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Strap-on dildo by Whipspider rubberworks

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The Invisible Glow

Mantoy is like a piece of abstract art. It holds a lot of meaning, and glows from the inside. I would have preferred that it glowed on the outside too, because that would have been awesome. Having failed that, Mantoy delivers on all other fronts. It's heavy, girthy, and made of pure silicone joy. It's even sparkly, which makes up for the not glowing part. Perfect when coupled with slow thrusting, Mantoy fills you up and doesn't let you down.
100% silicone, harness-compatible, nice and girthy.
May not be as aesthetically pleasing as others (doesn't glow in the dark).
Rating by reviewer:
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Mantoy is a pure silicone dildo with decent length and hefty girth. It can be inserted vaginally or anally, depending on your anatomy and preferences. I found it perfect for vaginal insertion. The dildo is bulky, but has enough give that it feels wonderful with slow thrusting. My boyfriend said it was rather thick for anal insertion, but managed it after some preparation and a lot of lube.

The Mantoy is also harness-compatible, so those who wish for a hands-free experience with their partner can do so with the aid of a harness. We don't currently own one, but once we find one that is compatible with Mantoy, I'll write a followup review concerning its performance as a pegging tool. The large base is quite convenient for hands-on maneuvering, and makes this toy safe for anal play.

Material / Texture

Mantoy is handmade from 100% silicone. One thing I love about pure silicone toys is how they feel when you squeeze them. Squeezing Mantoy is simultaneously stress-relieving, and arousing. The material has some give. It oozes just the tiniest fraction away from the point of pressure, but springs back the second it is released. Mantoy is flexible and bends quite well, but isn't floppy. These qualities come together to deliver a firm but perfect fit.

Mantoy's body is decorated with tribal flame designs, which my boyfriend found hokey and I found a bit distracting from the overall image. Because the material is so dark, it's hard to really pick out the design. It would have been cooler if the tribal marks could, for example, glow in the dark. But again, it doesn't take away from the performance. The texture is very subtle, but it still feels rather nice during thrusting. The texture of the silicone material itself is somewhat velvety but smooth, and drags a bit at the skin.

Design / Shape / Size

Mantoy's shape speaks more of an abstract, phallic-inspired sculpture than of a blatant sex object. With its black and sparkling gray swirls of color, Mantoy is fun to look at up close. From a distance however, it resembles nothing more interesting than a tall black lump sitting on top of the dresser. Roommates passing the toy by simply assumed (correctly) that it was another one of my assignments and saved their questions for later. I would have liked Mantoy to glow in the dark like some of Whipspider's other creations, but it doesn't affect Mantoy's performance in the bedroom.

At 6 inches, Mantoy is about average length, but it supplies more girth. It's far from the ideal "first dildo", but it should satisfy the average customer. It will definitely bring joy to those who crave a little extra width. The material is plushy, and so does a fair job of fitting different anatomies.


My boyfriend got first go with the Mantoy since I was still away on vacation, and he was the one who wanted it in the first place (since he's a size queen and his butt plug just wasn't enough for him). He slathered some water-based lube onto the dildo, prepared himself with a finger or two, and then went to town.

He reports that while the dildo's size, especially girth, felt amazing, it performed best when thrust slowly. However, slow thrusting quickly dried out the lubrication for some reason, and he had to keep reapplying. On the bright side, the base was big enough to set to rest his fears of Mantoy flying up and away into his ass. Having had an incident with his butt plug (which, as it turned out, really wasn't big enough for him... at least, the base wasn't), safety was first in his mind.

After a careful cleaning - Mantoy can be sterilized via boiling, but it's also ok to wipe it down with soap and water. Now it was my turn. I have problems inserting dildos "cold", without any prior preparation, so I got myself ready with manual stimulation, liberally applied the lube, and eased the dildo in. Mantoy slipped in smoothly, but slowly due to its size. The girth is something that, in my taste, must be enjoyed at a slow pace. I felt very stretched by the size, but was satisfied nonetheless.

Mantoy's best features in performance are its girth and unique shape, which curves slightly to one side. As such, I found it to actually be capable of g-spot stimulation, but was unable to achieve a g-spot orgasm with this toy.

Be warned, however, that Mantoy tends to suck the moisture out of water-based lubes, so reapplication may be inevitable.

Care and Maintenance

Mantoy is pure silicone, so it can be sterilized by boiling. Alternatively, you can wipe it down with soap and water. My main qualm with cleaning the Mantoy is its grooves, where fluids and the like can hide. Of course, rinsing and then boiling it would take care of such problems. If it is being cleaned with soap and water, however, use of a worn, soft-bristled toothbrush may be helpful in cleaning the grooves. I don't brush my Mantoy... I'm just putting it out there that you could.

Mantoy's silicone tends to attract a lot of lint and pet hair. Simply waving it in the air will collect dust out of seemingly nowhere. I simply give it a good rinse before each playtime to get rid of the lint, clean thoroughly afterward, and then store in the plastic Ziploc bag that it came in.

If shared with a partner without cleaning in between, use of a condom may be desirable. Only water-based lubes should be used with Mantoy. Silicone lubes may degrade the material, and oil-based lubes are generally bad for vaginal health.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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