Platinum silicone dream - dildo sex toy by Doc Johnson - review by Tuesday

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Squirt's softer little brother

The Platinum Silicone Dream is a modestly sized, flexible G-spot dildo that is easy to use and provides nice G-spot sensation. Just be careful not to allow the base to become wet or it can be difficult to hold onto.
platinum silicone, two bumps for extra sensation
smaller than ideal, can be hard to grip when wet
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Platinum Silicone Dream is a modestly sized dildo suitable for those who want a G-spot dildo with some flexibility to it.

It looks and feels like a cross between Squirt and Acute. It has the lovely waves and bumps of Squirt but the size and feel of an enhanced Acute.

Its not suitable for anal use since it has no flared base.

Material / Texture

Dream is made of platinum silicone. It therefore has all the wonderful qualities of that material. It has no scent or taste. It has a medium level of firmness. Its not stiffly firm like many dildos but isn't squishy either. Its soft enough to allow you to thrust vigorously with it, but firm enough to make insertion easy and to feel good.

Design / Shape / Size

Dream looks like a slimmed down Squirt, except that its not ultra firm. The fact that its softer means you can insert it farther and enjoy the sensation of both the tip and the hump in the middle as they glide back and forth across your G-spot. The softness and flexibility also allows you to thrust it quickly.

Its small size and relative softness is where it is similar to Acute. It even feels like the Acute. It can be bent in half easily like Acute also. Another toy in Doc Johnson's Platinum line, The Original, is probably made from the same silicone formulation, but it feels much more firm. Its hard to tell whether that is just because its a much thicker dildo or whether the silicone formulation of the two products is a little different.

Dream is pink and almost sparkly. In the head you can see a little bit of swirling, but the color and sparkle is almost entirely uniform.

The company name is stamped on it near the base.

Its biggest disadvantage is that there is no handle of any kind on the base, so if any water or lube gets on it, it becomes quite slippery and difficult to maintain your grip on it.


Dream is a toy that requires you to be aroused and ready before use, at least for me. When that is the case, Dream feels fantastic. The head and the hump in the middle can feel sensational. But if you expect Dream to be the sole toy you need to use in a session, you may be disappointed.

So while Dream is unlikely to bring you all the way from zero to sixty, it can either bring you from zero to thirty or from thirty to sixty. Perhaps if I were more patient that wouldn't be the case. Other toys don't require patience however.

When its the first toy I use, I'm not always successful with it, but if I bring it in for the finale, it does quite well.

My best times with this toy happened after some clitoral warm-up, but that it true for any G-spot toy.

Care and Maintenance

Dream is non-porous, hypo-allergenic, phthalate free silicone and is delightfully easy care. Just wash it with soap and water and towel dry after use. Clean it with a ten percent bleach solution, by boiling or in the top rack of a dishwasher after use.

Use only water based lubes with this toy.


Dream arrives in a box with a clear plastic molded insert to hold it in place. It took a bit of work to extract it from the packaging. The base of the package sticks out with its shape held with styrofoam. The molded plastic part isn't recyclable since there is no stamp to indicate what its made from. The box itself has a glossy finish. Probably nothing about the packaging is recyclable, unfortunately. Thought was only given to how it would display in a store.

The box also includes a pamphlet with pictures of the rest of the Platinum line of toys and a bit of information about platinum silicone.

Personal comments

Mine now has an area on its head where its not so shiny anymore. There are also two small pits on the top of its head. I have no clue what caused that. Possibly they were there when it arrived and I didn't notice. There are also tiny little marks in the middle opposite the hump that look like they might turn into pits. I'm not sure.

I don't know if these details mean anything. Maybe they're irrelevant, but I haven't noticed things like this on other toys.
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