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Swirled G

Glass dildo by WHK GmbH

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Swirled with a Bulbous Head

This slightly textured glass dildo can be perfect for glass toy enthusiasts, but the bulbous head may be a negative factor for some users. It's an inexpensive glass toy that otherwise appears sturdy and nicely crafted.
Easy to clean, affordable price, fun but gentle swirls.
Bulbous head.
Rating by reviewer:
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This is a very economically priced glass dildo that weighs less than a pound. It can be used both vaginally and anally because it has a flared base for safety. The base handle is a great shape, and can be used as a grip for greater control. The glass can be used at room temperature but has the option to be warmed or cooled. A caution would be that the head is very bulbous, and may not be best for newbies to anal play.

Honestly, I just had to prop this toy up on my dresser for a minute to admire it. It may not be as fancy as some glass toys, but the simplicity is inspiring. It's a beautiful glass toy that seems very sturdy.

Material / Texture

The material is tempered glass with light swirls. The bulbous head is followed by 5 swirls that wrap around the shaft and end near the base. The texture is gentle yet stimulating and could be appropriate for beginners who aren't used to textured toys.

Glass actually carries vibrations well, and you can use a toy that transfers vibrations (like a bullet or other powerful toy) and place it at the base of this glass dildo for some vibrating fun! The toy is not hollow, although apparently some glass toys are.

Design / Shape / Size

This glass toy offers smooth swirled ridges combined with smooth glass. The bulbous head is smooth glass, as is the handle. The insertable length is 6 and a half inches with a diameter of 1 3/8. It's certainly larger than some basic beginner toys, but the real issue is with the bulbous head. It can make for difficult insertion, especially anally.

This toy has somewhat of a phallic design, making the bulbous head seem like the toy should be pointed downwards. The best way to use the bulbous head is how you feel comfortable, but it may work better pointed upwards instead of down.

It weighs about a half a pound and it feels very solid and sturdy in your hand.


The bulbous head may hinder insertion, even vaginally. The pictures are somewhat misleading because in person, the head is more pronounced than the pictures lead on. The filling sensation of this glass toy was top notch (vaginally) and the swirls really stimulated the entrance to my vagina.

The toy was definitely disappointing anally due to the bulbous head which made it uncomfortable. It does stimulate the g-spot and the p-spot when used anally on a male. The bulbous head unfortunately takes away from pleasure and even adds some discomfort. But, this was our first glass toy and we are impressed with the experience that glass can offer.

We really also enjoyed how easy it is to clean and enjoyed the feel of it in our hands. It only takes one try to get you addicted to glass toys in general.

One thing to remember about glass toys are that they are rigid, which means you have to be more careful with them. I was especially careful as it was my first time with a glass toy, and I felt it necessary to go very slow. I did not thrust with wild abandon when using this toy, nor do I think I ever will. It could cause pain if it hits the cervix with too much force.

Care and Maintenance

The best thing about glass toys is that they can be completely sterilized. Glass is not porous. I found it best to wash it with hot soap and water. You should be sure to dry it thoroughly before storing it again.

This toy can also be placed in the top shelf of a dishwasher and washed without soap. If you are really into sterilizing, you could also clean it with a 10% bleach solution. Glass can also be boiled. Since you can thoroughly sterilize glass, you can share this toy with your partner and you can use this toy both vaginally and anally. But be sure to never switch this toy from anal penetration to vaginal penetration without properly sterilizing it first.

Glass is also compatible with any type of lube! We found that even less lube was necessary due to the smooth texture of glass. But be sure to use as much lube as you feel comfortable using, especially for the first time playing with this toy.

Glass certainly can be a sturdy material, but it can also break. Be sure to inspect any glass toy before you use it to check for any damages that could have occurred during storage. If you drop it, make sure it didn't harm the glass in any way. If there are cracks, don't use this toy.


The dildo comes securely packaged in a box filled with Styrofoam. The dildo is secured further with metal ties that you have to cut off. The innards of the ties look like the metal used for twisty ties but the outward material seems to be some type of plastic wire. The box encourages you to use it both hot and cold play. The package could serve as a temporary storage box until you have a more permanent home for this lovely toy, as it does not come with a storage pouch. There are also no instructions or care information included.


I was put off by the bulbous head, but I made myself comfortable and took it slow. Once in, I found the shaft to not be overly large and the texture to be pleasing on the outer part of the vagina as you thrust it in and out. I did not notice the swirls inside of my vagina though and was disappointed by that. The swirls aren't very pronounced, so perhaps a toy with more advanced texture would provide more stimulation in that way. Some people are more prone to be sensitive to textures. I found that it feels great when the glass is at a cool temperature, which allows you to gently feel it warm up to body temperature. I enjoy both the cool and warm temperatures of this glass toy, it just depends on my mood.

Because the toy is glass, I noticed a more "filling" sensation that is experienced with silicone toys. It felt more like an actual penis. When the bulbous head was pointed downward, it was easy to insert but I experienced some discomfort upon thrusting. It will feel better if the bulbous head is actually pointed upward, as the head can painfully press against the pelvic floor. This was also mentioned by another review on this toy.

The problem is, I found it easier to insert with the bulbous head pointed downward instead of upward. But because of the way the base is shaped, you can easily identify which way the head is pointing. When the bulbous head is pointed downward, the largest point of the base is pointed upward to grip as a handle. If the handle is pointed downward, than the bulbous head is pointed upward! Simple.

So, if you find it easier to insert downward you can always twist the toy around to point upwards inside of the vagina. It will stimulate the g-spot either way. I also did not need any lube at all for this toy. I find myself needing lube for some silicone toys but I did not require any lube for this glass toy, which I attribute to its smooth texture. Once the "vaginal lube" sticks to it, it becomes very easy to manipulate. In the end, the toy provided a satisfying experience and orgasm.

I did not try this anally on myself and I doubt that I will because of the head. My husband, though, was a bit nervous but willing to try it anally. He was a champ. I believe I was more nervous than he was (I was the one inserting it), as I did not want to hurt him. I would suggest warming up (with the use of your favorite butt plug or other anal toy) before trying to take this toy anally unless you are an advanced user and feel comfortable without warm up.

After warm up and stimulation, we found that this toy did not require very much lube - even when used anally. I put a fraction of what I would have normally had to put on our silicone toy for inserting anally. The best way that we found to insert it anally is with the bulbous head pointed upwards (which is a different experience than what I had during vaginal play). The bulbous head was very very tricky to insert, and my husband is thinking that he does not want to use this toy again because of it.

Once inserted though, it felt great on the prostate and the swirls felt amazing to him as well. He enjoyed the filling sensation that the glass toy brought him but he said the biggest problem is the initial insertion of the head. Unfortunately, that initial insertion is not comfortable, and makes this toy unappealing to use again. Using more lube, at least for him, was not a fix for the initial discomfort upon insertion.

Overall, we give this toy 3 stars because of the bulbous head. My husband has no plans to try it anally again. I do like this dildo for vaginal use and plan to use it again but it would be more pleasurable if the bulbous head wasn't so large. Some users may prefer and enjoy the bulbous head, but if you are concerned about it you may want to try a different toy with a less pronounced head.
Follow-up commentary
The bulbous head has made me not want to keep coming back. If it wasn't for that, this toy would get more use.
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