Ribbed - sex toy by Doc Johnson - review by giggled

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Ribbed for its pleasure?

It's a bit too rigid to be used as a conventional thrusting dildo, but angle it right and it will rock your world.
The ridges and length gives you extra options for how and where you get the most stimulation.
It's firmness and ridges can make it painful if you aren't careful.
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This toy is best used for vaginal insertion and play. I would not recommend this toy for anal use as it lacks a flared base, its uniform girth may be tough to insert and the ridges might be painful. I've used this toy solo and in sex play with my partner. It may take some finagling to figure out what the best angle and use is for you, so go slow and gentle. Because of the ridges, this is definitely not a dive right in toy. If you're feeling apprehensive, use a toy-safe lube to get things going.
    • Women
    • Long / extended session
    • Relaxation/alone time

Material / Texture

The ridges add a strange texture that don't entirely do it for me. I bought it based on some of the rave reviews, and because I enjoy stimulation at the entrance of my vagina. I thought the ridges would be a big turn on, but the material is too hard to feel good. Some have suggested this is a good toy to use if you suffer from vaginitis - I can't speak to that since I am not a sufferer, however, it was a bit too big and bold for my tastes, even lubed up, relaxed and loose. For me, this toy is painful when quickly thrust in and out.

The good news is that there is no offensive odor or noticeable smell at all, unless you're sticking it in your face and breathing deep, at which point it smells vaguely chemically (sil-a-gelly would probably be a better description), but it's not a bad smell, and not one that lingers or sticks to your clothes unless you habitually wear your dildos out for a night on the town, in which case, good luck to you and your suspiciously dildo scented wardrobe.

Design / Shape / Size

I personally would prefer a slightly softer dildo for my own uses, however, the firmness of this toy and its average girth makes it a nice toy for some hard hitting g-spot orgasms. It's definitely better suited for solo play unless your partner is very skilled, patient and takes instruction well. You simply can't use this dildo the same way you use your other toys, it'll hurt. The length of this toy gives you a little leeway for insertion - go as shallow or deep as you like and control the thrust. The ridges are useful in giving you extra grip. Likewise, the toy is flexible enough that you can contort yourself into some silly positions to get the maximum stimulation and you shouldn't hurt yourself (at least not with the toy).


The ribbed pretty much is what it is. It's a great asset to your masturbation arsenal, but can't go much beyond that. It lacks the features that make other toys more versatile; you can't add a vibe to it, it won't attach to a harness, it doesn't have a suction cup, and you can't safely use it anally. That said, if it hits your spot, it hits your spot, and you can get some earth shattering orgasms from it - that is, after all, what ultimately matters. The lack of additional features won't be missed, as the ridges that make this toy stand out and perform so well would detract from it if you used it in other ways.

Care and Maintenance

This toy is a breeze to clean up, but make sure you clean up RIGHT AFTER use. Letting lube and fluid dry in the ridges makes it a pain in the butt to wash later, and that stuff dries fast. Almost uncomfortably hot water and a few rub downs with soap should get it sufficiently clean. Hair and dust will stick to this bad boy, so dry it with a clean towel or paper towel and stick it somewhere away from lint and dust (I recommend a drawer or pouch that doesn't also contain socks).


If you try it with high hopes and come to the same conclusion that this toy isn't working like your other toys do, definitely give it another try going slower and angling it towards the roof of your vagina (near your g-spot). Let the ridges do their stuff. For easier handling, try sitting in a chair with a towel under you with your legs shoulder width apart. Angle the toy up at a 25 degree angle and slowly insert it. The firmness of the toy and the ridges are ideal for that kind of stimulation. I highly recommend trying it solo first before teaching your partner how to use it on you - this ain't your average dildo.
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