Platinum silicone dream - sex toy by Doc Johnson - review by Miss Moxie

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Platinum? Maybe. Silicone? Yes. Dream? Perhaps.

While the sensations the platinum silicone dream gives might go from 'dreamy' to 'comatose', I've seen a few design flaws that irked me. However, with a good price tag and great safety features, this product is far from being worthless.
Decent Price, design makes for amazing sensation, easy to disinfect, aesthetically pleasing
Can get hard to grip onto, residue builds up in company logo, harder to store, no silicone lube
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The platinum silicone dream is made by Doc Johnson, and if you couldn't tell, it's made of silicone material. It has a curvy, sort of bumpy shape, that also kind of leans. If you notice that the head is a bit off center compared to the base. On one side, the curves are a bit more intense, with a more defined shape, where as the other side is a bit more sleek and subtle.

The platinum silicone dream, or PSD, is also rather big. It's seven and a half inches long, with a circumference of five inches. It is a fun sort of girly pink. Not bright hot pink, but kind of a soft cotton candy pink. To add to it's girly fun factor, it's got lots of sparkly glitter all swirled through it. It's not a big chunk glitter though, it's more of like a really fine, shimmery sort. It's really pretty, though I don't really have dildos or vibrators just because I think they're pretty.

I have them for functionality and private 'me' time, as I like to call it. As far as functionality and performance, the PSD really doesn't come across as dreamy for me. It isn't long enough personally for me, at least for what sort of toy this is. What I mean is, I don't need length to get off, and the insertable length of six and a half inches goes in great. However, since the one inch you have left to grip onto is so close to the 'splash zone', and made of the same silicone material that gets nice and slippery when wet, I find my fingers slipping off at inopportune times.

Which can be pretty frustrating, and is why I have only used this a couple of times in the months that I've had it. I must say, when I have used it though, the unique shape does do wonders. I've used it vaginally, and it was superb, hit all the rights spot going in and coming out. I would not recommend anal play, because while it is seven and a half inches long, and kinda twisty shaped. There is no flared base and I can imagine a horror story involving the PSD disappearing up an ass, and whenever someone tried to grab it out, their fingers slipped on the ultra slippery material. Used in conjunction with a bullet on my clit, this did have me squirming. I really wish it wasn't such a taxing experience keeping a hold of the base when it gets wet. I feel like if it wasn't for that, I'd use it way more.

Now I do love the design, and I think a lot of people would enjoy it too, so definitely an A there. One flaw of the design, it's very small, is that Doc Johnson just had to stamp it's name on the base of the toy, which creates little grooves for residue to collect that might not get completely cleaned when using soap and water or another type of toy disinfectant. This isn't too much of a problem however, since it is made of Silicone, and you can drop it into some boiling water for about three to five minutes to completely sanitize it or toss it in the top rack of your dish washer.

Now, the PSD claims to be made of 'food grade silicone' which is a good thing I guess. I mean I don't always think "If this is safe to go in my mouth, it's safe to go in my..." but uhm, I can't see how this could be a bad thing. They have a lot of regulations on what can be used in the food industry so. Also if you visit the doc johnson website, they claim that it is 'pure silicone' which hopefully means that it is 100% silicone, and not a mix. Now, silicone is a rather handy material, considering it's super safe, non porous, easy to fully disinfect, phthalates free (WHY is this important? Click here), hypo-allergenic, and latex free. However, you cannot use silicone based lubricants with silicone toys, because the silicone will react and 'melt'.

So that means using it in the shower will be trickier if you are using a water based lube, which is the most ideal sort for silicone toys. Also, two silicone toys stored together may also 'melt' and destroy both of them, which can be super depressing since most silicone toys are on the pricier side. A good way to store silicone toys, is to wrap them in a small piece of fabric or keep them in a small fabric bag. Microfiber cloth works well since it's lint free.

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The good - The design is almost flawless. It delivers some seriously hip quivering sensations, and rubs your g-spot in just the right way. The color is very nice, a soft cotton candy pink with swirls of glitter that will leave you feeling girly. It's a relatively cheap silicone toy, since silicone can get pretty pricey. The PSD is easy to disinfect fully, and fairly simple to clean.

The bad - The PSD might be too short for some girls, like me, and the base could turn into a slip and slide for your fingers while trying to thrust. Especially if you're vigorous, as I am. You shouldn't use this anally, since the design just doesn't seem ideal for it. Doc Johnson doesn't say if this is 100% silicone, but it does say it is 'food grade quality' whatever that means. It is also phthalates and latex free however. Use water based lube with it, not silicone- maybe oil based, unless you're using a condom over it. Also, Doc Johnson's branded it's name into the base, which collects residue. It's also a bit more work to store silicone toys, since they could melt together. No base for harnesses ether.

In conclusion, I love how the PSD feels inside of me. It hits the right spots, the material is safe, and the price is good at $34.99. If you aren't affected by the hard to grip bottom, no-anal use, no silicone lubes, and no harness compatibility then this is a great deal. I wouldn't buy it again if something happened to it, but It's an alright part of my collection, for occasional use.
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  • Minxy
    Bummer there is nothing to hold onto. Very nice review.
  • Miss Moxie
    @Minxy - It totally is a bummer, as I've said the sensations are great, but it gets a bit tedious holding onto something that keeps slipping out of your grip. Maybe it could be solved by wearing gloves. lol.
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