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Tantus' Pack 'N Play No.2 is marketed as a packer, but isn't that functional for packing. However, it's a fantastic dildo. It has a flared base to make it safe for anal penetration, and it's O-ring compatible. The size is relatively average, so it's great for most users. Made of a hygienic material, it can be shared with proper cleanings. The only con is the lack of color options.
Silicone, realistic, flared base, and average size.
Lack of color options, and not really for packing.
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Tantus has come out with two Pack 'N Play dildos: The No.1 and the No.2. These dildos are for exactly what they are named: Packing and Playing.

This dildo has a flared base, which makes it safe for anal penetration. The plushness of the material makes it a great option for thrusting during pegging or strap on sex. If you plan on packing with the No.2, be sure to wear baggy pants. The dildo is squishy. It can easily be stuffed inside your pants. However, if you are wearing tighter pants, you will have a bulge. This won't go over well if you are looking to pack discreetly.

Material / Texture

Pack 'N Play No.2 is made of 100% Ultra-Premium Platinum silicone. This isn't like the dual density silicone of the O2 models from Tantus, but it's plushier than the standard Tantus silicone. The material is very squishy, almost like Vixskin, but not as flesh like. It's more like a rubbery UR3 material. The silicone isn't sticky, but if you stand the dildo on a table it might suction to it a bit. However, it doesn't have a suction cup. There isn't a lot of flop to the dildo, but there is some. It's flexible. The head can be made to touch the base. The material does have some drag to it, but nothing some lube wouldn't fix.

Silicone is a semi-orangic polymer that is rated 10 out of 10 on the safety scale. This is because it's a hypoallergenic material that is free of harmful additives like latex and phthalates. Silicone is a non-porous material that can be thoroughly cleaned for sharing. It's easy to care for. Even with miminal care, it will last a long time. However, this doesn't mean you should neglect your toys. Be sure to wash before and after each use, especially if you are swapping between orifices or partners. This is for your own health! Silicone doesn't have any smell to it, or taste.

The dildo is realistic, so the head has a slight crease to pop upon removal. The head doesn't change in size much from the shaft, so it might not be felt by those who have a hard time feeling light texture. There are also veins aligning the shaft. These are very faint as well.

Design / Shape / Size

Pack 'N Play No.2 is very much realistic. There is no passing it off for anything other than what it is...a dildo. There is only one color option for both Pack 'N Play dildos. This color is cocoa, which I believe to be the "caramel" fleshtone option. The color has a nice tan to it. There are no colored veins or anything like that. It's solid cocoa.

The dildo starts with a phallic head that even has the crease for the urethra. The head is shiny with a bit of reflection to it, but the shaft looks cloudy, almost as if it was dusted with a light powder. There are vertical veins of texture along the shaft. These aren't straight veins - they are curved up the dildo. The shaft has a very slight curve to it. This makes the cock curve upright, in hopes to rub the G-spot. The bottom of the base is reflective like the head, only it is stiff. If I squish up the shaft, I can feel that deep inside there is a firmer silicone core. This is to help the dildo be sturdy during strap on sex.

The Pack 'N Play No.2 measures 6" long. The head has a 4.5" circumference or 1.5" diameter. The shaft is slightly larger, but not much at all. It's in between 4.5 and 4.75" in circumference, which is 1.5" diameter either way. The flared base has a 8.5" circumference or 2.75" diameter. The base is large enough to prevent the anal cavity from sucking it inside.

The size of the dildo is what is considered average; therefore, it should be good for the majority of users. It's small enough to pack away for traveling, though it's not discreet. So, you should pack it away in a toy pouch or the like.


The Pack 'N Play is my very first fleshtone. I've never been particularly attracted to them; however, when I was offered the assignment for this one, I accepted happily. I've been meaning to pick up my first fleshtone to test out.

Upon arrival, I noticed the color. It's described as cocoa on the product page. I wasn't sure what to think about the color until it arrived. I would have preferred a beige color; however, the color of the toy doesn't affect its use. The color is a mild tan color. This is why I assume it's suppose to be the "caramel" color option.

There was no way my partner was going to allow me to use this dildo for pegging. This is because realistic dildos aren't his thing. He doesn't even like my Pink O2 Flurry because of its realistic shape. So, I can only speak on the behalf of packing and personal use.

When my Pack 'N Play No.2 arrived it came with my RodeoH Boxer Harness. I put on my boxers and put the Pack 'N Play into the O-ring. I knew right away that this wasn't the dildo you want to use for packing with discretion. When you put it in the O-ring, it stands at attention. You can tuck in your pants, but unless you are wearing baggy pants you will have a bulge. I didn't find that it was uncomfortable for everyday movements. I could still bend and walk as normal.

For vaginal penetration, the plushy silicone was like heaven. It was easy to insert with a little lube. The slight curve, vein texture, and head crease were very stimulating. I swear, this is as realistic as it gets, aside from Vixskin.

I found that it was great for anal penetration when my partner controlled it. The plushy material allows for the give I usually need during anal penetration.

Overall, I have to rate the Pack 'N Play No.2 4 out of 5 stars. This is because it's called a packer, but it doesn't function well as one. However, it's a fantastic dildo otherwise!

Care and Maintenance

Silicone is fantastic when it comes to cleaning because you have a great deal of options. Should you have a dishwasher, you can put it on the top rack. Boiling for 3 - 5 minutes in a large pan that doesn't allow the toy to touch the sides will make it safe for sharing. Wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution will also make it safe for sharing. If you want to quickly clean it, warm water and antibacterial soap will do. Toy cleaners and toy wipes are also fine.

Be sure to dry your toy prior to storing. Silicone should be stored away from materials such as TPR, Jelly, PVC, and other soft materials. Other 100% silicone products are fine. I find storing in a toy pouch or Ziploc bag is best in order to protect my toy from my laziness of proper organization.

Silicone is compatible with oil and water based lubes. Please, check your lube ingredients to ensure you don't have a hybrid lube, because silicone lubes can damage silicone toys. Be sure to spot test on the base if you decide to try a hybrid or silicone based lube.


The packaging is the usual Tantus box. There is some useful information on the back of the box, but it's nothing I didn't tell you in the material section. The packaging isn't discreet, and it's not good for long term storage. Should you be gifting this dildo, you should wrap it for presentation purposes.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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