it in a harness, and I needed to enlarge the harness window and use a 2 inch O ring. It stayed snuggly against me, and it heated up rather quickly.

I have not, been able to take its girth anally. I found Mantoy very excellent in the looks and performance department.
Follow-up commentary
This is a large, great product. I am finding it hard to fit it into a harness because its a giant tribal hunk of silicone, but it is the manliest hunk of silicone out there. It would be perfect if it had a little more curve too it and maybe deeper etchings, but for its hand crafted quality and handsome looks it would make a great gift for any guy you know well!
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    That kind of disturbed me.
    If this dildo had a favorite tv show it would be wrestling or mixed martial arts. It probabley would watch the Spike channel and drink Steel Reserve beer. It has no smell, but if it did, it would smell like tires, an unairconditioned gym and Old Spice Swagger Scent. It would listen to deathmetal music and own a skateboard or a motorcycle with a lot of stickers on it.
    Every dildo has a personality. This is why some people can not relate to the review or the product.
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